Nokia Developer Day Live Blog!

Nokia Developer Day

Now over. Thanks for joining!

We're live on location in Barcelona, Spain for Mobile World Congress and are sitting in on Nokia's Developer Day event. Tune into the action as it happens by following our live blog below. Enjoy!


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Nokia Developer Day Live Blog!


Offtopic. I need to wether we mite have the tiles updated more frequently on 8.1 than we have it now (30 mins). Thank yu fr respondin. Screw yu fo ignorin.

Got excited for a second, forgot that it's internet and anyone can be anyone.


So hey, im Obama, president of Alaska

Wow Daniel is doing great with these live feeds, I feel like im there...
To be honest I've loved the Nokia X, may get an X+ alongside my 1520 soon.. The design is just soo much eye cady to me because I already love Asha's design

Hey Satya im a big fan! Cannot believe you are mingling with us commoners on this site....Please continue the good work and good luck!

So they are basically telling WP devs to develop for Android. Uhm why develop for WP then? Doesn't make sense! Srsly that guy who came up with this idea needs to be fired. Help devs build better, bigger more quality apps unique to the WP platform and people will come. Every single customer on Android (Nokia X) is a missed customer on WP.

And a bunch of exciting non Windows Phone news? Yes? No? I just want my Lumia Icon variant for T-Mobile. Make us happy Nokia.

Nokia are doing a good job of sabotaging WP from the inside. I wonder if we will get another wpcentral article on how all these android apps are somehow good for WP.....

Man, you lack vision ;) Once the users are accustomed to the android OS and the billion apps available, the obvious next move will be "Now I want to buy a Windows Phone and play candy crush on it. oh wait, no candy crush?! No problem. I'll just play plants vs zombies 2. Nope?! Damn!" yeah, that'll work.

You forget those magical Microsoft services, won't that be an irresistible lure to WP? They can always play cheap knock offs on WP, who needs the latest and greatest apps anyway? :)

I can already see the dilemma forming in the developers brain: Hummm...should I build my app for the 50 million Windows Phone users or should I make it for android and port it to the Nokia X and all the other android stores?

Umm... worst Nokia Developer Day ever..?

The sooner the x is killed with fire the better.

Nokia should do something real fast about the post-processing to jpg.

Pictures are softened/blurred too much and they get a yellow tint

Pictures taken with flash are completely yellow

(this is happening since the Amber update)

Should I anticipate some kind of global icon announcement? Or am I going to have to settle to getting one with those hideous check marks stuck on it?