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Nokia Drive patched to work on other Windows Phones

Nokia Drive, their mostly-offline navigation system for the Lumia series, has been hacked off the 800 and patched to work on other Windows Phones. We loaded it up on the HTC Titan to see if this was all legit and sure enough, it is.

Coming from a Chinese forum (which we're not linking), the XAP comes in at 7.35MB but of course grows dramatically once you choose and download maps. In fact, the maps are quite massive here for the States, where it weights in at 1.9GB and took nearly an hour to download and install. It's certainly not a bad piece of software but it's also nothing to go out of your way for either.

This isn't the first Nokia app to be ripped either, as Nokia Music too has been ported for other phones.  Hopefully that server-side Marketplace encryption reported to be coming for devs will be happening soon. We know for Nokia, it can't come quick enough.

Thanks,  Gaille J., for the heads up


Reader comments

Nokia Drive patched to work on other Windows Phones


Promoting piracy? Is reporting on murder, war, theft, hacking promoting those things?

We didn't link to the Chinese forum, which trust me, you won't find unless you know the underground scene, in which case moral lectures mean nothing.

Raising awareness of high profile apps being pirated is for a purpose: to get people (and hopefully Nokia) upset, putting pressure on MS to "flip the switch" on server side encryption. We say as much in the last paragraph.

"Promoting piracy? Is reporting on murder, war, theft, hacking promoting those things?"
No-one needs to read a newspaper in order to know that murder and theft are possible. Most people these days don't need to read a newspaper in order to know that software piracy is general is possible. However, this is different. This is reporting that a specific pirated piece of software is now available. How many people do you think have now installed Nokia Drive as a direct result of reading your article? There will be some.
"We didn't link to the Chinese forum, which trust me, you won't find unless you know the underground scene, in which case moral lectures mean nothing."
There's a logic to this that suggests that you *do* know the underground scene and therefore I guess moral lectures mean nothing, by your own admission.

Did he tell you, explicitly, what to do to get the software or did Daniel report on it?
Answer honestly now. 
And how do you make an assumption about his knowledge about the chinese unground scene and then take a jab at him based on that assumption.  NEVER CONDEMN WITHOUT CONVERSING!  He could have just as easily gotten an email with xap or the person who sent in the tip could have had knowledge of it. 
Honestly, you come off as a fool. 

Daniel says..."Coming from a Chinese forum (which we're not linking)..."
So, if this was from a U.S. forum, you would link it?
Why do blogs have to post mess like this?  Yes, Nokia should clamp down on this app to prevent piracy, but sites propping the piracy does even more damage.
And, although you loaded it on the Titan, it is not 'legit'.

Sorry, not convinced by your arguments.

By legit we meant to see if the story was legit, that this has really been done--it's called verifying the story. Someone claims something, we see if it is accurate within our abilities. Big difference from what you were implying (We've since removed the app from our phone).

We said "Chinese site" so people don't blame XDA, they don't need the flack.

Maybe, because you're not selling anything worth buying. Your assertions are unreasonable and baseless. WPCentral acted in a professionally responsible manner. They became aware of a story, verified the information, printed the story, and then went the extra step, taking editorial license to call for action to be taken to prevent further such violations of software licensing. Any court that I'm aware of in any civilized country would find that WPC acted in good faith, and in the best interest of its readership and the community as a whole. You obviously have an axe to grind. 

I could agree, but you downloaded and INSTALLED (and promoted bere) a cacked app, and this is just illegal for BSA! And I think this is not respectfull for Nokia and their developers too...

why are some of us so hurt about this? this happens on ios, android, palm, bb.. it doesn't really hurt them because the number of users doing it is very low. many times it pushes the popularity of the app or design that it creates a better buzz. or people just end up buying the real thing. 

And that is exactly what's interesting to me.  The "buzz" aspect of it all...
Microsoft is White hat hacker friendly with WP and co-incidentally, Chevron is released right around the Nokia Launch.  Hmm.... 

"It's certainly not a bad piece of software but it's also nothing to go out of your way for either."
I'd like to hear more about that.  Review?

I would also like to try them, to have a idea if i should just wait for nokia american devices or just get a wp7.5 now for .01 c and help give some numbers in holiday sales for wp.

  • Hi, I just used Nokia drive a few hours on Lumia 800. What can I say, it is absolutely working!

- Search is very fast
- Had map files downloaded to device and the calculation of routes was always extremly fast
- 1-2 sec to find GPS position
- Accurate positioning
- voice always on time
- Nice to explore what is around you by tapping on map even in ongoing navigation
- Map data for free
- Voices for free
So for me a great app bringing me from A to B

In short: no voice annoucements for street names. Just the usual "turn left here" kind of thing, which always makese these apps less than helfpul.

No traffic data either.

No integration with your Contacts for quick look up.


Can go on and on. It's great for free, but not great as a serious navigation app if you need some advanced features.

Not impressed with it at all.  I've used TomTom on iPhone, and Garmin on WP7, and I personally prefer them BOTH to Nokia Drive.  I even prefer gMaps to this.
It does work, but the search function is not very good.  If I search for ATT, it takes me to Antalya Airport in Turkey.  I'm in California, USA!  If I search for AT&T, it takes me to Hartsfield Jackson in Atlanta, GA!
Searching for Starbucks, it does find all my local stores, but it does not give me phone numbers or any other info other than address.
It does not integrate with my contacts, so no direct maping from within contacts, nor can you search for a contact from within Drive.
For me, it's a poor version of Bing Maps but with true voice navigation.  Sorry Nokia, I really wanted to like it...

It's the BEST for me, just because it's the only navigation app that has a map for my country. I loved it back in my S60 days and I'm liking it now on my Focus!

WP7 users are too sensitive lol. Gotta lighten up and keep suporting the platform. If WP7 is as great as you say it is, it will rise from the ground. It might take time but it will :)

at least we're not blind and clueless like blackberry users. I like the fact that everyone is stating the flaws and not sugar coating it saying I / we don't need those features like BB users would say. Nokia Drive is not all what Nokia claimed, they made it seem like is the best nav for wp7 but it clearly isn't.

I would like to install Nokia drive, my keyboard constantly escape from screen, on my optimus 7 but I cannot because of Nokia (do not allow to be installed) and Microsoft (Bosnia is not of the list of countries from where is possible to buy apps). Only way is underground scene, thanks to that. By the way, I think that Nokia Maps are the best, I am use them for more than two years on my Nokia N97 and it would be nice if I can use it again, legally. Until that...

Why is everyone getting upset at Daniel for posting a news article? This is note-worth news that I for one am happy to have read. If you don't want to read it, don't, there are other articles for you to browse through. This is a Windows Phone blog and I personally go here for all of my Windows Phone news. So when something like this or any other big scene-changing hack shows up I would expect it to be reported on. Now, just like in this article, Daniel has in the past never shown support for hacking or anything of the sort, but is just doing his job and posting news on a Windows Phone blog. Well done Daniel and thank you for the excelent story.

The if-you-don't-like-it-don't-read-it argument is as bogus as it is old.
People are concerned that the news that WP7 apps can be pirated isn't great news for the platform and therefore fans of the platform would rather this be kept quiet - at least until it is fixed. If even the likes of Nokia can't stop their apps being ripped off, how is that going to look to prospective developers? Also, if this wasn't reported here (and on other similar sites), then most people wouldn't even know it was possible and wouldn't be tempted to give it a go.
Put it this way, if a site started publishing details of how to break into your particular model of car, would you adopt the same don't-like-it-don't-read-it stance? Or would you then be unhappy that the article was published in the first place and perhaps see the point here...

Nah, not buying your argument...
Anyone that can figure out how to sideload an app can "pirate" an app.  Consider that a Chevron unlock is $9 but is not an interop unlock AND that you cant run DRM protected XAP (and that's were Verisign comes into play, btw) and you still have a pretty good anti-piracy stance. 
As this:
"Put it this way, if a site started publishing details of how to break into your particular model of car, would you adopt the same don't-like-it-don't-read-it stance? Or would you then be unhappy that the article was published in the first place and perhaps see the point here.."
Where did Daniel show you anything, "in detail" on how to get Nokia Drive?  You're making this out to be something that it isn't. 

Not impressed with it is lacking MANY things (most already stated above)...with what I've seen on videos, etc I'm actually not impressed with ANY Nokia apps...I feel better knowing I am not missing much in the way of apps at this point...

Nokia Maps is actually pretty good for me.  I live in NYC, so having a real transport layer and transit directions fills a Google-sized void for me.  

WTH, it said it needed 4.8G of storage! 
Ok got that fixed, it was trying to download the maps for ALL countries, not just my State. Weird. IDK why I installed this, I don't truse phone maps anymore, after my Bing Maps fail.