Nokia ‘Eros’ and ‘Mars’ pop up on O2 Germany roadmap - but what are they?

File under interesting but no details, the site mobiFlip has gotten their hands on O2’s (Germany) upcoming smartphone roadmap. While there are the usual Huawei, Sony and HTC devices, two Nokia ones have raised an eyebrow.

The first one goes by ‘Eros’ and could be just a mis-spelling of ‘EOS’, the codename reportedly used for Nokia’s 41MP Lumia 920-esque phone, due for revealing next week. Then again, it could be a whole new device or just a carrier variant. Since there is literally no information about this phone’s specs, we can only guess.

Likewise for ‘Mars’. While ‘Eros/EOS’ is expected to be the 41MP device, we’re not sure what else this could be except for another Lumia variant or the long anticipated tablet. We have heard from some insiders, though have been unable to fully verify, that even AT&T has a Nokia tablet in testing. Could this be that device or just new version of a current Lumia design? (It’s not the Lumia 925, as that has a separate listing).

Unfortunately, we just can’t know until more information, including specs, leak out. But it’s nice to know that Nokia still have a few surprises left up their sleeve, and those on O2 should be relatively excited.

Source: mobiFlip; via: Engadget; Thanks, Muessig, for the tip!


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Nokia ‘Eros’ and ‘Mars’ pop up on O2 Germany roadmap - but what are they?


Obviously, the Mars is a landscape slider. I can't believe no one else has been able to figure this out but me.

808 PureView was codenamed Hyperion (Titan god of light). EOS is Hyperions daughter.
808 PureView is getting some kids soon.

Huh, that's an interesting bit of Greek mythology. The 808 has always been cool, it'll definitely be good to see some more equally innovative devices

Mars was the Roman God of war, Ares was the Greek God of war. Off topic I know.
Sometimes the code names seem alittle bit better than just a number though
"Strong and powerful, Lumia Mars!"

"Seductive design, the Lumia Eros. Because your ears want to be made love to"
Can you tell I dont work in advertising :)

As well as the Greek God of love. it seems to me that more than a mispell of the word EOS/Eros whoever came up with these names mixed Greek and Roman mythology:
Eros: Greek God of Love
Mars: Roman God of war as well as father of all the romans because husband of Rea Silvia, the mother of Romolo and Remo, the former the founder of Rome. 

Citizens of Finland, please enlighten this American. Did, or do the Finnish people worship the Norse Gods? If so, I'd like to see the "Odin", or "Thor". Names to which I'd become familiar long before Marvel comics brought them to prominence. If I should buy a 920 I thought of naming it Mjolnir. After all, I have seen one used as a hammer.

They "did", but they don't now. Its primarily a secular state. I would presume there are random churches to the norse gods knocking around, but that's not surprising as seen as there are norse churches in America too.

Well, no we didn't. Finnish people had their own gods back in the dark ages. And there never were any churches build for those, nor are there naturally any now. Vikings (Swedish, Norwegian and Danish of origin) worshipped the Norse Gods. But you are right about Finland being a secular state (although 70-75% belong to some religion, but most don't practice any religion, they are just born into it and never get around of leaving).

Religions like that died LONG time ago if your country was situated in Europe. Similar gods were worshipped yes and Nokia has used plenty of Finnish originated codenames.

What about Fafnir, the builder of Valhalla, and watcher of the treasure? A less known name but more original....

If a Lumia's size equals the Earth's moon (luna) size compared to the Mars' size, I could be a tablet device ...

Don't expect a new devide and even less a variant of the EOS or anything.
I know Americans find this normal in the USA and some seem to have a problem grasping this, but in Europe we DON'T *do* variants. The phones are the same for everyone, the carriers pick the ones they want to sell and there's no such thing as "exclusivity". That "oh, we want a specially design phone for us" is just an American trend.

That said, why can't they call it "Eros"? Didn't AT&T nicknamed one as "Elvis"? That's that. Either a spelling error (highly doubt it) or just a different nickname.
Eros and Mars are most likely the 925 and the Eos.

Well it could be. Note that it says "Lumia 925 (California)". I read that as in "16GB version". Mars could be the 32GB one. Let us see...

but then why use "Lumia 925" for 16 gigs and just dismiss the number for the 32 gigs version? THey would have written "Lumia 925 (some word)". I do believe is another phone. Maybe a phone around the 520-820 range?

Also, forgot to mention, let us remember that the 32GB is supposed to be a Vodafone exclusive. So the use of another name may be because they're trying to negotiate the phone still.

But we're all talking about new phones...we should also point that O2 Deutschland does NOT have the 920 with them. So Mars can ALSO be just the 920.

That's not how it has worked for past 6 years. Codenames is the phone model , while RM-XXX ( RM-XX for tablets like 770, 800 etc) is the exact hardware build.
N9 with 16 and 64GB version were called simply Lankku as its codename.

Mars has a mountain that covers an area the size of Arizona and slopes at a 5 degree angle to a height of 14 miles, thrice the height of Everest. It's name is Mons Olympus and would be a fitting tribute to the enormous bulge that is the lens cover. I'm going to carry mine stuffed down the front of my pants. Can't wait to hear the ladies say "So, Cowboy, is that Mount Olympus in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"

It could go both ways. They might also say "Is that a Mons in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" Oh the mortification!

while i agree with most of your points, the original iPhone was an exclusive to t-online in Germany
PS.: This commenting system IS SO BROKEN...

Isn't it obvious.. These are the next generation Nokia devices with quad core and 1080p... Not to mention new innovative features❕❕

Eros is the "Greek" god of love...Mars is the "Roman" god of war. Cupid is in fact the Roman god of love. And Ares is the Greek god of war.

 But it’s nice to know that Nokia still have a few surprises left up their sleeve

Really? Nokia is a phone manufacturer. You can expect a new phone every 6 months and as we're talking about Nokia - probably even more. You should know that by now.