Nokia’s official Facebook page in Sweden says Instagram "on the way" for Windows Phone

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Sorry folks who hate hearing news or rumors about Instagram, we feel ya, but we have to get through this story for today so bear with us. (We should also remind readers you are free to not read this story if it bothers you so much, ahem).

Rumors that an official Instagram app is actually on the way have been circulating for months now, with a May timeframe often mentioned. While we don’t know if that is accurate or not, our sources (and others e.g. the Verge) have confirmed that an official client is waiting in the wings. Whether it’s just an iOS port or something more, we don’t know. Nor do we know what the holdup is.

On Nokia’s official Facebook page in Sweden, a customer (Marcus Petterson) asked whether or not an Instagram app was headed for Windows Phone, specifically the Lumia 920. Nokia responded rather forthrightly with (translation) “Instagram is on the way but can't give an exact date right now".

Is that a slam dunk, 100% confirmation? Absolutely not. We’ve seen customer-service reps and “official” Facebook pages say things that weren’t completely accurate before, so do take this with a grain of salt.

But combined with things we’ve heard and the seeming confidence for which Nokia (Sweden) let loose the information, we’re leaning on this one a bit.

You can now return to your normally scheduled non-Instagram related Windows Phone news.

Update: Nokia (Sweden) has now deleted their comment. Take that as an accidental revelation or just an error.

Update 2: Looks like Nokia (Sweden) has spilled the beans before, as they confirmed an Instagram client is in development back in March in a tweet.

Source: Nokia (Sweden) Facebook; Thanks, Erik E., for the tip and translation!


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Nokia’s official Facebook page in Sweden says Instagram "on the way" for Windows Phone


I have energy from the universe that lets me know all that I seek to. We all have this power.. I know who you are!!!!!! I am Instagram man!! You are my child,, you're a son of Instagram man, who is I!! Lets pass an offering.....

Maybe uncovered, but I doubt released.. If its revealed next week you can expect a late May release at the earliest!!

And because we paid for it I don't feel bad if the official app does come soon. If anything IMO Instagragh helped Instagram get to WP sooner

I would say that 2InstaWithLove did that, it's the first app on WP to have post and hash tag instagram over Twitter to let them know that we WP users do want instagram.

But then again, as Daniel said, it is just a rumor, not a fact that it really is coming.

2InstaWithLove was a tweet campaign and Instagraph showed Instagram WP users are willing to do whatever it takes. but then agian it looks like you didn’t see the IMO.... :)

Yeah, I cannot see a compelling reason to buy a non-Nokia windows Phone.  I hope that changes, but for now Nokia is the WP king.

I recently jailbroken my Samsung Focus and I could see the Nokia application catalog. WOW! Nokia has very good support for applications and users. Samsung is crap and worse HTC.

HTC is def a better product than Samsung, it's too bad that there isn't as many updates as there are on Nokia.

I'm very happy with my Nokia Lumia 920, with of course the exception of not having Zune like abilities.

MSFT had Instagram ready before WP8 was finished, they were just waiting for APIs announcement, i wouldn't count on wp7 support

Sigh. BB10 has Instagram first, although it is still a sideloaded app ported from Android. But, if official (not sideloaded) Instagram app comes to Windows Phone faster than to BB10, it will be a bang.

Does it really matter if BB10 gets it first or not? Or are people really going around saying "we got instagram before BB10, nyah, nyah"?

It's my first ever BB device, so I'll do a post on it soon. It has some compelling features, but it many ways it's like stepping back 2 years. The novelty wore off in 2 days and after I got my Lumia 720 (swoon) :)

LOL!! I have a 920, but something about that 720 makes me all itchy down bellow... It would be great if you did a side by side of the 920 & Z10.. I can't wait for that!!

Daniel, since it is your first BB device then at least you won't notice features that older BB's had that you now don't have.

If you anything like me, you've gotten tired of the peek gesture by now.

You're right. That's why I prefer to the official apps, rather than a port/sideloaded app. It might has missing features than the latest.

BB10 did not get Instagram first. What they do have is a built in Android emulator that allows people to run Android apps.

True. It's just a sideloaded, ported app from Android, which may has missing features or somewhat like it.

Daniel Rubino buddy you just spoke my heart out. I 1st commented here that i should be happy or expect nothing But then thought to read the article and i started smirking in the 1st 2 lines.

Should i care for your comment..??
I guess no..
Stop defaming ppl pls for the sake of being cool and keep forums clean..

Yes, you're right, I'm not a regular user here joined back after months & I didnt know much but yes I do know the rules to Forums. However, Its all ok from my side.

Lol!! You're ok.. Just know that some guys in here have a stick shoved two miles up their ass.. Lol! See, watch... They'll jump on me now.. Ha!

Yes Sam, defaming ppl for the sake of being cool is not cool, not cool at all! I can't believe you had to reserve to something so low to prop up you popularity war against Daniel

non haters need to check their phones, i believe a firmware update for their sarcasm detectors is awaiting instal

Damn .. never used Instagram and never will, but what else are people going to talk about if this gets released?

That first paragraph was aimed at people like me :) That said, I'll be happy for you guys once its finally released. Now we just need to determine what the next "instagram push" will be. Notification Centre? Another app? Either way, good to see community outcry producing action.

I have my rumor fingers crossed. Which means I'm not crossing them, but rubbing the bridge of my nose and shaking my head

FlipBoard and Insta. After that it's all downhill. Looks like November purchasers of the 5" Phablet will be looking at  a far more mature app experience than 920 users. The last 5 months were impressive catch up. Another 5 months like the last 5 and the arrival of 1080p and xBox 720 games should be a killer.

I have a thought.
The reason a true Instagram app isn't out yet is because they're trying to integrate it into the People and Photo hubs (and thus your Microsoft account). I don't think it'll be just an app. It'll be deeper, like facebook, twitter, and linkedin. And with that, we may not see it until a larger OS upgrade, like GDR2 or 3. And I imagine there's pushback with facebook on how to integrate this effectively. My two cents. 

Who fricken cares of instagram soon or later something better will come up and instagram will slowly fade away.

Tell that day comes we need Instagram. A lot of people won't move to WP because no Instagram. Everyone has that one app they can't live without.

I remember the same thing people said about Twitter, Facebook, Android, iOS, iPad, Windows Phone...

Kudos to Nokia if this is true (or even if it isn't for right now). #2InstaWithLove was a very creative and meaningful way to push Instagram to make a move for the WP platform and to show that the WP users do want the app. I'm sure the Instagram team were flattered when they found out about it.
Sort of off-topic. After using Instagraph, anyone else notice how limiting "square" photos can be? Also more difficult to achieve a balanced and natural rule-of-thirds in some photos. This really helps Photoplay look superior since they allow for 3 types of aspect ratios (square, portrait, landscape). Hopefully Instagram changes some things around.

I think both instagram and photoplay are too restrictive. Fhotoroom is the only one that let's you upload full pictures. Fhotoroom is far superior to both.

You folks need healthy hobbies like religion or atheism. All this energy on pining for Instagram is going to raise your blood pressure.

Or instagram told whomever wrote the post to remove it or else they get sacrificed(see first tread about being evil).

and why would they delete the whole post? if that instagram mentioned was an error, they can just delete the comment
now i cant see the post anymore, seems like they are trying to hide something...

Well .... a bad news for instagraph if it is true (which i hope to be)
the best they can do is to make the app free , increase upload limit and promote it to their best
but still if instagram is going to be nokia exclusive , instagraph can survive

You know, I was kind of trashing them at first. Mainly due to problems when the app first launched. But I have to give those guys credit, they stepped up and made it possible to upload to instagram from our WP8's! Yes there are limits to what the app can do, but they still did it. I actually even bought the app to support the further development of the app. I'll also continue to use it as long as it's available. Even alongside an official app.

So my apologies to the devs of instagraph for being so critical before, and thank you for giving us the possibility to upload from our Windows Phone 8's.

My guess is that if InstaGram is indeed coming to WP8 it will be around the same time (or shortly thereafter) the launch of the L928 on VZW (I think they probably put come pressue on them to do it)

I'm not sure why it would be bad news for instagraph and why anyone would feel bad for them.  I assume they knew the risks when developing this app. They charge for the app and, while we have not seen sales figures, they've recouped a good deal of their costs. I for one appreciate their ingenuity in bringing this to the WP community.

Sam, Sam, Sam.. I sure you've never heard of me. Lets just say that the proof is in the pudding, and that patients is a wonderful virtue.

I'm just gonna let this one blow off my shoulder. I'm excited, but I've learned to let that simmer down until(if) it comes, then I'll let my excitement burst like Katy Perry's 'firework' music video.

Cool. Let it happen. I still hope the one I paid for, instagraph will eventually work as expected and carry features, cool features, not found on the official instagram app. Otherwise I'm not gonna be happy.

I am petty sure that Nokia already knowed that Instagram was develloping a Windows Phone version , so they created 2InstawithLove to promote their image , and be the hero when they will launch the app into the windows phone Store :)

It has to be coming. Dude said its coming in may the verge said the app was in the works now this. Plus the comment has been deleted. Also apparently temple run 2 comes out next month which seems legit also. So just wait til next month til then ill be using instagraph

I love turtles, can't wait to take a picture and post it all over instagram. Then you all will love turtles too.

Yeah not a great news for Instagraph...If it was true ;)
Anyway we are big Instagram fans too so we will welcome it !!
When (one, long future day..) it will arrive, we will focus on wp7 (if not supported) or on other brands (if Nokia exclusive) on winRT, on a HTML5 version, or we can resell Instagram sharing to other Apps. Instagraph will definively survive :)

That's the spirit, keep developing instagraph as these are just rumours of it coming in Future and many are using your service NOW, so keep working and improving instagraph.

Why tired with all the Instagram news?  As far as I know, sales has been lacking because of lack of important apps.  If anything, we should all be grateful it's even speculated to come!  I want apps!  I don't use instagram, and I hate social networking, but more apps means more market share!

Sounds like those rumors about RR3, TR2, and Instagram are in fact true! May will be a big month!

Instagram is a good app and although it's not that special, it does have a good amount of users who would want their phone to have it.

imagine they made it 928 exclusive?

have to be honest, rather then seeing a 928 model I would rather see a bigger update sometime soon. ideally supporting 1080p and made of an aluminium unibody.

I don't see what's so wrong with a port? Instragram wins, WP users win, and we'll get an app that doesn't have any serious kinks or oversights that plague WP apps.