Nokia get the gloves on to show new touch screen tech for Lumia 920 and 820 devices

WP Central Nokia get the gloves on to show new touch screen tech for Lumia 920 a

Today at the joint Nokia and Microsoft event held in New York it was announced that the Lumia 920 and 820 would have the inclusion of Synaptics “Super Sensitive Touch” touch screen enhancements. The technology enables the new Lumia phones to correctly register touches even when the user is wearing gloves or using just their fingernails.

The demo given on stage had Nokia senior vice president Kevin Shields wearing a huge pair of skiing gloves He was easily able to unlock the screen and bring up the recent calls list during the demo. A current limitation of many smartphones is the failure to register any touch at all unless its finger input.

This is what Kevin Barber, senior vice president and general manager of Synaptics Handheld Division, had to say about the partnership with Nokia :-

"We are excited to participate with Nokia as they unveil their first Windows Phone 8 devices by enabling advanced features such as gloved finger support. Synaptics and Nokia have partnered for many years and we're pleased to continue the innovation with the introduction of these new devices."

Nokia look to have incorporated some fantastic new hardware innovations into their new Lumia lines. We’d love to know your thoughts on what Nokia has announced, so get in those comments and let us know.

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Nokia get the gloves on to show new touch screen tech for Lumia 920 and 820 devices


Agreed I know someone who has an Android and uses a physical keyboard, because they have long nails. Now I can finally recommend a WP, even without a physical keyboard. Good for Nokia. Now just wait for their contract to be up, and of course this to come to Verizon.

Price, availability, carriers.  Not mentioning any of these makes this event a fail.  Might as well talked about the Zune 120.

I don't get MS.  they create an all-you-can-download music service, then cap the devices that support said service at 16GB (now 32GB whenever these new phones come out, next month, next year, next decade, WHO KNOWS?).
Getting tired of being more enthusiastic about MS products than MS is.  Maybe time to move on.

I'm with you. To many mistakes over and over. Crap memory, giving crap phones to all the carriers that don't have the label AT&T....

If you really need more storage, get something with a microSD slot....and as far as "giving crap phones" to other carriers. You can blame your carrier of choice for that. Either they don't want the flagship phones, or Nokia and AT&T have an exclusivity agreement for their flagship phones. So quityerbitchin.

No one will be upset, you should be happy, there are plenty of choices, Android has plenty of models, and Apple has a phone too, as fat as I know. No one should be unhappy.

This is a fantastic feature especially during snow or cold whether no need to remove gloves before taking calls.

We all hear you... Just waiting for the inevitable of them telling us they are going to continue to let AT&T hold us all hostage.

Samsung , Htc, Dell and host of first generation WP OEM always reminds us what our beloved Windows Phone can't do. Now the change has come , Nokia want to show us what Windows Phone is capable of.

Well if Apple sold it wihtout these features, maybe it's time for Microsoft to go back to drawing table?
Nokia is the only one truly selling Windows Phones and that looks to continue for this wave. 

Your comment makes no sense at all. So if Apple succeeded with less, Nokia should not try to outdo them with more???

With a ten year old iFail sheep. Poor little guy has to troll the WP since Apple doesn't have anything new to announce. 

I think it's a win. I live in a cold climate and having to ditch the gloves to operate my phone is a real pain in the arse!

Pah. All of you complaining about trying to use your phones with gloves. That's why noses were invented ;-)

Joking aside, I will be interested to see how this turns out; in the last few years Synaptics have been boasting more complex touchpads with more complex features to try and match the pinch-to-zoom etc that people have gotten used to on smartphones, and I personally have not been impressed.

I live where you have to wear gloves for part of the year. Removing said gloves to use the phone has happenned to me. I was really pleased to see this.

Truth be told in the winter time in Baltimore, I cannot tell you how many times I had to take off my gloves to use the phone and then put the gloves back on. This is great! And for applications already available like JotPad we could use the old stylus pens for more accurate writing. That could come in handy.

Will it works with water drop on the screen though.
There's no winter over here in the equatorial region so gloves are the least of my concern. My biggest problem with the touch screen is if there's water (such as sweat on the screen after making call) then the touch screen is like short-circuited and stopped responding until I wipe off the moisture.