Nokia gives their Six Flags app for Windows Phone a minor update

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The official Six Flags app from Nokia is a wild ride

The Six Flags app from Nokia for their Lumia line of Windows Phones received a small update today. Now at version 1.19 the update looks to be some minor bug fixes and under the hood optimizations that usually follow an initial public release. In other words, we’ve found no observable new features but presumably it will run a little faster now.

The official Six Flags app from Nokia is a companion app for the park which provides park info (location, hours), maps within the park (with augmented reality), videos, food and shop information (including descriptions) and park events (with a calendar). The deal between Nokia and Six Flags is mutual as the parks reportedly are heavily advertising the flagship Lumia 900.

Interestingly, neither Android or iOS have a Six Flags app making Lumia Windows Phones the first.

Pick up the exclusive Six Flags app from Nokia here in the Nokia Collection. Check out our hands on video after the break with the QR code. Thanks, Jose, for the heads up

QR: Six Flags


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Nokia gives their Six Flags app for Windows Phone a minor update


Never mind that, when are they gonna release the camera extras app in UK? (it's been out in US and china for ages).. I've got a lumia 900 with 8773 firmware so not sure why i can't install....come on Nokia sort it out

Hey Dan my cousin's friends just went to six flag over Texas here in Arlington and they told me " hey Darrell we seen ur phone at six flags it was big and u could play on it ". I said what??? Then I remembered that the partnerships they have now lol I went lost for a minute thinking y would the Nokia be at six flags that's wen I remembered it makes since now

Still no love for theme park visitors from other countries. :-( C'mon Nokia, you can't really think that only Americans would visit Six Flags?

Virgin Train did the same... it does not cost more to publish a app in all the countries... why no love...

The only problem with this app is it doesn't include the separate water parks such as Hurricane Harbor in Dallas. I'm going on Friday/Saturday, and it would be neat to know stuff about the park since we don't live there.