Nokia Future Capture Lumia 1020

Nokia giving away Lumia 1020s to developers who get creative

Nokia has only just announced the Lumia 1020 Windows Phone, as well as new imaging API for developers to take advantage of to create unique and feature rich experiences. If you're a resident developer and would like to get your hardcoding hands on the new flagship smartphone, this article is for you. Nokia is going to be handing out prizes, including the Lumia 1020, to developers who get creative with the camera.

With the latest in mobile photography, the company really is pushing the boundaries and wants software to follow suit.

It's super easy to enter. Simply register and submit up to 3 creative ideas for imaging-based apps or hacks for the Lumia 1020. You're not required to build the apps beforehand, you only need a superb idea. Top 10 ideas will be selected, with the finalists (and another developer if each participant so choses) flying out to an exclusive hackathon in Lund, Sweden. Not all has been revealed and Nokia states it has a last element f the challenge set as a surprise.

Lumia 1020 Sensor

So what are the prizes? The 10 finalists will fly to the event in Lund, Sweden and will be amongst the first to get their hands on the Lumia 1020. That's pretty cool already, but there's more. First and second runners-up will both receive a Lumia 1020 and their creation will be showcased at a Nokia event. Top prize of the hackathon will receive not only the new Nokia flagship, but will also bag a trip with VIP treatment to an upcoming Nokia event.

The winning app will be promoted through several channels, as well as the Windows Phone Store. This alone makes it more than worth it. When do submissions close? July 31st, so be sure to get cracking with those brain cells! For the small print and more, head on over to Nokia's website.

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Nokia giving away Lumia 1020s to developers who get creative


BTW you worded that it sounds like you bet that he won't be one of the finalists.. But, I know what you mean,, so I'll stop being a douche... Lol❕❕

My wording is perfectly fine. There's absolutely nothing there that can indicate anything else than what I said. =P

Well, as long as you don't mean bet against you... Nevertheless, I was just joking because, well, I'm a idiot.. I hope Rudy enters, and wins, to...

When you say "who wants to bet..." you imply you are taking the opposite position.  So yes, it sounds like you are betting against him.
But that's just being a nitpicker.

Devs create a video editing app! Or and as well the ability to pause and start recording from one video file! I hate how I hit stop and then start and it starts a whole new video.

Here's a idea... Why doesn't Microkia make a small flash pen drive, with a male micro USB tip, that we can plug directly into our devices❔... I'm sure a simple software update would allow our phones to recognize the flash drive. They could develop a app that would show all of the content on the drive, show available storage, and allow the transfer of files... That way we can free up our precious data on the go❕... Would you buy this accessory❔

So would I, too bad I don't know how to develop an app or I would try my luck. On a side note. I use my phones video camera (focus s) to sometimes see in a small area like an engine compartment to locate a bolt or what have you. Kinda like a spy mirror trick just using my camera. The quality of video from my focus s is terrible at best. But with the 1020 camera and whatnot this would be a fantastic tool.
I am aware that they make cameras on a snake that would work for this.
Also imagine going through a maze at a carnival all the while recording your experience, then afterwards you go back through the maze on your phone and you could relive the experience if you filmed it right being able to pause pan and zoom the video.
I smell a new "vine" the trickery that could be created with this!

Well, at least you have plenty of time to brush up on your English.. LOL❕❕.. I'm sorry,, I'm in that mood today... I was just joking.. You can speak more languages than I can, so you got me on that.. ♥

Dang, I wish I wasn't so stupid... Bummer. I'd have an extra $700 in my bank right now. Oh well.

Stupid❔,, tell me about it❗.. I can't figure out how to get my computer to load my McAfee virus protection software after loading the W8.1 preview.. Somebody help❕❕

That's not helping me❕. I still have a year left, so I want to use it.. It works fine bubble neck.

I would like a photo editing program that will let me rotate the image slightly to streighten out a slanted horizon.  I would also like to view and edit all of the EXIF data.

Edit or hide some of your EXIF data?  If the former, that's a bad idea an very frowned upon by the photography community. But having a straightening tool to fix slanted horizons is a good idea.

For those wanting to take up development/coding for Windows Phone, and to (potentially) take part in the competition ... there was a post on WPCentral sometime ago, where Bob Tabor runs through a start to end of developing an app on the Channel 9 site. Highly recomended.

I'm a programmer, but never tried app development. I'll throw a few ideas out there anyway:
-Horizon / horizontal indicator like the virtual horizon on some Nikon DSLRs (I hate slightly tilted pictures!)
-Multiple exposure on pictures
-Time lapse
-Delay timer
-Remote for taking pictures (using another phone for instance)
-Remotely view what the camera sees (again, using another phone for instance)

If you are a dev dont count too much on this, I love Nokia but as regards funding or app selection it is "misterious" :D
I just subscribed with an Instavideo app, I will let you updated but I bet they will say me "not so innovative" (like it was with Instagraph at the time there weren't no insta app on the WP store :D)

All I want is an app that will actuall TAKE pictures in a 2x3 AR.  I am one of those people who still like to actually print my pictures out!!  Someone make that for me!  I would do it myself, but I just haven't got a MS Dev account yet.  I've already got a prototype mostly written.  (if there's enough interest aside from me, maybe i'll get up and finally get a dev account)
Note about this contest though.  It looks like 3 ppl will get the phone, and you've got to travel to sweden...aside from the fact that i don't have a passport...i just don't have time for that!  Oh well, maybe someone will make my app and i won't have to do it! :P

What about an app that lets you share photos with your Facebook friends, but not on Facebook, but you can also get it to push your photos to Facebook? And that makes money quickly for no obvious reason? InstaGrand? Something?