Nokia goes on the offensive with effective new ‘app reality’ ad, targeting new buyers

If there’s one thing we can all agree on is that Windows Phone has a perception problem, especially in the US and Canada. The phone hardware is often reviewed favorably, but critics tend to ding the OS for lack of apps. This so-called ‘app-gap’ has become less of problem as of late 2013, but the perception is still there. Also, MIA apps like Sonos don’t help either.

Nokia’s new ad, showcased on their Canadian YouTube channel, does a really good job of breaking it all down for the consumer. In fact, it’s one of the best we’ve seen. With bold bright graphics, the narrator talks about how impressive the Windows Phone store has become, highlighting things like UI design, Live Tiles, Windows Phone exclusive apps, and how major titles like Vine, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are all here already.

The ad is just under two minutes, so there’s no way it could be shown on TV as-is. However, with some clever edits, this could make a compelling commercial on TV for the Windows Phone OS as a whole. It'd also play well at movie theaters, with the 20 minute pre-roll programming. 

Currently, Microsoft does run plenty of ads showcasing Windows 8 PCs, tablets and Windows Phones, but they don’t have many that are this direct on the benefits of their mobile OS. They need more of that and if they were smart, they would start promoting this particular video throughout their media channels.

What do you think? Does this video make a persuasive argument for Windows Phone?

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Nokia goes on the offensive with effective new ‘app reality’ ad, targeting new buyers



A very good ad, but who's going to see it?.... Why are they so afraid to do what needs to be done to promote WP!... A 30 second version of this needs to run on TV for a good amount of time, and this complete video needs to run everywhere possible in pubic.. Why do they make it so hard?
Do they really think millions of consumers are going to visit Nokias Canadian YouTube channel??.. NO❕ Not likely.....

I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but here in Malaysia, Nokia Stores and agents have been distributing app brochures (which include QR Codes) of the popular local and international apps/games way before this video. Been doing this since the Lumia 800 & 710 launch back in late February 2012. Still do until this very day.


Hopefully this ad will eventually make it on TV, but the above is a good move and my sister found it useful after I got one for her and myself.

I don't know about Growlr, but Grindr is a gay dating/cruising app. And for those that want a Grindr app, the unofficial alternative "Meet'm" is actually a lot better than the real thing. ;)

Oh I see. If there's demands for such apps, I don't see why they shouldn't be offered too. Thanks for the reply.

Games and banking.


I own an iPod Touch for those reasons alone. I think to say the app-gap is gone is a little misleading. It's probably not an issue for the majority of users out there, but fact of the matter is, we don't have release-day parity on a lot of things and there's also a lot of smaller apps that never made the transition. It's definitely better than it was 3 years ago though.

Sooooo, you want them to put out a "truthful" ad? Do you expect food in restaurants to look like ads and should the ad tell you how much fat is in that burger you're about to eat. It's an AD...they point out their positives...and they never said the "app gap was over".

No, of course not. It's marketing. In fact, I rather like the commercial and think they did a good job with it. It doesn't change reality though - I believe it's a little premature to be carrying this as the message.

I think my bigger concern would be if people internal to MS or Nokia that are responsible for encouranging developers to port or develop on Windows Phone felt that this was the case and their job was done.

I guarantee that NO ONE in MS/Nok thinks that this job is done.  They do need some sounds of optimism, though.  The constant negative barrage probably scares users and developers away.

They never claim that there is no app gap. In fact, they actually say that there are still fewer apps for WP. The point of the ad is that things have changed recently, a lot. Most of the most popular apps are available now and that is true. The vast majority of users dont use the very latest apps as soon as they come out and can find what they need. There still is much work to be done to get anything close to parity though. I dont think Android is there yet. Facebook paper and many of the latest apps are still iOS only.

Banking is a problem, especially if you use a smaller bank or credit union, as I do. Quite annoying to see them promoting their app, when it's only for iOS and Android. Doesn't matter to me, but I could see a new user be rather upset that so few of the store and bank apps are not available.

If you want to know where requests would be helpful for smaller banks and credit unions I suggest you look at www.fisglobal.com who provides most of the data processing and back end services for many credit unions and smaller banks.

I agree esp with some specialty apps, banking etc.

I've been proactive in lobbying the banks that I use and other software houses that develop apps that I believe should be made available on Windows Phone and Windows.

The usual comment 'Windows devices currenlty hold a small portion of the market...' pops up and my response is well no wonder with a mindset of developers such as this, what comes first, chicken or the egg?

Banking apps have been a significant decision maker for those moving to another OS. But it is also productivity apps too. There's one particular one called iAuditor. Because Health and Safety are high priorities in business this product is available on ipad and iOS and a flakey version is available on Android, but none as yet for Windows 8 or Windows Phone. (See this page and register a Me Too if you see fit http://support.safetyculture.com.au/entries/24160612-Develop-for-Windows-mobile-OS ).

It is getting better albeit slowly. Lets hope that 2014 changes all that by significant market increase in WP in the coming months. I don't see any reason why WP cannot be at least the 2nd OS favorite across most of the world with the low cost handsets of the 520, and flagships of 1020, 1520, and Icon, and the new handsets espected after the announcement of WP8.1.  

US Bank didn't want to make a WP app, so I switched to USAA Bank which has an excellent WP8/7 app. And I told US Bank why I switched.

Banking apps are very country specific, I couldn't care less about missing ALL American apps, since I'm from Europe. The bank I'm with does have a web version (with certificate) and an android app, but it's way to risky to be put on a phone, I don't even have the banking certificate installed on my laptop, only on my desktop I keep at home.

I keep finding awesome games on WP, but then again, I only like to play platform and puzzle games on the phone, racing on accelerometer is just lame, and shooting even more so.

The only app that was still missing (for mr) was dropbox and since cloud6 for dropbox even that gap is closed for me. Too bad for dropbox though, that it's too late and I'm already fully on onedrive.


The chicken/egg refference is appropriate here, and I'm happy to tell companies that their app is missing on WP, but I'd rather switch companies instead (like how I'm abandoning dropbox)

Games are nice when you're bored but they're definitely not the most important thing in a smartphone. Also show me every app on Android and iOS that is linked with XBox.

App gap? Even Vodafone UK don't have an app. Not to mention some high street major banks (Barclays finally released an app). That's essentials for an average smart phone users.

I wanted an HSBC app, in the UK, until I saw that the Android/Apple app showed recent transactions on a current accout only. Not much use so will stick with the website as I get full view of all accounts and services.

So, yes you are correct saying "I think you're overstating how essential banking apps are".

^This. I bought currency, sold and bought stocks on my,mobile browser in minutes on my coffee break yesterday

For my bank, it was the ability to deposit checks that I needed an app for. Thankfully now, they have an app - added in the last year. Momentum seems to be going the right way.

They talk about 'thousands of flashlight apps' on iOS, but the Windows Phone Store has also a lot rubbish, a ton of Facebook and YouTube apps...

Sure, all apps stores do, but especially Android has a relatively large amount. Not that there still isn't an app gap, but it's getting a lot better. I also haven't met a single person who uses a banking app yet, so I'm guessing it's quite region-dependant.

who the hell is gonna go on the canada youtube video to learn about the phone?  ads like this must be on TV so that the common pereson actually gets this message.  anyone looking into a youtube video already has interest in the phone.

marketing the windows OS has been a huge pain and frustrating to watch.  look at the new samsung phone with 13 megamixels - showing off the zoom that the 1020 has been doing all this time.

People like the check deposit thing. That doesn't seem to be on the mobile webs.

First: great article Daniel! It's always a pleasure to read yours. Also, I think MS is really bad at PR and marketing products. They could definitely take a tip from Nokia.

Lemme take a cue from this commercial, "take a trip down perception lane". Not sure where you're from but in here in the Norther Cali Bay Area I see A LOT of WP, and W8 billboard ads, magazine, website banners, and TV commcercials.
I don't thinkit's a stretch to say that I see more MS ads than apple... and apple is here in the Bay Area.

Yeah, say what you want about the content of the ads, but the quantity is certainly not a problem. WP is everywhere in ads.

I agree totally with your perception. It's definitely a marketing issue whether from MS or the Carriers, I live in the central part of the US and No cellular store including Walmart, Target and Sams Club displays a decent windows phone. They have the iPhones brilliantly displayed behind glass and its no wonder everyone in these parts seem to have an iPhone or Samsung the way they are displayed. I recently visited SamsClub and found one L900 with WP7 OS in the corner of the AT&T counter. There were no WP phones at the Verizon booth.

Every AT&T commercial I see on American TV these days always features a Windows Phone and Android phone in the background.

Its pointless if they don't show them at stores, unless it's store managers or owners getting more kick back from apple and Samsung.

No they don't, Microsoft can run an ad promoting a Lumia  ( like the 1020 wedding ad) but individual OEMs run their own adverts without involvement from Microsoft. 

I've been talking with sales reps at the various stories as a customer who was interested in Windows Phone and why so little sales help.

Two factors were most reported--
1. Sales associates didn't have access to Windows Phones to use and learn on - if any phones were for that purpose, some upper manager got them.
2. Few if any cases and other add-ons to go with the phone.

Found this true even at Best Buy, which has the best phone/tablet/laptop/reader sales setup by far, including an amazing Microsoft display (except Windows Phone).

Every sales associate should be given a Nokia phone of some sort. Would pay off far more than any ads. Too many stories of people walking in with the intent to buy a WP and walking out with an iPhone.

The app-gap is not 'so called'. It's very much real. Nokia may inform prospective buyers that Lumia has a Facebook app. But we all know what a piece of shit app it really is. They may tell people there is an IMDB app, but do people know it's not been updated in over 2 years and offers no account support?

The ad just looks like a way to misguide prospective buyers. Spend this energy in improving the existing apps and getting new ones.

The Facebook app on Android is shittier than then one on WP with a ton of scroll lag on a snapdragon 800

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

facebook lagdroid app suck dick as all android users do all u think about is the apps as the ad say do u really need thousands of app just to turn on flashlight looool useless lagdroid crap

Doesn't matter that the WP app opens IE when you click 'see more' in a long post on FB, but holy shit the scrolling is smooooooth.

Have you even used it? The FB app on my 1020 lags so much compared to the one on my LGG2, which has a snapdragon 800

With ridiculous sounding negativity like "piece of shit" and "useless", the inclusion of "flawless" seems rather tame and necessary. :)

FB on my 1020 does not lag at all. I havent used FB on Android in a while, so I have no idea about that, but I can say with certainty that FB Beta on WP (why is it still beta BTW?) is totally smooth. I've had it give me errors a few times, but it doesnt lag.

I don't understand the "Facebook app is shitty" complaints. I have a couple minor problems with it, and I'm aware it is missing dome features that most people don't use, but what is so wrong with it? It never crashes or anything for me. It doesn't seem to show images in comments, and it still loses your place when hitting the back button after reading comments sometimes... that's about the worst I see.

Same. It works perfectly fine for me. The built in messaging on the app sucks but we now have the official FB Messenger for that, and its way better.

Same here. And I use it on the Lumia 521. I would imagine it's only better on other faster phones. It's certainly not great, but far from shitty.


My main complaint is that it doesn't have any trace of WP8 design language, but I imagine that's dictated by WP who probably want a unified experience between devices and OSs. Too bad, really. Would be great as a WP-style app, like the FB integration in the hub (which I prefer to use).

It is a "so called".  Your experience with the Facebook app is different than mine and I use IMDb every..single...day. 
The point is that people looking to buy phones have to listen to moronic "there's no apps for Windows Phone" comments from self-righteous "experts".  That's just not true.  Your suprem geekdome may think a missing feature makes an app a "piece of shit", but most people in the real world are a bit more reasonable.  I've lured people over to Windows Phone and they have never complained about Facebook or IMDb.  I think you assume that your experience and expectations are universal. They are not.

So what would you have Nokia/Microsoft do?  Should they not advertise?  Should they call you and ask you what you think is wrong and then put out an attack ad on themselves so you won't think that it's misleading?? 

I think this is a great use of their "energy".  Going after the perception and countering the hyperbolic levels of negativity from a vocal minority is exactly what is called for.  No one would buy these devices if they listened to the know-it-alls who spew negativity at a non-stop pace.  No developer would waste their time on a smaller userbase when the "fans" of the userbase constantly bad-mouth the ecosystem and have no problem calling apps "useless" or "oieces of shit".  That would definitely make me take pause before catering to this grumpy, bitter, can't-be-pleased, bunch, who do NOTHING to help the platform. So yeah, injecting some positivity might do some good.  Of course, the chorus of naysayers will continue t0 amp up their tune because they think everyone needs to hear their sad song.

DEVELOPERS...not Microsoft or Nokia have to develop and update their apps.  Maybe a friendlier ecosystem with a more upbeat perception will help to lure them...and users.

Flaming people who are telling the truth about Windows Phone isn't a good strategy either. As a recent purchaser of a Lumia 520 (been curious about WP since inception But Verizon is a terrible place to "check it out" - not willing to spend $300+ on a technological curiousity).  Having now used my WP8 device for over a month alongside my Android device I would say the app gap is larger than ever.  I could care less about the Top 50 or 100 Apps - I don't use any of them (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, games (I only game on my tablet, my XBox 360 or my PC)).  

The biggest gap are from commercial entities that develop apps to increase business or enhance the customer experience by having a free app that they spend corporate resouces on:

1.  Banking (neither of my credit unions has an app - both large, regional credit unions).
2.  Sports - only one of my many sports apps (Baseball, Hockey, Football) has a WP version.
3.  Stores - WP has no apps for my stores to shop, cut/load coupons to my loyalty card.
4.  No app for my car's internet/blue tooth link (2013 Hyundai).

I would go on except you get the point. While I am happy that everyone that owns a Windows Phone likes their experience there are a LOT of people that would miss applications that are available on iOS or Android.  It is not a question of bad mouthing Windows Phone - it is a question of people relying on my expertise as a tech geek to give them knowledgable advice about how to spend their hard earned money and until I am sure they don't want or need the services of a certain app for their normal use I won't recommend Windows Phone to friends or family.

I think we have different definitions of "flaming".  I think giving a counter argument without cursing or yelling or namecalling isn't "flaming". 

The bottom line is that what matters to "tech geeks" doesn't always matter to normal people.  A lot of people are still coming from feature phones and they wouldn't think twice about any of this until an "expert" starts spilling doom and gloom about "no apps" and "app gap".

I have a fried who moved and her large bank has a WP app, but her smaller credit union does not.  She gets direct deposit, so the only "feature" she's missing by having to use Mint is mobile deposit, which she has never and has no plans to do.  Had a doom and gloomer got to her, she'd be "worried" that he credit union doesn't have a WP app.  All I'm saying is that the "tech geek" recommendation gets a lot more weight than maybe it should.

I'm not going to research each of your points, but I am curious as to how you're not aware that MLB and NFL both have "official" apps.  Even so, I get my scores/stories from ESPN and Bing Sports.  I used MLB last season to see highlights during games...GO TIGERS. 


And talking of shitty WP apps, WHATTSAP, is there but how horrible experience is to use it. I live in Mexico and in my group of friends, about 12 couples, I'm the only one using a WP, the rest 20 of them using iphones and 3 using android. One of them, a tech oriented guy, wanted to try a WP because he was having little issues with his iphone 5S. We bought a Lumia 1020 and after a week he tried to return it but he couldn't because here the return policies with telcel are a crap. He's so frustrated using the 1020 that I feel bad because I kind of persuaded to do it. Nokia´s hardware and WP OS has their PROS and CONS, but many more CONS. It's very frustrating that Microsoft don't care much about their customers needs and having a competitive OS like the world leaders. It seems that they live inside their office and that they don't go outside to the WORLD, WAKE UP, SEE WHAT THE WORLD WANTS!! I want to have decent responding apps and fast enough, to be able to stream WIRELESSLY (either from my WP or my L2520) the music that I buy from Nokia or Xbox music or videos to my Denon AVR.......    

ah yes, because microsoft is the one that makes all the apps.. totally not they're respective owners.. last time they tried to make "official" apps themselves google threw the biggest temper tantrum, its not microsofts place to make all these apps, its the fanbases job to encourage developers to do so.. god.. people learn how a market works before spueling negativity everywhere...


Android: initial release - 09/23/2008


iOS: initial release - 06/29/2007


Windows Phone: initial release - 10/21/2010


This is also a reason, but wait 3 years to truely judge.

Windows mobile: initial release 04/2000

I'm not sure how old you are, but when Microsoft decided that they would completely rewrite the OS without backwards compatibility or support for even newly released models, they lost a lot of customers for good. As a former Windows mobile user I would be hard pressed to buy a Windows phone.

Then can I suggest that if your never going to buy a WP that you maybe get off WPCentral and maybe get a life, how ever old you are!

Don't have to get off WPcentral. I'm sure I've been around far longer than most of you here. You suggested that one evaluate after 3 years its been 14.

I keep up with mobile tech regardless of my intention to buy it or not.

Based on you response. I'm far older or at least more mature than you.

Sorry facts are insulting to you.

The facts are that we are discussing Windows Phone not windows mobile. So its not facts that are insulting me, its your lack of understanding the subject matter.


You are on WPCentral and the subject matter is Windows Phone.

I understand perfectly. Microsoft shot itself in the head with the manner that it released WP. It went from 42% market share in 08 to the 3% of today. This is not a case of giving the new guy a chance. It's a case of colossal failure by an established industry leader. Manufactures developers have abandoned Windows in the mobile space due to Microsoft's decisions.

Microsoft has been at it longer than almost anyone in the mobile space but somehow get excuses and passes.

My initial comment stands. Evaluation after 3 years is inappropriate. It doesn't fit given Microsoft's position.

As most will know, 3 years in the mobile world can see incredible changes occur. I understand what you are saying, looking backwards. But, looking forwards 3 years I believe WP will be in a better space with regards to market share.

I can accept that. Competition is a great thing for consumers.

It is why I follow WP, IOS, BlackBerry, Ubuntu and the rest.

I have no problem switching platforms.

"Competition is a great thing for consumers"

This I totally agree with. I had Windows Mobile before iPhone could copy and paste and before Android had the famous app killer. The great thing about iPhone and Android success is that Microsoft were forced to built WP.

I did buy s Sony Tablet S as MS tablets were using Windows 7, which did not work for me. The Sony Tablet was amazing and I was going to buy a Sony Z to go with it, but the ecosystem was not their so I sold the Sony tablet and bought a Surface and L920.

My point is that competition is great for consumers, it made MS design WP and I believe that MS will do more to ensure their success in the future, mainly due their current low market share.


I too was an original Windows Mobile user back in the day. I love my WP8 even more than my old Windows Mobile Phone...too bad you're missing out.

Speaking about missing out, you can sulk forever about them not doing what you wanted because that's your right...but are you skipping WP8 because those old Windows Mobile apps are available on your iPhone or Android device, or is your nose out of joint because they obsoleted your 14 year old phone OS? Just wondering...

I used Windows Mobile. The move to Windows Phone was the best and smartest response to the radical change that happened in mobile MS could have done IMO. The iPhone so radically shifted the way everyone looked at mobile with mutlitouch and focusing on user experience over feature lists, MS could not have 'fixed' Windows Mobile. It was so far from where it needed to be, it required a complete redo.

Do you actually have a specific reason to give, or is this just a pointless rant? There sure are reasons to use or not use any platform, but you present none.

Its not about the quantity of apps
Its about the quality
Take watsapp for example
It stands nowhere in comparison to android.
Facebook is really buggy .
It fucking annoys me.

Quality is definitely one issue.  The other major one is every time a new, trendy app hits the scene, it never starts on WP.  WP will usually get the app, but only after the excitement about it on other platforms has died down.  This is especially true with games (Draw Something, Angry Birds, Words by Post, Temple Run, etc.).  Also, there are a number of missing niche apps.

Why is hard to understand? Devs make apps for the biggest crowd. More people using the OS= more interested devs= more apps = more consumers.. Don't expect them to do take extra effort for a minority.
And then there are people who complain about official apps.. WHY? WP app devs have proved their alternatives are just as functional and sometimes have better design than official apps.

I stated the problem.  You stated the cause.  And...?  I expect MS to find a solution and provide more incentive to developers.

I give props to 3rd party developers, but the apps are usually less feature filled and have subpar design.

What really irks me about not having an official app is some yahoo tech journalist will say things like "there's no YouTube" app and such nonsense and the average person will conclude "oh, Windows Phone can't play YouTube videos". When in reality there are some very, very good YouTibe apps on Windows Phone, just not an "official" app.

Its not just about the apps! The public wants more is games especially for Xbox!! And support for 512 MB Ram:p

Muy cierto, aunque estos Americanos siempre se quejan por todo, se quejan cuando no tienen la aplicación y cuando por fin la tienen, se quejan de todos modos!

Uber is at m.uber.com. It runs in a mobile browser. Always check for a mobile website before concluding there is no app.

Yeppp, instead of native apps WP needs to being in official apps of telegram, netflix etc... Instagram is still at beta n one generation behind iOS and kitkat... There's no instamessage as well... WP os is so colorful n fresh that can attract many from sluggish os's... Bring it on microsoft....

Why do people always complain about lack of profile support on Netflix? As far as i'm aware its not available in iOS app on my iPod. All we need now is a LoveFilm app for Windows Phone.

You're right, I'm not being entirely fair. I tried it on iPhone too though, it has more features there too (the 10-sec backskip is the one I miss the most in WP).

Lol. I love Windows Phone and Nokia but did they mention a Facebook app? Lol. That's as close to a half truth as one can get. The app is abysmal compared to iOS and Android.

Personaly, the Facebook app works just fine on my Lumia 1020. Anyway, the point is the apps are there and available in the Store, regardless if they are on par with their iOS and Android counterparts. The developer has made the effort to register, build/port, and submit the application. It's further develpment will be determined by the amount of downloads and usage. If you kill the perception and tell people, the apps are there, they are less relunctant to switch. As people switch and developers see increases in downloads and usage, they will commit more resources to improve it.

Nokia completely forgot about the quality of apps. Twitter, WhatsApp, and Spotify aren't as good as the official iOS versions. Also, there's a serious lack of games on Windows Phone. That's getting better, but some of the best still aren't available officially.

Also, this ad is wrong. They say Office and SmartGlass aren't available on iOS and Android, but they are. Oops.

Tom, the point is the apps are there. If the perception issue can be removed as a barrier and more people get on the platform and download these apps, the developers will commit more resouces to them. You need Office 365 to get Office on iOS right? Windows Phone it's free. They could have found another example, as well as for SmartGlass.

Great ad. Does a good job of showing prospective users that apps people want and are already using on other platforms, are actually in the WP store. Given there are some apps that are missing for Windows Phone (flipboard for example) but there are plenty of thirdparty apps that get the job done.

Yeah, and frankly Weave and Bing News are so good, Flipboard seems superfluous at this point. But having it would be better, of course, if only for the "perception" problem.

totally agree with the third party apps getting the jobs done. I love that they showed a few third party apps, especially the really well designed ones that outshine the official apps on other platforms! (6snap tile while showing most popular apps). really great video, it even manages to give me hope for the future of WP

Clipboard runs great in a mobile browser. Go to flipboard.com/m/magazines/. Always check for mobile websites and third party apps. The gap is not nearly so wide if you don't restrict yourself unnecessarily.

Yeah, it's a nice commercial, I agree. However, it makes it sound like there is nothing to worry about, regardless of the buyer. They say "nearly all" of the popular apps are present, but they do not tell you which ones aren't (though which marketing department will show off its deficiencies?). The spp situation is a lot better than it was, but it is still tough for med students to put up with, like my brother-in-law who wants ePocrates on his device--something Windows Phone doesn't offer.

But I like the commercial. It's not overrun with obnoxious music like the Windows 8-Katy Perry fiascos or the dumb Samsung commercials of late. The information's useful, it's just incomplete.

Agree with this. But it's an ad, so... I guess a narrow perspective is OK.
However, I still can't recommend WP to someone who is used to iOS and relies on apps. The difference in quality and quantity would be quite the shock.

Someone using a feature phone or cheap android? I think they would be thrilled with WP.

That is a fair assessment. I come from iPhone before iOS7, never could like it, although to be fair apple is a great company and iPhone is a great phone. Seems like I'm loving the underdog.

Then to be objective pull out your phone and start going through apps with them on it and see if this ad tells the entire story of the state of apps on WP8

I'd do that any day. But then again, I have a life and I don't suffer from "app envy" either... so theres that.

I'm not suffering from app envy. I'm happy with my phone, I'm lacking a banking app, but I can manage without it. My simple point is that the ad wasn't really truthful. It mentiones that ios and android have a lot of repetitvie apps, so does the marketplace however. And some major apps are still lagging in the update cycle or have issues.

There is no need to get so defensive and start labeling people as app envious or not having a life.

Based on your more aggressive response I'd say platform inferiority complex trumps app envy any day :P

I'm not sure if people understand what an AD is.  They would have to be feature lenght film link with equal time for everyone's individual complaints, to satisfy some people.  If you crack open a beer are you upset that a frozen train didn't roll through your backyard or that a bikini clad crowd isn't surrounding your pool?  Do you go to iOS sites after Apple runs an ad to tell people to pull out their iPhones to show their friends how bad the maps is?  Should Android include the malware stats in all of their ads??

The ad is truthful and points out the positive...as an ad should.  Just to get back to the real world, my friends who don't regularly participate in tech forums, have ZERO problems with the app availability or quality.  The perspective of people on here is NOT congruent with the masses.  Advertising appeals to them.

Agreed. After reading my comment again I wasn't clear. The ad is fine, I don't expect them to spill the beans, I just hope they themselves aren't buying the message they are selling, cause there is still a lot of work to be done.

Of course they don't, there are plenty of video interviews with people from Microsoft and Nokia all talking about improving the app situation. All of those videos have been featured right here on WPC. The store wouldn't have grown in size otherwise.

Actually I have nothing of the sort. But I've grown tired of seeing and hearing the constant bitch 'n moan sessions about "android/ios can do this, WP can't I'm gonna go buy an android!"

Just sayin'.

You realize your actions can also be consituted as bitching and moaning about "bitching and moaning sessions". 

Majority of the comments, mine included didn't say anything about going to buy android or ios.

Also if you've grown tired of the comments, maybe you should try reading and responding to fewer of them? For a person that implies that you have a life and others don't you certainly post a heck of a lot.

Just sayin'

It is missing some but as the state of WP is expanding, more developer will want to make apps. I can see they will start getting 3rd party apps like Flipagram and Ask.fm

Liked the way the ad showed Apple Store and Google play as dumps and Windows Phone store as an organized building adding levels. :D

Nice ad! If I didn't had my WP, was looking for a new smartphone and saw this, I'd give a Lumia a try!

Cause he might be considering switching?

Cause he might be a platform agnostic and just a fan of the platform?

Yeah, he sounds agnostic.  He came over here to throw a one-liner down about how his iPhone can do whatever your phone can do.

"I use smartglass on my iphone" - yeah that sure makes it sound like iphone can do whatever your phone can do. I'm guessing you're not an agnostic

Nice try.  I'd argue with you, but I'm going to watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother via the GoogleTV box that's attached to my TV.

sounds like you'e saying you're google tv can do whatever xbox can do, if we apply your logic. Also How I Met Your Mother is pathetic now, find a better show to watch

What is sounds like is that I use products from various companies.  It also seems like you use any tidbit of data to twist it around to distract from the point.  Also, even if your opinion of TV mattered to me, I'm a few seasons back on How I Met Your Mother...you know...because it's Netflix.  Judgmental much, by the way? 

"What it sounds like you use any tidbit of data to twist it around to distract from the point" - this coming from someone who's twisted "i use smartglass on my iphone" to "iphone can do whatever your phone can do". 

Earlier seasons of How I Met Your Mother were good, that's why I said "pathetic now", the last season is truly horrible. You'll see when you get there.


What if he's a user of more than one phone? Not everyone is a fanboy some of us enjoy using multiple OS's. I have 2 Windows Phones, a BB10 device, iPhone and an LGG2 so I enjoy using them all and reading about them all but people like you just make sites like these look bad.

I use Windows Phone and I have an Android just cause I make apps for it but I despise anything that isn't Microsoft -_-

Cause maybe if I make apps for Android, then it might be worth someone to buy an Android my apps are just that great. Lol jk...ummmmidk really, just fun. I make WP and Windows Phone apps too though. NEVER for Apple!

People from other nations also think the same.

Its the matter of perception.

The app launch time and navigation needs some major overhaul at OS layer, esp. for low end devices.

For instance, Skype and WeChat takes a while at launch and resume after which they go to another loading interval to get the updated content.

Similarly, in 520 and 620, the back button takes a while to switch screen within the app.

The OS may provide some sophisticated caching for UI views, to squash this lag.

nice ad... but finally its all about people's perception... its not about more features its just about what u own.. like after spending a bomb on an iphone, the user wastes rest of his life proving to the world (mainly satisfying himself cause of the high price guilt) that its the best whatever the reality maybe... so smart people will stick to android.. smarter ones will explore new possibilities by buying a windows phone.. rich fools will stick to the iphone.. and keep upgrading every 6 months from 5 to 5s to 6 to 6s n so on.. bragging about d iphones long life is another issue altogether.. y not buy a flagship android/wp which u dont need to upgrade again n again to every new flagship

Youre right about iPhone bro. For eg if youre apples logo gets spoiled or broken or scratched then you feel like your ego is hurt.

My aunty just went from a Droid to an i5, she can't use the damn thing to even connect to her wifi. But hey, it has a fingerprint scanner. Tried finding her a WP, but you know how Auntes are..

Its sad but true, nothing against Apple and iPhone, but that iPhone fanboy cult-like mentally sucks beyond comprehension.

fingerprint scanner sucks big time.. u can unlock d fone when the owner is sleeping.. juss gotto take d fone to his thumb.. y not use d 4 digit pin.. even samsung s5 has n future wp gonna have d fingerprint security but it sucks according to me!

Better yet, go medieval style and lop that b!tch off. Every device has a hardware reset sequence so, what's the point? I disabled password lock on my 8X. If its stolen/lost/etc, I can just wipe or lock it remotely.

We lost runkeeper
Check (Pageonce) Joke
Just read Edmondo got updated with Bluetooth LE for Android. Good luck WP
Amazon joke
EBay joke compared to W8
Netflix serious needs an UI update
Don't get me started on Redbox POS
Slacker? Slacking
The list goes on and on with WP apps quality of support

The RunKeeper app was pulled after getting poor reviews. Caledos Runner is a great running tracker that syncs to RunKeeper. In fact RunKeeper promotes it in their Connected Apps section. It use it myself and am completely satisfied.