Nokia has humorous dig at Apple for adding some colour to the iPhone

Nokia Apple Imitation

Apple today unveiled the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, the latter being a more affordable option for consumers. Known for rather expensive price tags, Apple is attempting to tackle the low-end of the smartphone market with the new iPhone 5C. As well as being cheaper than the high-end iPhone, consumers will also have numerous colours to choose from.

Unfortunately, these choices appeared to be vaguely familiar. Nokia UK took to Twitter today to unleash the above image, poking fun at Apple for not only injecting some colour into the iPhone product line, but utilising the similiar colours. As the Finish manufacturer rightfully pointed out: "Imitation is the best form of flattery."

iPhone 5

Did Nokia invent colour? Not at all, but the Lumia colours have become iconic of the brand itself, which Apple has now implemented into its own designs. That said, the iPhone 5C is still not as affordable as the Lumia 520, which goes for $100 unlocked and without a contract. Sure, there are advantages and features included in the iPhone 5C that aren't present in the Lumia 520, but which one would you choose if you're seeking the best deal?

Oh, and if you thought Nokia UK was ignoring the iPhone 5S (or simply, the "iBling"), think again:

Nokia iPhone 5S Jab

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Nokia has humorous dig at Apple for adding some colour to the iPhone


+928 Apple copies and the iHoard praises apple for being revolutionary and ground breaking...

Almost everything is "copied" just because iOS takes ideas doesn't mean the phone isn't good. Maybe iPhone users just like IOS and don't care where the new features come from. Just like how we love WP

5c 16 GB is priced at $99 with contract. I'm assuming off contract price will be around $500, which if you compare to 620 or 720, is twice as expensive with less specs and capabilities. this will definitely not appeal to lower end cust. Market is underwhelmed by not hearing anything 'earth shattering' today, AAPL is down more than $15 after the annoucement.
Nokia and WP is better positioned to erode into iOS market if they execute well by being more business friendly and cost conscious consumer friendly.

Come on man, it does not have less specs than a 620 and 720. It is literally an iPhone 5 in a plastic shell, it clearly is higher end than both. That said, I'd take the iPhone 5 over this cheap looking 5C anyday. I bet Apple only released this model because they knew nobody would buy the 5s over the 5 because it's hardly worth the extra money.

Yeah, the 5C is a mid-range phone. It's in the same category as 720 and 820, not the low end like the 520 and 620. And to help spur the sales of the 5C, they're discontinuing production of the 5 and will only offer the 4S (low end, free on contract), 5C (mid) and 5S (high).

may be I overstated 62x specs compared to iPhone 5c. but 720 do have better specs in multiple categories.... Weight (128g vs 132g), better Audio recording/haptic feedback, expandable microSD (up to 64 GB), talk time, standby/music playback time are twice as long, battery (2000 mAh vs 1440 mAh), offline worldwide maps vs none, it costs ~$300.... comparison here http://www.phonearena.com/phones/compare/Nokia-Lumia-720,Apple-iPhone-5c,Apple-iPhone-5/phones/7746,7983,7378 yes, I'd prefer old 5 over this plasticky 5c too...
the point is 5c is clearly matching up with a mid level phone, but pricing it @ $550 is a rip-off, shoulda been ~$350 if Apple wanted to compete. Android got to 80% market share by targeting all price ranges, especially the low-end. The real growth in smartphone will be at mid-to-low end from now on and Apple will be missing the boat, their huge margin with these overpriced phone will be gone before you know it... So, Nokia and WP are stand to gain a lot, if they continue to execute well by offering great value for money in the sub $300 range.

While you're right about companies copying each other all the time it's still a perfectly acceptable reason to poke fun at them, IMHO. No other phone manufacturer offers such a wide breath of colors as Nokia... then along comes Apple and they choose to use basically the same exact tones in a slightly lighter shade.
Also, there's a pretty stark difference between a lot of people who devote themselves to Apple and those that generally follow Google or Microsoft. Many of them tend to act like iLemmings, just buying the new iteration of the i9000+ whatever that Apple releases because the Apple logo is shinier or whatever.

You could argue, however, that as Apple themselves did color with their iPod line years ago (and advertised the heck out of it) it is others who are copying them.

Actually Apple (under Jobs return) released the iMac in colors to combat all the 'ugly grey boxes' that were ubiquitous with Windows PCs.
It wasn't till after those colorful iMacs that PC manufacturers started adding translucent and opaque colors to their product line.

Nokia was doing arrays of colored phones (granted, they were faceplates, but it was a defining feature at that time) before the full range of "fruit" iMacs arrived.

^This.  All of those colorful Nokia phones in the early 2000's was pioneering for bringing color to mobile devices.

You're right. Everybody copies or at least inspired by others. However, if you are copying, you should do it quietly. Apple has a habit of making a big deal about the copied feature to make people believe they invented it or it;s somehow unique to apple.

The most annoying is how they spend ages saying bullshit like "At Apple, design and perfection matters so much, when we create a product we bring the essence of the new never-seen before, iOs7, along with the amazing A7 CPU that marries perfectly with the essence of our OS."

I'm suprised they haven't copied live tiles yet... And called it "an extraordinary new experience, never seen before"

No one ever makes that assertion, it seems like no one is innocent in seeing what they want while ignoring the rest... =/

That's all they've ever done -- taken someone else's idea, repackage it to make it prettier, give it a arty-farty name and bingo!

Well, I guess the same could be said about MS as well. They saw Apple with their hardware and software under one roof, producing a successful product, and thought "hey, we want to do that too!"

Had nothing to do with Apple. Microsoft saw that Nokia had 80% of marketshare and the only OEM pushing WP. 

Its not new until apple copies it, then most people instantly go, "wow what an amazing new product, polycarbonate?! Wow" blissfully forgetting Nokia has been doing it for donkeys years...


Yes! I hate it when apple "invents" something new and people believe them! Apple could announce the sky being purple and pink and isheep would defend them to their last breathe. Smh!!!!!

True...apple died with Steve Jobs (RIP)...Not that I liked Apple in anyway but, he was really smart..
Apple try to invent something that has not been used a million times already...Crap my old Windows Mobile HP 5450 had a finger print reader...

Came here to say that. The iPod line was popular because it was easy to use and came in various colours. It was a refreshing change to all the black MP3 player devices everyone else was producing. The iPod was more fashionable than anything, as it was technically inferior to other devices at the time (lower quality sound, less options). Producing it in colours made it a must-have accessory. So yeah, if anything Nokia copied them and Apple are just keeping up with the times as they've been in the black & white zone for too long.

I don't mind when apple "copies" nokia/ windows phone features. I am as much as a MS fan boy as most of us here, and have no need or desire to own anything apple related. Apple is innovative and does produce top notch hardware and defined the mobile music marketplace. I do however despise Android. Google, other then innovating web search, have produced nothing original and copied ios, and now some features of windows phone.

Oh, come on.  Yes, they tend to overstate what they bring to the table in rather grand fashion, but if I were in control of Apple's twitter feed, I'd post a picture of all the various colorful apple products (just doesn't happen to include iPhones) as a response, with text like "indeed, you flatter us so", or something like that.  
I mean heck... even Henry Ford allegedly told someone they could have his car in any color as long as it's black, so certainly no electronics company invented coming up with the same product in different colors.
Nokia has every right to poke fun... it fits their character, and they've got the most multicolored lineup in the smartphone market... and in this case, Apple has just as much right to rib them back.  Of course, I wouldn't expect them to, because doing so would bring more attention to Nokia.

Coming from someone who loves Lumias, Nokia should put money where their mouth is. How many colors is the Lumia 1020 in again? Oh yeah, 3 and only 1 is not the standard black and white. By the end of this month, I'll have to choose between the iPhone 5S, Lumia 1020 (hopefully an updated quad core version will be announced), the Galaxy S4, and the Xperia Z1.

Nokia set the trend for colored smartphones and people loved them. This is why Apple is now going the same route.

Apple has been releasing different colored ipods for years... all of sudden becuase they move that business model over to their phones they must be copying Nokia? How do you know Nokia didn't get the idea from looking at Apple's ipod line?

Do u remember Nokias 5110 for an example??? 1998 they released 5110 with tons of colourful shells :-P Nokia dident take the idea from apple ;)

It's their "cheaper" alternative, which has already been wrongly compared to the Lumia 520 by other publications, so I figured I'd throw it in there ;-)

cheaper is the better word.. 
they are not going to make splashes with a 550$ iPhone 5c in India ... 

For the price of two protective cases for the iPhone 5s you can buy a Lumia 520. Nokia should make an ad highlighting that fact!

Its far from cheap. The thing is priced like high end smartphones. This is stupid. This was supposed to be an affordable device, not more than $300 unlocked. $500 off contract is stupid.

This is definitely the wrong strategy to choose for Apple. Soon they are going to be drowned by cheap phones from all the developing markets. When it happens, their relatively better market shares in developed countries won't save them. It's almost like a new Mac vs Windows situation.

That's typically how it is. Apple's groundbreaking "inventions" were mostly made when they were the underdogs in every business. Apple is more or less going the same way as Nokia, once you're at the stop the risktaking gets lesser and lesser, whereas Nokia and MS need to innovate to fight for their position.

iPhone 5C: 599€ (16GB), 699€ (32GB)
iPhone 5S: 699€ (16GB), 799€ (32GB), 899€ (64GB)

it's merely the same class as S4... huh? same plastic, same design, but yes, different OS which iOS made that UI first, and android copied that (at first too).

Love the Heisenburg reference. But yeah, it would totally make sense for Saul Goodman to have Lumia 520s in his drawer--no Hello Kitty required ;)

Yea MSFT and Nokia could've had a good product placement opportunity right there in Saul's drawer or throughout the show.

5C - $549 for the 16 GB version and $649 for the 32 GB model. 520 - $100 with expandable memory card storage. Apple don't stand much chance in attracting price conscious customers moving to their first smart phone.

At least they'll get their OS update on Sept. 18th while some of us are still waiting on ours.

I think the whining is warranted, as rapid OS updates were part of the original promise of WP. Instead, WP is the most fragmented of the major high end phone OSes, worse even than Android.

Do you seriously believe what you just wrote? There are hundreds of versions of Android out there. You're probably just waiting for an incremental update.

Yup, got a 920 just waiting on an update so we can deploy them company wide. Currently it doesn't support wav playback used on our Cisco voicemail system. That is corrected in GDR2.

That was a big deal for me had to have my old android around on WiFi just for VM. The only thing that could make it better is have an option to play emailed VM in ear not speaker. But still better than not having at all.

Is it? Oh man, I need GDR2, then. WP's feature set is downright embarrassing. Blue better come soon, and better be *huge.*

Of course, even if it does and is, I wonder if I'll ever see it on my AT&T L920.

I hear 8.1 update, when ever it is released will have a "Control Center" as well - must have copied :) Folks, I'm just kidding, it's all good! Let's hope MS and the WP team keep their timelines and get a stable release out. I look forward to it! If we could just convince the team to add "nested tiles" though, I'd be a happy camper -

Having owned an iPhone and now a WP, I am obviously partial to WP.  Those people don’t know what WP has to offer.

Cheaper, or not cheaper, the world worships apple and will lap up the new devices while saying everything else is inferior. Just check that moronic cnet review if you have any doubt.

I am happy for Apple. I like their enticing lineup of phones and new hardware and software innovations that will with time hopefully trickle down to our favorite platforms in the future. Go Apple for showing even their most loyal customers that change can be a little more useful and attractive than they may have otherwise originally thought.

not going to lie. the 5c looks pretty awesome with ios7. However, I would choose my 520 over the 5c or even the 5s anyday because i support WP, Nokia, and the MSFT ecosytem.
And ya the 5c isn't so cheap. way to dilute you're rep as a high end phone maker for what will probably amount to little penetration into emerging markets.

That is a great idea. I overpayed bigtime for my 520. Still relatively cheap, but rogers royally screwed me.  I made the big mistake of thinking month to month price was an all-in off contact price. noooope.Learned my lesson buy online next time.

+920 I will never invest in an Apple product again. Microsoft of today are not the Microsoft I grew up with during the 90s and that is such a good thing.

Really? The color choices on the 5C are very poor IMO, way to pale, reminds me of baby toys.

LoL. their quite vibrant actually. The picture in the article is a photograph of a projector screen. Check apples website. Rich Edmonds certainly must have known the comparison was unfair when he posted the article. or perhaps for lack of a better picture at the time.

The only thing i see that is unique about the iphone is the fingerprint scanner.
The 64bit OS and chip is also nice but most games/software are still programmed on a 32 bit architecture.

Um.....you guys do realize Apple has had many iDevices with color options previous to Lumia don't you? I mean, iPod Touch, Nano, etc. have all had color options long before to today's announcement. Plus, I seem to remember that there was an iMac and Deskop way back in 98' that came in colors as well :)
Seriously guys, I love my Windows Phone and my iPhone 5, but these conversations only demonstrate a lack of historical knowledge and a great degree of platform fanatisism, that at times is focused solely on Apple fans as if it's a desease, yet in fact, it's pathetically demonstrated here, too.
Android sucks! ;-)

Going to have to disagreee slightly...I believe Nokia has been using colored phones way into the 1990s long before an Iphone was thought up(or the ipod nanons and touches) and they even evolved their color schemes to the Lumia devices of today and those N devices in the mid 2000s.
It's not a lack of historial knowledge...Fact of the matter is, the OS version 7 has quite a few similarities with Windows Phone 8 not to mention that these iphone 5C(While nice looking) also look just like a Lumia device, namely the 520/521 range from the color and even to the design in some ways.

I seem to remember the Motorola Atrix having a fingerprint reader a few years ago. Didn't catch on because it came from Motorola. Now it will be the cat's meow because iPhones adopted the technology.
Either way you look at it, in the end consumers benefit as useful technology becomes more available.
I'm sticking with my L920 until a much improved replacement is available from MS/Nokia!

Honestly, i think a gold iphone 5s would look seriously cute in a woman's hands. In fact i think its fair to say the 5c and 5s are the most feminine iPhones yet. They must have done the market research just right to appeal to their core customers

Don't forget the "S" on the end! You can't forget the "S". Products are always better when you add a letter to the model name!

In other countries iPhone 5c is NOT a budget phone due to its price lower on just 100$ than original iPhone. Apple pretty failed...

I've watched this, and it's LOL-ed me so much. hahaha
from a username named Mathiasiam, right?

No. Apple in OS, while Google (and Samsung) does nothing but copied all of them into one thing, even the malware copied from PC version of Windows, with the different coding!
Sorry, but that's the truth, and I'm not offending things.

That lime green color looks just like the Lumia 620 in that same color.  Wish the 920 was available in that :)

Well they were one of the first to make their computers colorful. Some of the Macs came out in different color selections when the PC was only beige or black.

Go Nokia! It seems as though they are back on their feet again! Cant wait to see more updates and products soon!

£469 for a supposedly cheap iphone. hahahahahahhahahahahaha apple has no chance to compete with any budget lumia, hell even a 920 is cheaper and its much better.

Yea!! The iPod Shuffle of iPhones is here!! Smaller and less useful than the original and yet still overpriced!

Do we so quickly forget the iPod, which came in various colours. Sure Apple adopted those colours to its phone line a bit later, but they made colorful technology popular.

I suppose Nokia did colorful technology popular, Apple just wasn't stupid not to jump in that train, next year we'll see some toxic colors in Galaxy S5:) The funny thing is they will also call it "innovation".

I remember my 5110 vividly in blue, yellow and red covers. They sold more than iPod did years later.

I hate to say it, as I've never been in the market for any Apple stuff, but Apple did produce the first coherent and popular WIMP GUI and MS has been copying it for quite some time. Rather successfully as well. We can't really begrudge Apple a cadge after all that can we?

Sadly, ATT never has an other colors. I wouldn't be surprised if ATT has iPhone 5C in a multitude of colors while the 920 and 1020 are only available in black and white in stores.

Well, I like to think Apple is purposely commemorating Microsoft by emulating the seventh iteration of their mobile software in pretty much the same way! =D

Its actually clever what Apple is doing, making their low end phone in colours and not their main phone, in the process making Nokia phones look cheap

Sadly with the number of people owning iPhones, majority of people will think a coloured Lumia phone is a 5C

It's not just the colors but the choice of materials as well. Apple did miss the major selling point of these phones, the price point.
Unlocked the 5C will cost 550$ for the 16GB version and 650$ for the 32GB version. You can buy an unlocked Lumia 620 for 200$ on Amazon, the Nexus 4 was half of the 5C price (and the new one coming out soon will probably have similar pricing). You could get the Galaxy S4 Google edition for 650$ (or any highend WP). And that's Apple's idea of low cost?

550 for the last year phone in plastic? Better add 55 for the state of art Lumia 1020, also may be the last high end Nokia out there!

I don't like Apple, but Nokia has no place to talk.

Apple devices are getting iOS7. I can't even get GDR2. Colored iPhones are going to be cheaper, have more options, and better marketing. I bet the iPhoneC outsells any Nokia phone.

Further, Apple has a history of making colored products. IMac, ipods, etc...

Get 8.1 out with Microsoft and start competing. Clean your own house before pointing at others.