Nokia has their own Mobile World Congress app and it's gorgeous [Video]

Although we're in the third (and basically final) day of the Mobile World Congress here in Barcelona, we just got tipped earlier this morning that Nokia has their own Mobile World Congress app. Now there is a MWC app of sorts in the Marketplace called Mobile World Live but it's not very interesting nor of much use for those of us hustling and bustling between events (mind you, there are 60,000+ people here just for this event).

But the Nokia app, as perhaps expected, is simply amazing looking and actually useful. It's super fluid, fast, bold colors and a lot of Metro. The app allows you to view the conference agenda, venue maps offline, latest announcements from Nokia and Explore Barcelona (including how to use Scout).

Nokia's MWC 2012 app

The coolest feature though? The ability to submit an app request to Nokia on anything you see at the conference that you want for Windows Phone. Nokia is always big on feedback and here they're relying on end users to help crowd-source the next big thing. The fact that Nokia would consider building such an app (or working with the developers) is pretty great from our perspective.

So although we're a bit too late to take advantage of this (though others have going by the outstanding reviews) we still want to give a kudos to Nokia for it so that they make another one for next year.

If (and only if) you have a Nokia phone and still want to give it a try, grab it here in the Marketplace.


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Nokia has their own Mobile World Congress app and it's gorgeous [Video]


Nokia is doing so many things its actually amazing to watch.  When you step back and look at just how much they are accomplishing from phone concept/design and release, to software, to marketing ect.
This year is going to be very exciting.  Bring Windows 8 into the mix and I haven't been this excited for tech in a long time.

It's the one reason as to why I haven't yet gone off and bought a tablet. I'm itching for a Nokia Tablet along the same design form as the Lumia 800-900 running WIN8.

Windows 8 got me so excited today that I broke down and bought a slate to load it on.  I will spring for a nice Win8 tablet when they come out later this year/early next year but Nokia is top of my list of interests for those as well as phones.

Totally agree, I fully support Nokia/Microsoft and will definitely continue purchasing their amazing products as well as sharing news among family and friends. Thank you nokia/microsoft for appreciating my apps and sending me that gorgeous Lumia 800

The last bit of the video made me sad "only for Nokia phones" haha at least they make incentives for you to migrate to their devices lol