Nokia hosting 'Smoked by Windows Phone' challenge in Sydney and Melbourne this weekend

Nokia Lumia Smoked Australia

Nokia Australia is planning to host two "Smoked by Windows Phone" challenges in Australia this coming weekend. The two marketing events will take place in Sydney and Melbourne but will contain a twist to differentiate from the generic Windows Phone challenge, according to the team. With Nokia UK challenging the general public with common smartphone tasks to see if they survive or are dared to engage in fearful activities, we could be in for some exciting ideas in Australia.

A cash prize ($100) is available should you manage to best the Windows Phone challenge, but should you lose... we'll have to wait and see - though we expect to see some dares. If you have an Android or Symbian device, the iPhone, a BlackBerry, or even a Windows Phone yourself, you will be eligible to participate - though we're not entirely sure how a Windows Phone smartphone can enter against an identical handset. Fastest finger first?

As can be seen in the above promotional image, the two events are to be held on the following dates:

  • Melbourne - Saturday, July 21st at Federation Square (9am - 1pm), and then at St Kilda (2pm - 6pm).
  • Sydney - Sunday, July 22nd at Bondi Markets (10am - 2pm), and then at Bondi Junction (2pm - 6pm).

If you're not able to make the above dates, fear not as we're sure Nokia will take to the road should the challenges prove to be a marketing success. #NokiaLumiaDare is the hashtag that will be used on Twitter, so be sure to keep an eye out on the tweets to stay up-to-date.


Android Central's Phil Nickinson feels the burn

Are you considering the possibility of heading on down to one of the events to see if you can get some friends smoked and converted? 

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Reader comments

Nokia hosting 'Smoked by Windows Phone' challenge in Sydney and Melbourne this weekend


Wish I could go down or should I say up since im in Tasmania to see other smartphones get owned! Haha but won't be going to Sydney till October :(

Smoked by Windows Phone - would it be Lumia owners who used to hope for Apollo on their freshly-bought Lumias?

I wonder what the deal is when using your own windows phone? I love my Gen 1 Mozart, but my wife has a Lumia 800... I could definitely handle using one until WP8 devices are released.

I got tied for two years with a phone that is very decent today (Lumia 800) but will start getting obsolete this coming Autumn. This didn't have to happen but Microsoft decided to save on me. I'll probably save on them in 2014 getting a decent HTC or Motorola running Android 5 by then I guess.

MS are behaving as if it was 1998, it's not, they no longer control the world of web browsers + operating systems + word editing + ... They left HTC HD2 users behind, many of them (us) upgraded HD2's to Android (we did not get a chance from Microsoft to upgrade it above WM6.5 which is quite ancient now, although HD2's specs aren't), now they're doing the same to Lumia owners. Which will probably lead to many Lumias going Android. MS control a tiny fraction of the mobile phone market but don't really care about keeping their past/present customers extremely happy and very loyal. This will backfire big time, the question is to what degree will that damage their image with their potential new customers. They already seem to have most PC magazines disgusted with their customer-unfriendly practices. I myself am not going to invest in theorem stocks a single penny, it's about as risky as downing a drink offered by a stranger - you MAY be fine or...