Nokia Oyj notifies suppliers of coming transformation into Microsoft Mobile Oy

Nokia Oyj notifies suppliers of coming transformation into Microsoft Mobile Oy

Nokia Oyj, the Finnish manufacturer's devices and services division will become Microsoft Mobile Oy, Redmond's new mobile devices and services division, once the Microsoft-Nokia deal goes through. Microsoft already has its own, larger devices and services organization, of course, but with Nokia's phone business getting merged in, the components that support that business will have to be merged in as well. Nokia has reportedly sent a letter to their suppliers to address just that matter. According to Nokia Power User:

Under the terms of the sale, Microsoft will assume all rights, benefits and obligations of the Nokia Devices and Services business, including Nokia's agreements with suppliers, customers and partners which pertain to the Devices and Services business. Therefore, the purpose of this letter is to update you that the current terms and conditions that you have with the Devices and Services business will not change.

Please note that upon the close of the transaction between Microsoft and Nokia, the name of Nokia Corporation/Nokia Oyj will change to Microsoft Mobile Oy. Microsoft Mobile Oy is the legal entity name that should be used for VAT IDs and for the issuance of invoices.

Just one more step on the long and winding road to Microsoft/Nokia post-merger bliss. If you're all up in the mobile devices and services business, let me know how this affects you!


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Nokia Oyj notifies suppliers of coming transformation into Microsoft Mobile Oy


I got the email too!  It reads:


Privacy, Data Protection and Service Terms Information Regarding the Sale of Nokia's Devices & Services Business to Microsoft





We wanted to share some important information about your data privacy and contracts.


Nokia currently expects to complete the sale of its Devices & Services business to Microsoft in April 2014. With the completion of this transaction, a Microsoft Finnish affiliate* assumes responsibility for your personal data and the contractual relationships for the products and services related to this business. Microsoft cares deeply about your privacy and the protection of your personal data and will continue to collect and use your personal data in the same ways and for the same reasons as Nokia, and you should experience no difference as a result of the sale.


Also, please note that Nokia will continue to run its businesses, including HERE location-based products and services, which are not part of the Microsoft acquisition. The responsibility for your personal data and your contractual relationship relating to these Nokia products and services remains with Nokia. Nokia continues to be committed to the highest standards to protect your privacy and your personal data.


We wanted to give you notice of these changes. Our commitment to your privacy remains paramount. To learn more about Microsoft's and Nokia's privacy policies and service terms, click here. http://www.nokia.com/global/privacy-landing/



You may also contact us at: Microsoft Mobile Oy, c/o Privacy, Keilaranta 7, 02150 Espoo, Finland or Nokia Corporation, c/o Privacy, Keilalahdentie 4, 02150 Espoo, Finland.




Chad Fentress

Vice President, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer



Brendon Lynch

Chief Privacy Officer



* With the completion of this sale, the Nokia Devices & Services business will be part of this Finnish entity, Microsoft Mobile Oy, a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp.



You are receiving this email because of your relationship with Nokia's Devices & Services business. Nokia Corporation and Microsoft Mobile Oy have sent you this communication as part of the sale of Nokia's Devices & Services Business to Microsoft. This email does not require any action by you. This email is coming from an unmonitored alias, so please do not reply.




Copyright (c) 2014 Nokia Corporation and Microsoft Mobile Oy

Nokia Corporation P.O. Box 226 FI-00045 Nokia Group Finland

Microsoft Mobile Oy Keilaranta 7, 02150 Espoo, Finland


Privacy policy



they should have kept the name, nokia has an image of its own

i wouldnt buy a jaguar/range rover if it was renamed to tata

Which name? they didn't buy Nokia as a whole they bought the devices unit so basically it has no name and they should name it and they can't name it Nokia coz Nokia won't allow them to do that but they can use the Nokia brand for phones which are based on S30 and S40 like asha and such and that's for 10 years


It's like if I sold you a phone, I stay Hoss and you stay Karthik

[Line Discinnected] Verizon wireless customer service couldn't get to you today. Try again tomorrow. Call placed: 5:25 PM -- Call Ended: 8:54 AM. Thank you for holding.

No one knows but one thing is sure: they will NOT come with "Nokia" in them, because Nokia still exists as a separate company. Microsoft isn't buying Nokia. Microsoft created a company - Microsoft Mobile - and filled it with employees they bought from Nokia.

READ IT. They license the Nokia brand FOR ASHA PHONES (S40 series) AND DUMBPHONES (S30). NOT for smartphones (Lumia) or anything else.

I do wonder why they didn't just move the employees to Microsoft Oy instead of setting up a new company. Maybe because if Microsoft Mobile Oy does not do well it would not affect Microsoft Oy

That's precisely it. By making Microsoft Mobile a separate company, they'll be able to shut it down or sell it without any repercussions to the main Microsoft.

Well just because Nokia still exists doesn't mean much. Google "made" Motorola phones even though "Motorola" still exists.

Noooooooo please consult it again why Microsoft brand on the phone they have their windows brand everywhere inside the phone

They got the rights for the NOKIA name for 10 yrs...i hope they don't change it..bcs its more than just a brand name here in India...deeply associated with peoples lives...

DJCBS is right here. It is amazing how such a huge misinformation that MSFT have licenced the Nokia brand for 10 years (presumably for all phones) is being propagated. Even in an article that came out today in India 's largest newspaper.

This is stupid. Microsoft Mobile is the worst name Microsoft can ever though of. Let it remain as Nokia. It looks cool on the top or let it Lumia only. I am seriously not in favor of this "Microsoft Mobile"....

They can't. Nokia remains an independent company and so holds the right to their own brand. Microsoft is NOT buying Nokia. Just employees from one of their divisions.

Yet again, Microsoft gets a ten years of license with the deal to use patents and Nokia branding for smartphones.

Agreed, about the brand "Nokia" Microsoft can use to their smartphones......at least this is what they told me from Nokia.

Yet again: READ THE DEAL. Microsoft only gets the license for the brand for phones of the S30 and S40 series (dumbphones and Asha phones). They DO NOT HAVE THE LICENSE TO USE THE BRAND ON SMARTPHONES.
Jesus Christ, why can't people just read the deal...

Okay, but cal you tell me the who says what a smartphone is ? I mean we can say that asha phones are smartphones too.

Did you even read the link I shared? The press release? By Microsoft? Now come and tell me its all a lie because its Microsoft press relase and not Nokia one.

Did you read the legal release from Nokia? The one that isn't a small press blog post but the in depth version that was given to shareholders and the authorities?

I really want you to keep those caps lock on while you search for the wording in this press release by Microsoft. www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/press/2013/sep13/09-02announcementpr.aspx Go to "TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT". Then 4th Para. Then 3rd line. It says very very clearly even for people living in denial that "Microsoft will ACQUIRE the Asha brand (shitty phones) and WILL LICENSE the NOKIA brand for use with current Nokia mobile phone products." That to any one can only mean Microsoft OWNS Asha and license Nokia brand from Nokia. Yet again.

A blog post? Jesus Christ.
Here: http://i.nokia.com/blob/view/-/3006738/data/3/-/Proxy-materials.pdf

Point 3. Page 8 of the pdf file.


"Nokia will continue to own and maintain the Nokia brand. Microsoft has also agreed to a 10 year license arrangement with Nokia to use the Nokia brand on current and subsequently developed Mobile Phones products based on the Series 30 and Series 40 operating systems. After the Closing, Nokia would be restricted from licensing the Nokia brand for use in connection with mobile device sales for 30 months and from using the Nokia brand on Nokia’s own mobile devices until December 31, 2015."

Part of the reason why some might have misunderstood this agreement, is because, Nokia calls their ASHA phones as smartphones as well, while it's nowhere close to being called so. Many are half a**** feature phones which don't even have a WiFi.

Hey man, in all your comments you come across as really intelligent, and I love reading your views and analogies and ripostes. But on this one, you have got it all wrong. If you read thoroughly the PPT for the Sep 3 2013 announcement, you'll see that MSFT has licenced the Nokia brand for 10 years to use it only on S30 & S40 series phones.

Here we go with this again. I'm sure its going to be something short so it doesn't take up the whole top obviously.

Let us keep faith. Nokia won't disappear completely and in 2016 they can just buy Jolla and return to the phone business.

They can simply call them Nokia Jolla. Or turn Jolla into their own Android skin. Or even use Jolla as a separate OS. Who knows? If I could predict the future I'd bet on Euromillions and buy Nokia myself.

Do you know what's funny ? If they start using Android, Microsoft will get money from them as many of truth e current Android OEM are doing... Damn even Apple can sue them.

Unless Microsoft actually gets the Nokia X software in which case, if Microsoft develops Android phones, they'll forfeit that.

Also, Apple can sue whomever they wish. They just have no grounds to sue Nokia (and they've settled their differences quite a while ago) ;)

I don't think they will be coming back to manufacture devices anytime soon. I wonder what Microsoft is gonna do with Nokia X :)

well since. they're doing everything they can to bring Google to the ground. they could give it to OEMs who are using Android to use Microsoft services on Android instead of Google's

No one thought Alcatel would return and here they are ;)

I don't think Microsoft is going to get the Nokia X line at all. It's not part of the deal.

Actually, judging by the recent Nokia job offerings where they searched for Android architects to join their R&D division (which remains with Nokia under the "Advanced Technologies" division) I think Nokia will keep the Nokia X platform with them. Even if they can't release new phones until 2016, they can release smart wearables.

How sure are you the Nokia X was released by the D&S division and not the R&D division? ;)

Since you don't work for Nokia, you don't know that either.

The name "Nokia" is also now a sunset name so Microsoft should drop that as quickly as they can from the Asha line - as a dying name, it has bad vibe.


1 - Jolla is made of ex-Nokia employees.
2 - Jolla uses Nokia's services such as HERE
3 - Jolla uses Nokia patents
4 - Jolla was financed by Nokia itself.


I think they have enough reasons to buy the company back into Nokia.

Yes, Nokia should buy Jolla because it's such a roaring success and will help Nokia back to what it was in their glory days. But then again, maybe not.

Yes, it's funny, but also sad, that people actually think Jolla is THE answer to Nokia rising back up again.

Actually, here's an interesting thing that tech blogs seem to overlook (or don't understand): The D&S division of Nokia will NOT be merged into Microsoft itself.


"Microsoft Mobile Ltd." is a separate company from Microsoft. Which means two things: 1st, they will operate separately from Redmond which can be a good things; 2nd that at the same time, if they can't profit either, it will be way easier to just shut it down or sell it.

I don't use Cortana (not in the States and I don't want to keep changing regions just to toy around lol) =P

At any rate...well, there goes "One Microsoft". Probably that concept went out the door with Ballmer.

Nope, Satya is doing well with this vision and it will only get better as OS cores and services merge across Microsoft.

Nadella is doing a good job so far, but one thing is merging OS cores and services...other is merging divisions. That will most likely not happen as this "Microsoft Mobile" shows. If anything, Microsoft may send the Surface teams into Microsoft Mobile. But it will be an autonomous company, even if 100% owned by Microsoft. Legally they are *not* Microsoft but an independent company.

In that sense, you don't have "One" Microsoft. This is what some shareholders of Microsoft wanted them to do with Xbox too. Take it out of Microsoft into a separate Microsoft company. It's also what Sony did recently with their TV division.

I see this as a good thing. In two ways; msft can let their devices go on without annoying investors at thier ears, and all device company has to do is break even. And msft mobile can have the freedom to do what they want like a start-up with unlimited budget. All they have to is breakeven.
Investors are like 'sell them'. Msft like they are not losing us money put they put windows in homes and in people's pockets. Plus they can experiment all they want, like high-end nokia devices. It will still be one msft has msft service will be on all their devices. And according to msft earning report, device and hardaware are in its own devision. They move over into a private company that do not have to listen to them darn investors.

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Oy/Oyj is the Finnish equivalent of Ltd. I just hope they don't imprint that on the newer phones though. I don't know how I would feel about seeing my phone and reading 'Microsoft Mobile Oy'

Nokia Oyj still exists. As has been said many times before they have simply sold their mobile devision to Microsoft so nothing should change in that respect.

OMG! Don't you ignorant retards understand Nokia hadn't sold Nokia? It only sold a part of it's business division. Nokia is still alive and healthy in the form of NSN, HERE Maps and Advanced Technologies. You belong to sites like GSMArena. Go comment there such -_-

Allow me to redirect that to you too sir...

I have made this clear over GSMArena, iBGR, Pocketnow and phonearena nth times...

You know, WPCentral readers aren't entirely to blame. This very site has more than once led people into believing Nokia was being bought by Microsoft.

Add that to the fact that many of them don't bother to read the articles entirely and you have the recipe for disaster.

Yeah. And it sucks big time. But hey, it's Easter. Nokia is European. Hence, lets hope that they, just like Christ, also resurrect. If not in 3 days...3 years ;)

Yuck. Even though they retain the same software, I would not even consider another windows phone that is not Nokia branded and i'm sure a lot of people will think the same thing. WP had gained traction, now see it flop.

Microsoft has licensed Nokia brand for another ten years under this deal so they will use it for a while before slowly killing it.

I hope you're right man. I grew to love WP and would hate to give it up even though this 8.1 update made my 620 lag and stutter like an android.

Read the deal and have left a copy for you to read and understand too, in one of the comments above. Let me know if you need help with acquiring and licensing terminology, maybe not very legal terms after all ;)

Well...so long then. I've never understood the logic behind buying, or in this case not buying something because of its brand name, disregarding the fact that the talent behind it remains the same.

The fluidity of the OS was the main reason that I switched from android. The other reason was that Nokia made them.

I like HTC and Sony's android phones. But for WP, it has to be a Nokia for me. I considered an 8X before buying a lumia and the dealbreaker were nokia exclusive apps.

Unlike what you have been told, no Microsoft will NOT release smartphones with the Nokia brand under the terms of the current deal. Microsoft will only be allowed, for 10 years, to use the Nokia brand on phones based on the S30 and S40 series (that's Nokia's current dumbphones like the Nokia 208, and Nokia Asha phones).

Hahaha how many times did you have to say this now? :P

I still think this is a stupid move, most people I know buy Lumias because it is Nokia... But I trust that a company like Microsoft did some research, and they know what they are doing...

I got into WP because of Nokia (Lumia 710). Then 928. Have no idea what's my next phone will be. iPhone or some Android I guess. But not soon. My phone is still alive w/o one scratch on it))

There are rumours that Sony is preparing Windows Phone devices. If they indeed come to existence, I'd highly recommend them. Actually, I recommend you Sony regardless of the OS. They're the only ones that can decently replace Nokia. ;)

But I believe even Sony won't be as dedicated as Nokia when it comes to Windows Phone. Maybe they will end up like HTC or Samsung. The first priority for Sony will still be Android I guess.

If Microsoft can successfully live up to the expectations people have from Nokia especially when it comes to the quality of devices, I might consider buying a MS Phone by their name without the Nokia branding. But they have to prove that they can do it like Nokia.

I, for one, am happy to see them keep the Nokia employees as their own division, that way they can operate as themselves instead of getting absorbed into Microsoft. I enjoy Microsoft's hardware very much, but Nokia's D&S division is more agile and quicker than Microsoft.

They're doing more than that. They're leaving Nokia employees in their own COMPANY. "Microsoft Mobile" isn't a division of Microsoft. It's a Microsoft owned company.

For now.  Similiar to Microsoft Studios and Skype.  But eventually they'll probably be integrated in fully which will bring the hardware and software even closer.


That's assuming they can make that company profitable. Which, given WPs low penetration (4% Worldwide isn't much no matter how you turn it) will be a hard task.

What does percentage has to do with profitable. Htc has 7% and they still not profitable. Office 365 has about 5% of the total market and is very profitable, so i do not get your point.

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Here's the deal: you DON'T pay yearly for a device. If you had to pay 99€ each year to Microsoft to keep using your phone, it'd become profitable. That's why Office is profitable. Because it's a year-on-year product. So, even though Office 365 represents a very small percentage of the Office profits (thank God!), those few they sell get Microsoft profit year after year as long as people use it.


HTC with 7% isn't profitable on a market where the biggest player is Samsung with less than 65% of the Android market. While you could say "But Microsoft will hold the over 90% of the WP devices that are currently Nokia" you should remember that Microsoft Mobile is a company going forward. In a mobile World without Nokia. Which means, a mobile world without the company that attracted consumers to the platform in the first place.

There are two scenarios possible in the future for Microsoft Mobile:

1 - They can't at all grab the people who bought Nokia and even if they manage to keep a few, many consumers will go away either to another WP device or to Android/iOS once Nokia is gone (which is what I think will happen in markets like Europe where the reason WP devices sell is Nokia and nothing else);


2 - Microsoft Mobile manages to prevent the forthcoming bleeding provoked by the disappearence of Nokia from the stage, and manages to grab even more users to WP.


In either scenario, having Microsoft Mobile as a separate company is benefitial for Microsoft.

- If all goes according to Ballmer's lunatic dreams (scenario 2), then great, it means they manage to put Microsoft Mobile to profit and Redmond won't have to transfer so much cash into the company to keep it running because it can self-sustent. Which means more profit for Microsoft's shareholders.

- If everything goes as expected (scenario 1), then Microsoft can just shut down or sell Microsoft Mobile and that will not have negative repercurssions on the profits obtained by Microsoft shareholders since the shares will not devalue as much as if they had placed Microsoft Mobile within Microsoft itself.

Man, talk about down on a company/brand.

I mean I get that most people have little interest in MS doing well, but man, is it really so bleak that now its all over? 

I mean it seems clear that you aren't really a fan or like MS' stuff, but surely MS has a chance to make this successful considering all the changes they are going through and the recent events that sure seem to offer positive signs of a more aggressive MS that wants to do the right things. 

If MS can continue the strong pace that Nokia has laid out with quality phones and an OS that pushes forward, I don't see why Europeans, etc would not be open to keep using a WP device.  I know brand loyalty can mean a lot, but its not always the be all, end all of reasons.

This does not have to be a sad day.  Those same people at Nokia that worked so hard to put out the phones people love will be doing that for MS now.  If MS lets them do that, I would want to see them suceed and want to support them, regardless of the name attached.  That's the part that makes me hopeful about future phones from them.  I know they have talent there. 



So same innovative technology, same people, same everything... but they simply change a name and that's what's going to stop you?   You don't deserve such a beautiful piece of technolgy if that's the case.  If it said "Nokia Poop" you'd probably buy it.

The "innovative technology" remains with Nokia, actually. Nokia retains the Research and Development division that made all the "innovative technology". So, Microsoft will have to deploy their own research teams ;)

To be fair, MS has a pretty nice R&D division. 

Regardless, MS is gaining the same talented employees that Nokia had, so I think its a little sad that we start throwing them under the buss just to make MS look bad. Plus, MS will still be working with Nokia, using tech that they developed, going forward. Things like their focus on camera tech, etc may still be a huge focus for MS.

I mean geez, how about we let them put out a phone and then decide, why the quick rush to downplay any chance of doing well?

i was pretty sure ms bought out most of their patents, if so why not just use their own R&D department to materialize these things?

I got that email as well. Sent it in once I saw it. Good to know very little is changing so far! I'm stoked!! (Yep, said it again ;))

I don't think anyone likes the number scheme anymore.  Plus from a marketing standpoint, people have a hardtime remembering it.  it's better if they use shorter names with small incremental numbers (like Microosft (company) Surface (line) 2 (model), Samsung (company) Galaxy (line) S3 (model), etc.

Only in the USA people have a problem with the number scheme. The rest of the World lives pretty well with it. However, people around the World are used to the numbering systems on Nokia. Not on Microsoft.

The Android fanboy will very happy when they think Nokia is dead. But they're not understand yet. How about this stupid story?

It's actually a little "ahhhh - lame" for a moment, I'm happy they made alot in Windows Phone, but I wouldn't say a no to a Nokia Android phone with all that features and ofc them to stay an OEM in this world of mobile phones manufacturers, not just a company that sold them self to Microsoft .. And about Android, don't get me wrong but I'm actually more interested in their products like Outlook, Skype, OneDrive, One Note, Office, Fresh Paint, ... Than WP itself.. All loaded on my tablet, and I barely use any Google products, only Google+, YouTube, Navigation rarely.. After I went to Windows Phone, as it seems more logical as I also use Windows with all that native MS apps.. But I kinda started to be careless of what OS it is as long as I have MS products on, so Its nicely synched to my Windows.. Which works very well and actually better sometimes on Android hah but ok.. So for the first time I care about their products more than the OS.. For WP I hope it gets better and smoother in the future yes.. Would be nice to see Nokia apps for everyone haha :D .. Anyways where is the Goldfinger now or new 1020 I wanted that! :)

Edit: But now as I go back on my WP8.1 and see how smooth is it, I fall in love with it again :D only thing missing is a little more developer work so messaging apps works better and that apps load faster and stays fully loaded until you swipe them away :D

I feel bad but still okay with the removal of NOKIA... but MS please if you wanna change the name just don't make it Microsoft Mobile because that will look UGLY on the phone ! Just make it Lumia or something similar. pleast no Microsoft Mobile... 

I wonder how they will market this change in name across the world. Maybe "Nokia Lumia is now Microsoft Lumia/(anything)". I feel that if they remove Nokia from the branding, they should come up with their own unique name to replace 'Lumia' as well.

Also if the Nokia branding is removed, what will happen to the support that Nokia Care centers provide currently? Will it remain the same for countries which lack a Microsoft Store? If Nokia Care Centers refuse to assist a Microsoft Mobile device, I shall rather switch to Android.

Microsoft should get rid of the Nokia name as early as possible. It's a sunset and dying brand and has bad vibe.

It is actually the only reason that WP still exists: without the name Nokia, WP would have died with WP7.

And that proves that Nokia is indeed dead or dying because even with the Nokia name, WP is still nowhere where it should be.