Nokia to launch six new devices at its Abu Dhabi event next month; includes new Lumias

Abu Dhabi

Nokia will be looking to unveil six new products at its Abu Dhabi event next month, according to a report over on The Verge. We'll be looking at two new Lumia Windows Phones and four other devices that could include the Asha feature line. Sources familiar with Nokia's plans also tease that a range of new accessories will be announced to compliment the main show.

So what's everyone looking forward to regarding the event? The 6-inch Lumia 1520 will be high on the list, which will introduce 1080p and Windows Phone 8 GDR3. The Verge also notes that a "large range" of form factors could also bring something even larger to the table, like a rumoured Nokia Windows 8.1 RT tablet - the Lumia 2520.

It'll be an interesting event to say the least, especially since we'll be seeing Nokia's devices division integrate into Microsoft next year should the deal go through. Could the company be planning some fresh hardware before being sold off? Most definitely. Fear not if you're not around to attend, we'll be on the floor at the event on October 22nd to bring the latest from Nokia World 2013.

Source: The Verge


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Nokia to launch six new devices at its Abu Dhabi event next month; includes new Lumias


Come on Nokia, give me a Lumia with a 16:9 screen

I know its an odd issue, but its a genuine deal break for me

i mentioned that because it has to do with the 16:9 screen ratio. i wasn't making a list of its features. go home nokia fanboy

I know right? Who knows how much time in life I am wasting. I probably lost 560ms just typing this post!!! I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!

Was just down in Mexico for two weeks for my honeymoon - everyone had Nokia Asha phones, in cyan nonetheless... There were several Nokia Lumias that I spotted and several Samsung Galaxys but not many iPhones until our second week at the all-inclusive which meant a lot more Americans and British.
It was nice to see so many Nokia phones - hope it keeps up

Probably the 1520 and the 929 or whatever the non-VZW version is (930?) It's 3 days after Win 8.1 gets released, so wouldn't be surprised if the tablet is on the docket as well. Leaves 3 Asha phones.
Whatever. The 920/925 will serve as midrange phones with the intro of their successor.

I wish they release the rumored 5 inch Lumia with 1520 specs globally.

6 inch is too big for most people. It will be even more niche device than 1020.

There was 26 million phablets sold last quarter. 35% of smartphone growth came from phablets last quarter. Over 30% of all smartphones sold in China and India were phablets. China that is world largest smartphone market. 
That's no niche. Especially as those are the markets where Lumias actually sell, not NA that is just above Africa. Europe, Asia and South America leading Nokia's sales and revenue. 

But you also have to remember that it has been the budget phablets selling well. On a recent visit, it was the Samsung Galaxy Grand and not the Note II in everyone's hand. Grand is essentially an SII with a bigger screen.

That said, Nokia has it down with the increased size in the budget range. Still, a pretty important device as it is the only worthy contender for the Note II.

I agree. A 5" Lumia please! I'm very interested to see the 1520, but I don't think a phone with a 6" screen will work for me.

This. If they release it I might have to steal an upgrade from a family member, otherwise I have to wait till April to upgrade from my Lumia 900.

I think I've had my mouthful of announced and yet to be released accessories in India, no thanks. I am only looking forward to the devices which are gonna be announced.

Yeah .. It's idiotic how accessories never come to India and the ones that r released go out of stock within weeks

Why announce a US-only phone in the Middle-East?
I'm hoping they announce the phone in which the 929 is based and that that phone isn't the L1520.

Probably the 930 or whatever they call it, then VZW announces the 929 at a seperate smaller event a few days later.

Not going to happen any time soon, but would love to see a Snapdragon 800 powered Lumia 1020 equivalent, with 2gb / 64gb as default. Hopefully that means faster image processing, maybe slow-mo video recording, faster burst mode, etc.
I know WP8 is supposed to be very fluid and not lag much, but using a L620, there is certainly a lot of lag.

Otherphones with the same chipset have slowmotion recording. So that feature is a software thing. The upgraded processor will have to wait till prob june if microsoft releases an update to the 1020.

I know it does. Not too sure if the OS can actually make use of the 2GB full time though. I just wish that the L1020 already came with S800 SOC.

I second it.. But then let them get rid of all the old stuff. let them bring new stuff and have a new execution straterfy like Apple.. HAve one big shop in china and do it.. Reep the profits. Let MS deal with all the current ones.. they have money.

Now that's the future I'm looking forward to. For now I'm on T-Mobile quietly waiting my turn to "JUMP" on that 6inch Phablet.

I'm hoping that one of those devices is the 5" one with 20mp camera. The L1520 is way too big. I can deal with phones up to 5" but bigger and they become awful to use.
So here's hoping for a L1350.

As for the tablet...honestly hate the idea of calling it "Lumia". Seriously hope evleaks is wrong on this one.

I disagree. Mainly because you don't have the amount of Galaxies as you have of Lumias. For their first tablet, they should go with a different name. Again, it's the "Nokia" brand that will sell it, not the "Lumia" one so...

I think they should drop 8xx series as it's not needed and it doesnt sell much, make 7xx the mid range specs. So i hope a new 7xx with snapdragon 400, 1gb. Also keep the 4" size in 5xx as it fits for most people,especially for ladies that tend to like small devices. Who knows if there will be a new 5xx coming, just give it 1gb ram and a new handsome form factor, same price then it will be fine.

The young ladies at my job either have Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 2. The older ladies have iPods.
The girls I rolls with don't fancy the iPhone. They love my ATIV S but not willing to buy unlocked, so may be this 6in wonder will do the trick.

How about taking care of your current customers !!!!! And releasing gdr2 & amber updates. For the Lumia 820 & 920 on at&t .there's a novel idea for you

Come on, Chin-up. At the very least we probably can buy outright from Canada (Rogers) and hook it up without contract.
I'm hoping T-Mobile gets this though, since the Wife would not be receptive to me spending another $600 on unlocked phones like the ATIV S in February.

I think this will be the last major Nokia event before the Microsoft deal is finzlied, no wonder they are annoucning so many devices.
Sadly, the Lumia 1520 will be the last Nokia flagship before the Nokia brand disappear forever from the mobile world.

Sweet this will all be revealed on 22nd cant wait as sweet as my 920 is the prospect of a quad core powered windows phone with 2gigs of ram 1080p screen is to awesome to ignore

I'm not sure, but isn't the 10/22 also the launch day of Windows 8.1 and the Surfaces. There must be a reason why they changed the Nokia-Event to this date. Would be great if they would manage to ship the devices on same date. I'm sure they will also launch some Tablets. Maybe even a 8" one.

I think of that country as incredibly rich. I don't know if they are, but I like to think of them that way.

Nokia Lumia Mouse
Nokia Lumia 6450P Color Laser Printer
Nokia Lumia 600T HDTV
Nokia Lumia 1200CC Scooter
Nokia Lumia 7300S Washing Mashing
And... *drum rolls*
Nokia Lumia 5AM-TH1N6 Microwave

TBH I am more interested to see what's coming in GDR3, I am still rocking my 920 on T-Mobile and quite content with it.

Don't hope too much from GDR3 since it's a minor update. GDR3 allow Full HD 1080p, etc... and fix some bugs

Oooo do you work for Microsoft or Nokia? TBH no one knows what the hell will be included in the update till its announced.

Enough with the LARGE phones. Can't they make a good, normal sized phone with all the goodies?

I expect to see a nice 8" inch tablet and a good low end Lumia with 4-4.2" display accompanied by the the large 1050 phablet.
That's the smartest move they can make in this situation. Mini tablet would be tempting for a lot of people this holiday season, phablets are popular and many customers around the world would be happy, while a decent cheap smartphones are their greatest success to date (e.g. 520) and those will get them the most attention.

Realistically we're looking at the 1520 and 2520 Lumias and 4 Ashas.

Hopefully we're looking at the 1520, 2520 and a revamp of the 1020 with improved performance and a larger 1080p screen... And 3 Ashas. This is unrealistic based on the age of the 1020 though. As for the 5.3-5.5" phablet with a plenoptic camera, it's not expected until February next year.

And I'm calling it right now, the "innovative" and "pretty special" accessory is a foldable solar-panel for charging on the go. In bright daylight you can easily get 2-4 W out of a 0.01 m² panel. Make it larger and suddely you have super-charging or charging during indoor lighting conditions. This is comparable to the standard USB 2.0-charging which gives you 2.5 W.

I hope Nokia introduces a budget phone, say 525, which will again fetch profit for Nokia worldwide, before they get sold off. 520 sells like anything and 525 would be a nice addition to that. A little bigger maybe.

If I were to guess....
1 tablet based on winRT 8.1
2 Asha phones, probably one being the solar phone that they talked about last year, and the other being a cheaper non-solar variant.
3 Lumia devices. One will be the 6" monster 1520, another will be a 900 series refresh (929? 940?), and the last would likely be a low end device of the 600 or 700 varieity. I wish that the 3rd device would be an Intel based device, but I imagine we would have heard something about that by now if it was.

But those are just guesses.

The phablet (Lumia 1520) and tablet (Lumia 2520) are basically already guaranteed. And I would guess the accessory they want to hype us up about is a portable solar charger (it's hard to implement solar charging on a tiny phone rather than having it as a portable accessory). I wouldn't be surprised to see a new budget phone in the same spirit as the 520, though I'm slightly surprised nothing has been leaked about it. The rest are likely to be in the Asha-line.
What I'm really excited about is the speculation about the dingey (jolla) sailboat on the promotional picture. If Nokia release a high-end device using Sailfish, it could usher a new era for the future Nokia when they are once again allowed to release smartphones under the Nokia brand in 2015. Sailfish is made by the old Nokia MeeGo team, and can run Android apps. And on top of it all it's an open source platform - it's a dream for enthusiasts!

I've just been thinking. We've seen two people sailing with a dingey (Jolla in Finnish) and we've seen a guy parasailing. Unless they're toying with our emotions we may actually see Jolla's Sailfish OS on one or two devices along with the 2 Lumias (1520+2520) and 2 Ashas.
It's either their way of going out in a blaze of glory (Note the #blazing) by helping their Finnish brethren Jolla out as their last act in the mobile industry, or they'll return in 2015 when they are once more allowed to produce smartphones under the Nokia brand, but using Sailfish OS!
For those of you that don't know, Sailfish OS is a modern mobile OS with a beautiful UI, light on the performance, capable of true multitasking, based completely on Linux, fully open-source and capable of running every Android app there is! It's the perfect Nokia OS!
I'm so excited to hear what it'll be!