#2InstaWithLove Windows Phone

Nokia listens as they release #2InstaWithLove Instagram app for all Windows Phones

When Nokia started their campaign to help let the Instagram know the dedication of Windows Phone users, many were quick to point out that Lumia owners did not represent the whole community. Indeed if such a campaign is to be effective, we would need to enlist presumably everyone to help post photos with the #2InstaWithLove hashtag on Twitter and other social networks.

Nokia has evidently seen the light as that app is now available for all Windows Phones, including our Samsung ATIV S and HTC Radar.  Of course, there was nothing unique to Lumia hardware that prevented the app from running on other OEMs so this was a simple change in the Store for Nokia.

The #2InstaWithLove app allows users to snap photos and apply an Instagram-like filter to their pics. Afterwards, users have the option to share that photo on social networks with “#2InstaWithLove” as an embedded hashtag, likewise, Nokia may feature the image in their gallery.

There’s still debate about whether this is a campaign to convince Instagram to allow a Windows Phone app or a campaign to build hype for an eventual Nokia-release of an official Instagram app or both. Regardless, the app itself is free, and truth be told, not half bad.

Windows Phone users can download #2InstaWithLove app for Windows Phone (both 7.x and 8) here in the Store. Thanks, Chiranjeeb J., for the tip!

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Nokia listens as they release #2InstaWithLove Instagram app for all Windows Phones


Yep. And if you search #2InstaWithLove on Twitter, there's actually a ton of users using this. I mean a lot. Like I'm talking a photo shared with that hash tag once a minute.

Yeah, I post a lot of these. I also post them on my instagram account, using my tab 2. There's even a 2instawithlove account on instagram.

The @2instawithlove Instagram account has 119 follower so far in just 6 days... Lets see if we can get it to 1000 by the end of the month by sharing it with all!

Does this app work on 7.5/7.8 devices. It hasn't come close to being accessible for my lumia 900 each time I've gone to the app link. Always some weird error code

Maybe its an hint that Instagram isn't coming for WP7.x (if its coming) and hence WP7.x don't need to tweet asking for it ;)

Thanks for the tip. Searching directly in the market seemed to solve the problem. It might be of benefit to add this recommendation to the article if people have any trouble attempting to download the app from the WPCentral app download link.

This just adds to the fact that there's no reason to get a Windows Phone that's not a Nokia. Nokia fills in the gaps that Microsoft doesn't doesn't even try to fill.

Lol, no it doesn't. I am on t-mobile so no option on 920 and definetly not swapping to A$$ for a phone..lol
**That would totally suck if Nokia opened up to all, got the #s they needed, then get a Nokia exclusive app with other wp8 users help..lol

I can't speak for T-MO. 
I can speak for ATT and say its been hit or miss with these guys the almost 6 years I've been with them. 

Note that I didn't specify a model number. I just said a Nokia. Nokia as a brand is contributing greatly to the platform.

Well, Nokia Lumia's comprise of about 80% of all WP market share, so the Xtra 20% from the 'other' oems like HTC/Samsung probably wouldn't make a difference to Instagram.

Guys it obvious its coming. Now its release to all phones..the it "genorates" more awareness...the petition they have has so many sigs.. Its obvious it just to hype us up for the release

Do a search in the marketplace. That bypasses the link in the WP Central app. The link is broke for certain devices.  Why? I don't know. This is the only one that hasn't worked for me.  But doing a search in the marketplace allowed me to download the app.

I'm gonna download and use it just in hopes it brings Instagram to Windows Phone. Then I won't have to hear about it anymore. Lol

What do you enter as the search criteria in the Store? I tried #2insta and insta but no hits on this app.

It would be pretty hilarious if the campaign works and we get an Instagram app... Exclusive for Nokia devices.

I'll join the campaign, but not because I need instagram.  I just want to get it coming to WP to make everyone else happy.

I searched the #2instawithlove hash tag last night. I was surprised how many photos there are. Would be cool to get it trending on a regular basis (if that's possible, don't know how trending works).

I just don't get why there is so much hype about instagram, who bloody cares! Its just a photo effect app or am I wrong? There are much more useful apps that could be being developed, surely.

It is a social network that a lot of athletes and bands use. I thought it was silly until I used Bluestacks to get an account and started following some people using Instacam on my phone. Now I want Instagram.

So I guess this app's existance proves that there is currently no version of Instagram being developed for WP8. The other alternative conclusion seems a bit far fetched I think.

You can work on the app all you like, if the API's aren't released to the Dev's you'll just end up with an Instagram viewer.  If you look in the Marketplace, Instacam and Metrogram are just missing the API's to upload to IG and to comment (they used to have it, then IG revoked it).  The shell for theses programs are done (InstaCam actually lets you download a picture from IG, instead of having to screen cap and crop). 

Well this app is pretty pointless other than the fact it may get Instagrams attention. Ill do my part and post a photo daily on twitter.

Nokia should just provide support for Windows Phone, no they should just buy the platform off Microsoft.