Nokia Lumia 1020 launching September 17 on Telstra in Australia, Optus later

Lumia 1020 Yellow

The Nokia Lumia 1020 launched as an AT&T exclusive earlier this summer. We knew it would come other carriers around the globe, the only question was when? If you find yourself down under in the land of Kangaroos you’ll be getting the Lumia 1020 in less than 2 weeks. Details after the break.

Nokia Australia has just shared a press release detailing the carriers and other info around the launch of the Lumia 1020. The device will be 4G enabled, pack 41 million pixels, 2GB of RAM, a dual-core Snapdragon processor and more.

Telstra customers can get the device first, starting on September 17th. It will launch with an RRP of $899 AUD. Next up are Optus customers getting the device on October 1st.

Here’s how it’s going to break down overall in Australia if you're interested in the device.


  • Black Nokia Lumia 1020


  • Black Nokia Lumia 1020

Harvey Norman

  • Nokia Lumia 1020 in black, white and yellow
  • Nokia Wireless Charging Shell in black and yellow, which will be available in October
  • Nokia Camera Grip in black, white and yellow, which will be available in October


  • Black and yellow Nokia Lumia 1020

Dick Smith

  • Black and yellow Nokia Lumia 1020

Don’t forget to check our review to see if this device is right for you. We do have GDR3, 1080p screens, and the Lumia 1520 right around the corner.

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Source: Nokia Australia, Via: techAU


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Nokia Lumia 1020 launching September 17 on Telstra in Australia, Optus later


How's it work down there? The press release said Telstra and Optus are offering black, but you can get different colors at Harvey Norman. Can you pick up a yellow 1020 from HN and use it on Telstra or Optus? #clueless

Yeah, that's what I did with my Lumia 920. Bought it outright at HN and put my Optus SIM in and away we go.  I don't know why black is the only colour available for both carriers but it sucks for those who want a bit of colour on contract through a carrier.

I'm on a plan with Telstra and entitled to a free handset upgrade, when the 920 was released we at least got white aswell as an option. Hopefully we'll get more colours a bit later

Be forewarned that if you get your 1020 through Telstra, you WILL NOT get Data Sense... Only outright models will have it for Telstra...

If I remember right. Harvey Norman had an Australian exclusive with the blue 920. Telstra made it available months later though. Maybe HN have a deal going.

Nope, think you got your facts mixed up a bit.
Harey Norman never got the blue 920. Telstra quietly added the blue colour on a couple months after the 920 launched.
Harvey norman got the grey 920 from launch. Nobody else in the country got the grey model. 

You can buy the phone outright at Harvey Norman and use it on any network. The other option is that Harvey Norman is also an optus retailer so you should be able to sign up for a contract with optus at Harvey Norman and get the colour you want. For example the 920 was always a Telstra 'exclusive'on contract but you could quite easily pick it up at Allphones or Harvey Norman on an optus contract. I actually picked up a 925 at Harvey Norman a month ago on at $60 optus plan, 24 months which included 1.5gb data, free unlimited sms, 600mins of calls per month and they gave me a free ps3 with it! Not bad considering if you went through optus directly it was the same deal minus the ps3. In Australia there isn't any difference between the mobile networks in terms of compatability of handsets unlike say att and Verizon in the usa. The only hurdle is sometimes phones are 'locked' to a particular network which can be easily removed

Almost no difference for handset compatibility. Cheaper phones like the 520 don't cover all the 3G bands (850, 900, 2100). The 520 doesn't do 900Mhz, which is Optus' main 3G band, so misses out on most of Optus' 3G coverage. Nokia 620 and above cater to all 3G bands on all networks. Not sure what the story is with 4G though.

There are sometimes limitations for NextG though, which is on a band specifc to Telstra. All the carriers have 3G and HSPA+ so it doesn't make much difference these days. 4G might be the deciding factor though as I'm not sure if Optus or Vodafone are there yet.

The problem is Sam, that some of us don't want to buy it outright. We want to have the handset subsidized on a plan. So its black only for us :(

They are barely subsidised now days anyway, if you look at the difference in value between a BYO plan and a Contract plan, you will see there is a huge difference, in fact if you got in through interest free repayments at Harvey Norman you would probably be better off if you cannot afford to buy it outright.

I pay $15 per month on top of the BYO plan to pay for my 920. Telstra said if I pay $220 I can upgrade to the 1020. That means I paid a total of $400 for my 920. Last I checked the 920 was over $600 new. I say that's a better deal than interest free at Harvey Norman would have been :)

For the record, HN have had the Lumia 920 at $488 for months now... So actually it wasn't that great a deal for you, especially if you wanted a specific colour... I have mine pre ordered at HN already (in Yellow) :)

Now isn't a year ago mate. It wasn't 488 when I got it a year ago :P so it was a good deal

Sorry, I have edited my post, it was supposed to be the 1020 is $899. Also I have no need for Data Sense. So for me, paying $360 for my 1020 is alot cheaper than paying $899/$833 just to get Data Sense!

That's a tad over the top... The 920 was NEVER $899 outright here in Australia... And for the record, the 1020 will be $833 at launch through HN... I upgrade my handset no later than every 6 months (usually 3 months) and I generally get one phone subsidized on my plan every 2 years then sell it when I buy my next one to recoup most of my expenses (or give to a family member or friend)... The 1020 however, I will be buying outright as GDR2 Handsets from Telstra WON'T include Data Sense (outright ones with a Telstra SIM Card do work for Data Sense though)... :)

Sorry, I have edited my post, it was supposed to be the 1020 is $899. Also I have no need for Data Sense. So for me, paying $360 for my 1020 is alot cheaper than paying $899/$833 just to get Data Sense!

No worries... I just found out tonight that Nokia are giving me a free 1020 anyway... So I guess that is an even better deal... (^_-)-☆ Cancelling my pre order tomorrow...

You do know there are many BYO plans available that are far cheaper than the plans offered with a phone on contract? You can save heaps of money buying it outright, going on a plan that is more than half the price cheaper per month whilst offering the same and if not more inclusions than what the plan with the phone offers. For example, I'm on the same network (Optus), same phone (Lumia 920) and have the same inclusions on my plan as my friend and yet I save more than $1000 than him over the course of his contract (24 months) because I bought mine outright. And I'm not even locked in to a contract, I can pick up the next best deal whenever I want and save even more. Plus you get data sense.

I am on $60 plan, BYO is $50. I save $240 over 2 years. Device subsidized so no saving at all for me (sorry, I save $7 over 24 months) and have to pay up front. And also, aren't outright 920's still waiting for GDR2. I got that last month.

+1 I pay $15/month ($30 for 60 days) on pre-paid and can change phones anytime I like. I paid $600 outright for my phone. My mate has the exact same phone, but couldn't get it for less than $75/month on contract. My total cost after 24 months is ~$960, while his is $1,800.

Yeah, all phones will work with all carriers - typically they're all quad-band nowadays. There might be some variation with 4G and Telstra's "NextG" (like 3G+) bands. You have to buy a Telstra version to get their specific NextG band, but any phone will still work on their network and default to standard 3G. I'm not sure about 4G LTE, but it's basically the same story.

Harvey Norman is a 3rd party store, so the phones which go there are totally unlocked and carrier blind. Same thing with regard to AllPhones. 
AllPhones also resells Optus and Vodafone plans, and they sometimes create their own plans even when a phone is not officially available on Optus or Vodafone through a 24 month phone payment plan ontop of the carrier plan.
Australia doesn't really have "exclusives" for the reason that the law here can be interpreted as it being anti-competitive. By exclusive, I mean a "contracted" phone being LOCKED with no option available to unlock it. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission once ruled that even DVD players which are "region" locked are anti-competitive because it means Australians cant buy cheaper DVDs online from other nations (unsure if that was upheld). 
I will likely buy my Nokia Lumia 1020 through either Harvey Norman or AllPhones, because I use a provider that uses the Optus Network without a contract ($39.90 with unlimited standard calls, unlimited text and 4GB of data).

Even carriers don't always lock their phones. My phone is direct from Telstra (completely Telstra branded), but it was unlocked from day one. I didn't have to ask for it to be done.

Thought wrong =P Until November 2013, it's still Nokia. Then, IF the deal passes the shareholders, the Finish authorities and the European authorities (along with other authorities like the US and Chinese ones), THEN and only THEN it's a Microsoft Lumia. ;)

I just read Nokia's press release.
Nokia is allowed to start making mobile devices under their brand Nokia again by dec 31 2015.
They have not sold any of their patents, they have only licenced them to MS for 10 years non-exclusively (can licence to others too or use them themselves).
Microsoft HAS (not can) to licence the Nokia brand for their feature phones (probably to keep the brand alive).
MS will pay additional money to Nokia for a 4 year licence of Nokia's HERE service.
Hope is a powerful thing. ;)

T'were this an Au site and the US was seemingly mentioned as an afterthought, you might be inclined to say the same.

I'm also on a plan with Telstra got the yellow on release, but no yellow means no upgrade. Going to buy it outright, even if it means forking out more cash but goddamn yellow is nice!

Just entered a contest to win a 1020 with my Bing points, would be nice if I won. I would sell it on here for only $500. Wouldn't that be nice of me. This is like therapy. Who needs an imaginary friend.
EDIT: for my fellow WPC brothers $499.95. Because I love you guys! You owe me one.

I'll keep my solid red L920.. It's only lacking one major feature and I think it looks better... The 1020 is definitely not worth me spending $500 when I already have 95% of one... I'll give him $50,, that's my final offer❗

Pre-ordered my current 920 black from expansys.com.au , but was hoping Vodafone AU will have the 1020 red or yellow (now that they are not glossy), will have to go HN or expansys again if Vodafone takes to long

Wish i was in US, cause then i would have picked up the 1020 with free camera grip from Microsoft Store

Fucken aye. Finally. There is a Nokia launch event tonight in Moore Park so finer details on colour availability should emerge shortly..

You can't, it is for selected people only (specifically Nokia Retail Partners)... But I'll be sure to let you know what happens if you like...  ;) LUMIA 1020 HERE I COME!!!! :D

and I'm stuck on a plan for another 12 months. well Maybe the 1030, 1130, or 1230 will be out by then.. 
(dreams of 4.5", 4.8" and 5" 41MP options)

hey guys bit off the topic ever since the amper update my 920 has been really glitchy any suggestions on how to fix this???

I had reboot issues since purchase, update did not resolve, phone reset bricked, so i flashed and no issues since then, also got surprise by getting GDR2 included with the firmware flash, awesome, 4G also working now

I bought mine unbranded, have since flashed GDR2 myself and now wait eagerly for HN to have the 1020 in stock.. shame no cyan, i'd rock the shit out of that colour!

I would like more info on the L1020 carrier options in the UK. Still don't understand why there is such a huge release gap between the different territories, i know there will be some because of network testing etc but even so, i want it i want it i want it!

Considering its ONLY telstra, I would say it's their own, branded, firmware isnt working/ready. Im pissed cos i preordered mine from them and they had months to get this working. Ah well.

I got a message from Nokia Australia saying that they have a small software update to do then it will be available. But no idea how long. They just said they would have it available as soon as possible.