Nokia Lumia 1020 parachutes into Dubai, literally, in new breathtaking video

What’s cooler than the yellow Nokia Lumia 1020? How about some people skydiving over the “OMG is that real?” city of Dubai.

Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is not too far from Abu Dhabi where Nokia will be in a few weeks for Nokia World 2013. With sprawling skyscrapers, the mega city claims 2,106,177 residents and it is home to the Burj Khalifa aka the tallest manmade structure in the world at 829.8 m (2,722 ft).

The video, which was just posted by Nokia, was shot entirely on the Lumia 1020 and features some brave folks jumping out of a plane. Strapped to one of the parachutists is a bag emblazoned with “Nothing else comes close” and we even see a flag unfurled with the same logo, while the gorgeous Dubai is seen below. In the meantime, some cool folks on their motorcycles meet up with the jumpers to transfer the Lumia 1020 package.

The video wraps up with the Lumia 1020 being handed off  to a gentleman, noting that yellow Windows Phone has arrived. At the very end of the ad we see a mysterious man roll down his car window with a teased “To be continued…”.

The video is certainly one of the most exciting ones we’ve come across and Dubai is a fairly major metropolis to get the 41 MP camera phone. We’ll hopefully stop by the super city in a couple weeks when we take a break from Abu Dhabi. Can’t promise we’ll parachute in though!

Source: Nokia UAE (YouTube); Thanks, Abdul S., for the tip!

Update: In comments, reader of the site 'aboodesta' shared his video of this event. See a behind the scenes look below!


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Nokia Lumia 1020 parachutes into Dubai, literally, in new breathtaking video


For the record, I'd totally jump out of a plane over Dubai in a heartbeat. Woudn't even care if the chute didn't open...!

Nokia, make this happen, lol.

Fun fact, I said middle east, not Dubai. Dubai is successful because of its location in the heart of the oil rich middle east. Take that oil away and your vacation destination sits in a pretty troublesome place.

Dubai is using their money to build up infrastructure, especially in education, to prepare for that. It's a fascinating region.

Oh puhlease Daniel! I was also fascinated by Dubai until I made a trip late last year. Then, my perception changed dramatically about Dubai and the whole region. The money they have is mainly from oil and black money stowed away by corrupt politicians, celeberities and underworld from South Asia and Africa 'coz Dubai offers ample protection for money laundering... those money is not hard earned by any innovation or honest work... They treat women like $hit, absolutely no respect for international labor laws... they import cheap labor from India, Pak, Bangladesh and take away their passports, throw 10-15 of them in a single room apt and use them like slaves in construction site with only few hours of rest a day and no holidays.. how else can you build all those tall buildings? no outsider can buy property or start a business. you can buy a 99 year lease and sell that lease to someone else for a profit, but can't buy anything outright. You need a local Arab with 51% stakes to run any biz, so there's lot of dummy owners who gets a big payout every year for just being a local. No outsider can ever become a permanent resident or citizen even if you are born there. basically, absolutely no sense of fairness in the society.
And for tourism? there's absolutely nothing to see besides the tall building and the desert. If you are from NYC, you've already seen the tall buildings. It was friggin 115 deg during the day last Oct and 90 at midnight. and here's the best part, the law requires you to have a 'license' to drink a beer in your home or hotel room or even in a bar.
 but, I hear that Police ignore that law mostly unless they want to fu&$ you.
they're investing on Education you say? I toured their tech park and education park. I have a friend who works there for 16 years. all I can say is, It's a joke compared to what is called as "innovation/research" in the western world.
There... I set your expectation right for your upcoming trip :-)


yeah... no... They are actually way to smart to just depend on oil. They would be just fine on tourism alone

Can't be a smartxxx All the time.
And...Dubai is awesome. Those palm islands are crazy and look beautiful from a plane. And the two Burj's are spectacular.

Lol u mad bro's? I been to Dubai. Worked in Doha, Qatar for a year which is an hour flight. Ironically one of my buddies wanted me to go skydiving in Dubai but I was too pussy. :)

Oh yeah my other Dubai connection is a Russian chick I dated while working in Russia who last I heard was now a hotel restaurant manager in Dubai. :)

Great vid but @:25 sec you see a non-1020 helmet cam setup and then those people jumping out later.  It seems like that part is not shot on the 1020 (despite it saying it still is on the overlay) and is a little nit-picky but considering the last debacle with the reflection of the camera rig in the van instead of using the 920, I would think they would just say "No other cameras allowed!"
Anyways, I love my 1020, my 928 and my N8!