ATT Lumia 1020 Inventory

Nokia Lumia 1020 shows up in AT&T's inventory

There's little debate that AT&T customers are in line to get the new Nokia Lumia 1020 and we've received another sign to confirm just that.  The Lumia 1020 is now being listed in AT&T product inventory and has been assigned a SKU number.  Our anonymous tipster also noted that the Lumia 1020 has been seen in the hands of AT&T employees for testing.

The inventory listing also confirms the black, yellow and white color options that we saw with the Microsoft inventory sheet  the other day.

We are still expecting the Lumia 1020 to be available at the end of the month with an out of contract price of $602. Contractual discounts haven't been announce but will surely reduce the pricing significantly ($199 maybe?).

Remember Thursday Nokia is set to officially announce the Lumia 1020 at the Zoom Reinvented event and hopefully pricing and availability will come into sharp focus. And if you're in New York City on Thursday, remember the Zoom Party that Nokia is going to throw that evening.  We'll be at both events and will bring you all the news and coverage possible.

Thanks, anonymous, for the tip and screen grab!


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Nokia Lumia 1020 shows up in AT&T's inventory


I'm sorry, but I refuse to buy this device unless I can get L920 red.. Yes, its that important to me, and it just doesn't make sense that Nokias last 3 devices have been COLORLESS❗

I think it's because colors aren't selling as well as Black/White and sticking to three colors will be easier for Nokia.

Wasn't cyan best selling color of 920 on ATT? And yellow was impossible to find because everyone kept selling out. Shame really.

But, red is most definitely a top selling color.. I've seen more red, and cyan L920's than yellow.. That can't be the case.

Yellow Lumia920 are hard to come by , Lumia920 in red are everywhere and since the front of this phone is identical to the Lumia920 , I think they choose the Flashy yellow instead (Yellow stands out miles away :) )

I want this to be in Cyan, but I suspect that Nokia is realizing what sells versus what does not. Making the different colors inevitably hurts supply for colors that sell better due to a split in the manufacturing line somewhere (likely at the beginning).  Hopefully they can strike a nicer balance by simply limiting the number of painted shells of the less selling colors, but that still clearly means the other ones are not being made.

I have a red L920 but using the yellow Nokia OEM case. I'm actually enjoying the yellow better than the red. Anyway as long as they got different color case, I'm happy. Of course we all gonna use case anyway.

I'm thinking what might be running thru editors minds at the verge about the possible score to give. Another 8.1?. Downsiders would be lack of choice in colors, bulge because of sensor and no built in wireless charging.

^THIS! They don't even hide it anymore. They criticized the Lumia 925 because it didn't have different color variety. I know Nokia usually uses color but to do a critique on color is ridiculous and very biased.

actually if you follow Tom Warren (the guy who usually does the WP reviews) on Twitter or read his articles, you'll know that he is basically the ONLY one from the V that likes WP and MS...

I'm not sure if it'd a worthwhile jump for Tom. If he jumps ship there will be no one to write about Microsoft at the verge. Also, he isn't limited to write about Windows Phones either, he covers a broader world of Microsoft.

That is sad but true. Another thing there is that WP phone reviews never stays a day longer in their highlight tiles at top whereas Apple or Samsung devices get to stay a week there.

Well they'll also complain it's not an iPwn or a Fallaxy and that it "only" has 100k apps. That should be good for a 6.1 on their skewed scale...

160k apps... but yeah, wouldn't surprise me if they misquoted 100k.

Granted, The Verge did own up to iOS7 being a blantant copy of WP.

Yeah, don't worry about the V too much.  I usually just add 2 points to whatever they give to WP phones and I'd be right on the money.  Watch this, suddenly the camera will not play such a huge role on the review scale.  I'm still laughing at their review about the 925 for lacking color variety or 920 for looking too much like its predecesor.  Really? Funny that doesn't seem the hurt Iphone reviews.  Also funny is that ever since adroid phones left the Iphone on the dust specs wise, specs stopped being such important factors on reviews.  Nevertheless, I thank everyday that Apple didn't come up with NFC, Wireless charging or a 41mp camera first cause we would have never heard the end of that Magical vision.  Still, I respect Apple for pushing us this far as that encouraged competition that brought about the 920, S4 and the rest, so I hope they bring their A game with their next phone.  Now let's just hope Nokia do not dissapoint on Thursday and they present the new phone with better energy and momentum that previous presentations.  I'm still hopping that they'll be offering more than 32gb for the so called 1020. Cheers,

Can you believe that the iPhone 4, yes the model that came out in 2010, still goes for $450 off-contract? It's beyond absurd.

Dude I just sold my brother's shattered iPhone 4 on eBay for 250$. It was working but the entire phone screen was cracked....ridiculous!

600$ off contract but locked to AT&T right?
I don't see the Eos selling in Europe, without a carrier attached, as is practice, for less than 700€ (that's around 800$) if the specs you mentioned (41mp and 2GbRam) are accurate.

I bought a 920 late last year for $450 and have been using it on Straight Talk ever since. In May, when the exclusivity deal expired, I was then able to get it unlocked (I got a code but haven't put it in yet... I don't have a non AT&T SIM card...)

It seems to be a 920 with a fancier camaera and more RAM :/. I wanted a 5"+ screen. I love using the ATIV S because WP deserves a large screen but no ATT LTE kills it for me.  Anything smaller than 4.8" is just too tiny. 

You should thank ATT. Without them, who knows if Nokia is able to penetrate the US. The other carriers are just waiting for a carrier's lead. ATT taking that chance. Now Verizon got 8x, L928, etc, and tmo got L925.

I think ATT is really good. I was on Sprint for well over 10 year and I will likely never look back. Their service has been great the few times I had to deal with them. Not sure what all the hate is about. Poor coverage, price? Personally, its been great for me.

no red. im trying to justify letting go of my beloved 920 for this but lack of red, amd it looking like a clone of the 920 with a backpack and still 4.5 inches and with the rumor of a 925esque successor to this with larger sçrwen n the horizn... hard for me to say.
but i'l be tere in ny thursday to see it for myself

Maybe they'll have a red charging shell for it?  You could have a two-tone phone.  867-530-ni-ee-iinnee.

There's no reason to switch from the L920 to this unless you're a photography enthusiast or one of those photographer-wanna-bes who can't take good photos with the 920 (or any other) and blame the camera for

Fail. The reason enough for me is the zoom. I'm not photography nut, but most of the times I take a picture I wish there was a zoom. No more wishing. Instead, I will join the crowd and wish away the Other storage bug...

Too much trouble and too slow. Most of my pictures are of my kids. The moments come and go quickly. The camera has to be fast and equipped to handle as many situations as possible. Plus, I'm certain that the time I wished I had the zoom attachment the most would be the time I forgot it in the car...

Exactly❕.. I want this phone, but I can't give up my red L920.. Its just that beautiful, fun.. I won't consider this phone until I hear that it's going to be offered in RED❕

lack of more colors (if true) is bad. One of the reasons why so many people like Lumia was color choice. Would've been nice if they offered some new colors if they getting rid of old ones. Very light blue, green, purple would've been really nice.

I just want the fucking Bluetooth on my 920 to work correctly.
Also, the Vs only real complaints were too heavy and ecosystem. which are true with the latter changing everyday.
I would rather have an all aluminum 909 that wasthinner than the 925 with the same camera.....oh and functional fucking BT.

Buy this and then the successor!

If people wait til the next phone their might not be one due to lack of sales.

And while you're at it, starve to death because you feel obliged to keep corporations in business!

(btw, it's "there")

I agree too, but if they make it 99, they'll take considerable market share from Apple if they succeed in marketing the hell out of the 41mp beast before the next IPhone comes out.

Or because people play with it and just don't feel happens but the media doesn't hate windows phone or they wouldn't cover it ever.

I had iPhones as well Android and I was able to switch easily, and never looked back. But it just seems like the industry always have something negative about WP.

Not Wp, Microsoft as a whole. Anything they release nowadays is destined for scrutiny and criticism no matter how good it may be.

3 of my 5 lines are up for upgrade.  If it hits $99, I'll be upgrading 2 lines, at $199, I'm going to only do one.  I'm really hoping for $99 so I can get accessories too.

Will wait till later this year for bigger & better screen. 920 is good enough for now, but its a great upgrade from anything else.

If this goes for $600 off-contract and $199 with contract, it will be the biggest subsidy Nokia has ever gotten for one of its devices. It's still not up to the ridiculous $450 that Apple gets, but it means an extra $50 profit per unit for Nokia.

Instance works just as well if not better and the developers worked hard on it so lets support that 

Instagram is useless for this phone.. its meant to hide the shitty IQ of numerous devices out there by adding all sorts of silly filters on top of the image, but with the EOS.. you would be practically ruining those pure pixels with some shitty 3rd party software..

If you want to do some editing, I am sure that Nokia will bundle their editing software, or better yet, use your PC.

I would stay away from instacrap

As a lot of commenters have suggested, the $602 looked like AT&T's cost, not the off-contract retail price for the consumer.

ditto, I was probably going to pass up the case or maybe get it later...if this thing was gonna go for 199.

but lo n behold, I will be holding my yellow 1020 in about 3 weeks!

As rad as this phone looks to be, it's probably smart to get it after GDR3 and/or the next Nokia update. There are sure to be bugs in that bad boy at launch.

Wait till Thursday... Maybe there will be a surprise or two... Remember all the hidden features we found out about when the l920 was unveiled❔

I know I bashed the hump on previous articles but the yellow makes it look so sexy. Just hate the overuse of bezel. I think it has to do with the HD screen. I may not be able to resist this. But we'll see. I may hand off my L920. Though I am trying to resist and wait till end of year. Its time for Phablet and 1080p screen.

Colors could cost a lot to produce and distribute in different markets. So maybe later nokia would add more options or just sell separate shells in variant color

I have been waiting for this phone since I heard about it 1 year ago on the grapevine at work. I will be upgrading from a 900.