Nokia Lumia 1320

Nokia Lumia 1320 and 525 expected to launch in India tomorrow as Nokia sends out media invites

In media invites sent out today, Nokia India has announced an event tomorrow for ‘The New Chapter of Nokia Lumia story as it unfolds in India.’ While the invite does not share any specific details, we expect Nokia India to launch Nokia Lumia 1320 and Nokia Lumia 525.

Nokia might also swing a surprise by launching their maiden tablet - Nokia Lumia 2520 - since it has been listed on HomeShop18, a popular online retailer in India, with an expected availability of fourth week of January 2014.

Nokia India

While the Nokia Lumia 1520 was announced last month and is available in stores, at the annual Nokia Strategy Summit a couple of weeks back, Nokia announced that the other 6-inch phablet – Nokia Lumia 1320 – would be launched in the first half of January 2014. The 1320 will be available in orange, yellow, white, and black.

The company also announced that building on the huge success of the affordable Nokia Lumia 520, the next variant of the same – Nokia Lumia 525 will also start selling in the country in the first half of January 2014. The 525 will be available in gloss orange, white, yellow, and matte black and with changeable shells.

Nokia Lumia 1320 is already listed on Flipkart, India’s leading online retailer, although there is no information on pricing or availability. Both phones are listed as ‘Available Soon’ on Nokia India’s website.

We'll be there at the Nokia India’s press event, and will bring you the specifics on pricing, availability, and everything else.


Reader comments

Nokia Lumia 1320 and 525 expected to launch in India tomorrow as Nokia sends out media invites


Ooh. I already have 1520. Maybe 1320 will be a surprise for mom. I dearly wish Nokia 2520 will be made available!

Pretty sure 2520 will come...i had seen a post from Univercell on fb abt the 2520 asking ppl to stay tuned around 2 weeks back...i had tipped wpcentral too...:/

Let's hope so. Well,you know how it is with wpcentral. They are deluged with tips everyday. We have to give them some slack!

Hopefully Nokia wont price the 2520 absurdly. I still don't understand why Microsoft did not release surface tablets in India.

Because Microsoft cannot see past USA... They are not searious about succeding outside US thats why.. still they have so many US/UK specific features that don't work outside handful of countries...

Not separate app icons bro..... Documents can be pinned to start in WP8 now..... Just touch and hold any document, you get an option to pin to start...... That's what you see there.....:) However colours are a bit odd.....

L1320 is a good mobile.. But with only with 8GB storage very bad... :(

Does it support installing apps on SD card??

You can give it as a new year gift to me ;-)

But on serious note, L1520 has no equal as of now in Windows Phone :-) these are just budget friendly mobiles bro :-) not a competition to L1520 :-)

That's great news :-)
If they price them sensibly just like L1520, I can see that those phones will fly off the shelves :-D

Yes i am expecting the same. If Nokia keep it below 12k than it will be a great surprise as i bought my 520 in 10k.

Posting on the internet doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot express yourself well.  Especially if your line of work is writing.

They will set the initial price a bit on the higher side then within 2 3 weeks price cut would be there. Same old nokia policy of pricing.