The Nokia Lumia 1520 goes on sale SIM free in the UK

Lumia 1520

We announced a short while back that the Nokia Lumia 1520 was available in the UK to pre-order. The day it goes on sale is now here and folk wishing to pick up the monster 6 inch Windows Phone can do so SIM free at unlocked-mobiles.com for £549.98 (inc VAT) for the 32GB version (about $900 U.S.). As an added bonus you'll also get a £20 app voucher that can be used during the lifetime of the phone. 

Clearly the price isn't cheap, but you are getting a lot of smartphone for your money. With the UK mobile networks offering more and more attractive SIM only contracts - SIM free handsets seem to be as popular as ever. With rolling 30 day contracts you also have the option to switch networks if the need arises - with only having to give a months notice. 

The main features of the Nokia Lumia 1520 include:

  • Stunning 1080p HD screen – seamlessly combining both work and play
  • 20MP camera – capture amazing images, edit with Refocus and document your files using Nokia Storyteller
  • Additional 3rd live tiles column – access even more of your favorite apps from the home screen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor – faster downloads of your files and games
  • 7GB of SkyDrive – free and secure cloud storage to access media files anywhere
  • Micro SD support – allows for an additional 64GB of storage

If you've been waiting to get your hands on the SIM free version of the Lumia 1520 you can do so from the link below. Feel free sound off in the comments if you get one and give us your impressions? Also - what's your color of choice - red, black, white or yellow? 

Order the Nokia Lumia 1520 from unlocked-mobiles here. 



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The Nokia Lumia 1520 goes on sale SIM free in the UK


Has anyone here used unlocked mobiles.com not sure if there good or not it sais they will have it in red on the 18th should be anyway

Yes I have used Unlocked Mobiles and they were fine did next day delivery and are based in Birmingham near me. Although I do find them pricey

Pricey? There offering the 1520 at its. Cheapest price point unless there postage is outrageous perhaps? Birmingham's not far from me so that's good :)

I preordered it in white but I haven't seen anything about it being in stock. Anyone got an ETA on the white 1520 sim free?

Ah right was trying to find out if there safe to buy from since iv never orderd from them before they state the red 1520 stocks in on the 18th the white is the same they only have black in stock dude

I actually gave up on them after I found out that media market had a shipment of them come in. Had to pay an extra but it was better than waiting.

Media market? Least you got it in the end ill see if they have the red in Wednesday im still not sure of unlocked mobiles there webpage looks unprofessional looks like a ten year old designed it just a bit most reviews say there good though despite that

Went all over Birmingham and Solihull to use/buy one, not a single store had one and in one store a sales adviser said "What's that?"

Funnily enough, I had that same experience last year when I was enquiring about the Lumia 920. At an EE store. Who had the device exclusively. I'm surprised they didn't try to flog you an iPhone instead. (Or did they?)

Last year with the 920, I tried 6/7 EE shops then I found a shop taking a delivery at that moment so I got one fresh off the van :)

Went to o2 to buy it today and the guy was telling me its not released yet. Despite the entire internet saying uk release date is today. No indication as to when on earth o2 will get it. All they would tell me is that it will be in red. Getting so sick of waiting!

I don't know about unlocked, maybe. I'm hoping its available on o2 refresh. The thing is every website I've seen has said its retail only. But the guy kept saying check the website! I wish i could get some actual clarification from o2.

Red is expected at Clove Uk around the midle of the month. Vodafone (through Carphone warehouse ) are the only company with contracts. Saying that none of the Vondafone shops have any but Carphone warehouse do.

That's good to hear im only interested in the red 1520 unlocked contracts aren't my bag each to there own type thing :)

Pre-ordered from Unlocked Mobiles a week or two back. Supposed to be delivered in the next few hours. Commence the hype!

I am far too tempted by this phone but am going to try to hold out for either a 5" version (The 929 was 925 in the UK so hopefully the 929 will get similar treatment) or a 1025 that would hopefully appear in early 2014. Looking forward to seeing some unboxings and user comments!

Of course if I see one in person and fall in love with it I may change my mind. ;)

Wow!!  I can't imagine paying $900 outright for a smart phone.  I guess that you do what you have to do.  I picked mine up here in the US for $199 (didn't bother changing my order to get the AT&T one for $99).  Yeah AT&T charges a premium on a monthly basis to get you anyway so I guess it just feels better to pay just $199 or $99 on contract.

However, what's more important is that I absolutely LOVE this device.  I never thought that I'd ever watch shows on my phone - hello HULU!!  I just can't put this device down.  I gave my 920 to my son and each time I pick it up, it just feels too tiny.  I honestly don't think that I can settle for anything smaller.  It does NOT feel clumsy at all nor is it too big.  It is just perfect.  Please do NOT be concerned about the size anyone.  If you enjoy consuming online content, this is the perfect device.  I am a t-shirt and jean kinda guy and I have yet to have an issue carrying it.  I pop it in my back pocket and go (it does stick out a bit above the pocket but who really cares)?

The ONLY issue I have with the phone is the 16GB internal storage (here in the US).  I immediately purchased a 64GB memory card for mine to store all pics, vids and music.  However, after installing all of my apps, I now have 3GB left of internal storage.  If I were a gamer, I'd be in trouble.  You guys are getting the 32GB version so you essentially are getting the perfect phone.

If you can afford the off contract price, close your eyes and give 'em your credit card.  Once you bring it home, you're going to fall in love with it immediately.  The only challenge is that you're going to have a hard time putting it down - I know that I can't.

Awesome. I have the 920 (awaiting it to return from sending it back to Nokia for repairs) and the longer I don't have the 920 in my hands the more awesome this phone looks to me. I would definitely get the unlocked 32gb version because i like the extra space and the wireless charging. I am looking at possibly getting it from http://negrielectronics.com/ but at 840 dollars, man I don't think I can pass that by the misses so close to Christmas as a present for myself. LOL.

here in the UK it's worth to pay for phone yourself and then u take SIM only contract for example from Virgin £10 montly. And on top of that u are not bind to anyone. Can change phone or contract anytime. Taking phone on contract you paying actually far more :(

I have been trialing the Lumia 1520 (in red) for the last week. I have to say, its a beautiful device, I struggle to go back to my 920 now, it feels small....

Want to know more, check out the @NokiaAtWork Twitter feed, they have been assiting with our switch experience.

Im waiting for the 1520 in red myself currently use the 920 in red trying to follow the trend of the colour scheme no place has it yet only black & white

Its up on o2s website at last but as coming soon. £50 upfront on a £37 month contract on o2 refresh. Just wonder when soon is. Hopefully soon.

Walked all Oxford Street, Nokia 1520 no where to be seen. I think it's too early to say that it is available in the UK and online you could have it earlier anyway.

Yes, but you wont' get LTE speeds, just HSPA+.  I decided to stick with the AT&T version since I didn't want to pay an extra $200 for Qi charging and lose LTE.  I put a 64GB sd card in mine and got the $50 Windows Appstore gift card promotion which is currently still available through the MS store online only.

Thanks for the info, have to agree with you, I love Qi wireless charging but $200 more? Not worth that much

Risk? They offer a year warranty or two year though be warned there Nokia 1520,s etc come from Hong Kong so i question it myself