Nokia Lumia 1520 render leaked, showing off huge display

Nokia Lumia 1520

The popular Twitter profile Evleaks has released a full render of the Lumia 1520, or "Bandit." Previously publishing a screenshot, showing how the new Start screen will be configured on a 1080p display, we can now spot that very same screen capture in the render above. There's not a lot new in the image, except for the rear of the handset where there's no 41MP hump.

Rum: 8

We'd always recommend to take this with a pinch of salt, but the Twitter account has been fairly accurate with leaks in the past and we can't see why the above render couldn't be the Lumia 1520. Just a quick recap on how this Lumia is going to be beastly, we're looking at a rumoured 170mm by 88.9mm device, with of course the 6-inch display.

We'll keep our eyes glued to the feeds and sources for more details, but it's certainly a Windows Phone we're excited to see hit the shelves.

Source: Evleaks (Twitter)



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Nokia Lumia 1520 render leaked, showing off huge display


Drop it on the corner and then tell me that. Otherwise it's durable but the curved glass busts when dropped on the edge more than straight

Dropped mine many many times with no case... No crack or nothing.  Maybe I am lucky... is this what happened to your 920.

I accidentally threw mine smack right into the wall when I tried to catch it as I dropped it. It bounced of the wall hit the floor and stayed there spinning. I was certain I would have a dead phone or atleast split/scratched up screen. Only visible mark left on the phone is a small indentation in the upper left corner.
Two weeks later it fell out of my pocket again and got slammed between the car door as i slammed it shut. Two small scratches for that... I´m probably lucky, but It sure also has to do something with build quality. 

Uhm. no. you are incorrect. In order to make the glass curved, it has to have more thickness to the glass. therefore it makes it more durable.

It makes it fragile on the edges not the middle. Test this by dropping a 920 on the corner and watch your phone screen fall out.

Dude go look at all of the cracked screen threads, the majority dropped it on its corner and bust the screen. I'm not trying to shit on your parade but there is a flaw in curved glass and plenty of people that shattered their screens proved it's weakness is edge impact which is one of the more frequent ones when dropping your phone.

I have accidentally dropped my 920 a handful of times onto either concret or steel plating and each time it was a corner drop with no damage to the screen at all. The corners were all squashed and jacked up, but no problem with the screen. I recently replaced the shell going from red to yellow because the original red shell was so messed up and looked fugly. 

He's talking about the edge of the GLASS, not the phone. I'd chalk it up to bad luck, but I dropped my 920 on concrete from about maybe 1.5ft(lap height when sitting) and the edge of GLASS made first contact and I have a cracked screen. Dropped from higher many other times and casing made the contact, no big deal. Everything has an achilles' heel somewhere, and for 920 I think it's the edge of GLASS. (notice how I cap GLASS everytime?)

Im sorry to "bust" your bubble, but you're wrong. Just because the glass is curved doesnt make it weaker or less durable to shocks. Its the process in which the glass was made that matters. Go to the Corning Gorilla Glass website and read about said process before blurting out what you think to know is fact.

While you may be correct, which I know you are, you are REALLY awful at arguing/convincing. The majority of all cracked screens, flat or curved, all happen on a corner. I have a 8X and a 920 and dropped both numerous times on corner and neither have cracked. It IS TRUE that curved has a higher possibility of cracking, but all phones has an increased chance on cracking via corner impact. I'll take my chances for asthetics, after all thats what warranty is for.

A 925 with polycarbonate mixed with the 920. I hope they pull if off nicely because the 925 is a elegant device.

That does not make any sese! I you're going to wait for the 1840 you might as well wait for the 1845 with alluminum shell. 

<tasteless humor>
Yes and no, and proud of it. (In short: Finland fought with the Wermacht, not the SS)
And that is why I'll be waiting for the 1945. Because that's how long grandpas held it together.
</tasteless humor>
Actually, the minute that thing hits the shelves...

Indeed, However, this photo confirms what is wrong with a WP phablet. I think Microsoft should add the ability to turn the start screen in landscape orientation. Phablets are fun to use that way.

I love the wide screen, which is why I own an HTC instead of a Nokia, but I think that screen is way too busy. Unless they add a way to tone down the number of tiles, I'll be sticking with 1280x720. Hopefully manufacturers keep making high end 720p phones.

Yah hopefully coz the battery will make me ruin on a 1080p display which it doesnt make much difference on a 720 p

Isn't that the awesome thing of Live Tiles though?  If you feel you have too many and they look busy, then just resize them to larger sizes.  Thats actually how I envision my start screen, except for the top bar.  I want 6 small tiles on top bar for phone/text/email/IE/market/drive.  And then the rest is wide or normal size tiles.

Agreed.  I like the larger screen, but not the fact that the tiles have been sized in a way where the screen is this busy.  In addition, it's a larger screen, yes, but the tiles are actually smaller than their counterpart tiles on the 9xx/8xx screens.  I don't like this.

Based on the scaled renderings, the largest tile on the "bandit" will still be smaller than the current medium tile on the 9xx series phones. Seems like more "stuff" is squeezed onto the screen, but it'll all be less useful. Seems counter to the live tile concept.

If the screen is really 6" and using the same scale as 720p (1.5x) the size of the tiles will be similar to 620's tiles.. 

Here's a crazy concept, WP allows YOU to resize and place the tiles how you want. So what is displayed in the render can be changed. Mind blowing, isn't it?

Just because the space is there doesn't mean you have to fill it. I already have some gaps on my 920 home screen.
I find this terribly busy, I hope Nokia come out with some better press shots than this cos it's getting (rightly) slagged on places like Engaget for looking like a dogs' dinner.

You can customize the number of tiles and size of tiles (the 3 sizes that is). A user can make it as "busy" or as simplistic as they want. 

If I had a 3rd column of tiles, I think I would utilize only wide and medium tiles and forgo the use of any small tiles.  Like you said, its just way too busy and looks a mess.

Looks good.
MIcrosoft better get his stuff together and add more features to the OS.
Hardware is not an issue anymore and with Nokia it never was actually. The HD support was because of lack of support in the OS.

I agree to an extent. That is why I dislike the iOS home screen, even with folders, you still have a cluttered mess of icons. At least you can pick the medium or large tiles if you don't want the look of about 50 small tiles littering your screen.

Um you can customize the tiles the way you want the home screen to look. Beautiful or cluttered, its up to you. That's the beauty, so many ways to arrange it never ends.

Does a high five count as a hit? It looks too cluttered...and with live tiles constantly shifting and moving anyone with ADD will never accomplish anything.

IMO, a wider tile (that can take up the entire width of the screen) would greatly reduce the clutter. This would make a row appear less cluttered and more beautiful (IMO at least).

I seriously hope GDR3 takes advantage of landscape mode. Especially for a screen that big. Be stupid not to IMHO

So true. This sluggish BS needs to stop. I understand the purpose of testing, but we should definitely have the option of just getting the update ourselves -- without Flashing!

WindowsRT and WP8 needs to be merged as soon as possible.  This would be so awesome if it had the WinRT Start Screen and was able to run both Windows 8 apps and Windows Phone apps.

The lens on the back looks huge for the rumored  20MP sensor. Maybe it has large pixels, like the N8 had?

Their will be a few the deal hasn't went thru yet and Microsoft isn't going to derail Nokia's RD.It takes along time from concept to being on the shelves.

I hope this thing is no wider than 82mm since that's as wide as the Nokia CR-200 car holder/charger will open. Is the rumored size just from the forums, because that math was all over the place...

I'd be really disappointed if there isn't a large/wide tile option that can take up the entire width of the screen. To me, having smaller tiles pinned next to a wide tile looks ugly.

I will break my contract to get that phone. It might be only me, but I like that it has a lot going on the home screen. Gives the phone a lot of life.

Shame there are no real uses for a stylus on WP8, because the phablet form factor lends itself very well to some form of handwriting, drawing, etc. Something writing-related should arrive on WP8.1

I guess that the OS isn't ready yet for stylus support, which is a shame! Android has supported them for like 3 years! How come Microsoft is always so late to the party? WP8.1 has to support them and 2 apps side by side!!

Haha! MS late to the party with stylus support?! Holding on to the "antiquated" stylus tech was the biggest complaint of windows mobile and the early MS tablets. Sorry, not suggesting stylus support wouldn't be awesome on a 6" phone, but the irony of the comment struck me.

They could do so much more with One Note making it even more useful. A hybrid of Evernote and Samsungs new wheel on the note 3.

The base of the phone seems clean so speakers will have to be at the back or if in front,hopefully stereo speakers. Usb port also must be at the top. Chances there could be HDMI out?

Unlikely, this is a new phone unlike the 928 which is an iteration of the 1920. It's more likely that this will be a phone released for multinational markets which makes it easy to include ATT on that list (due to the frequencies they use).

I like how they are unifying the looks of alot of their high end phones :) im happy with im still dying to get a yellow phone ;(

Sh*t... There are no signs of a stylus! What's the point of a phablet without one? Just a bigger screen?

The little holes for the inevitable wireless charging accessory piss me off but since it's aluminum it's okay in this instance.

The holes you see at the top of the phone is a speaker grill. Rear facing stereo speakers to be exact. I am dissapointed to see that there is no Xenon flash. Hopefully this render is a little inaccurate.

Unless its merely a creative render, it seems like they've been taking feedback on board and moved the back and search buttons closer to the home button.

So many tiles looks cumbersome to me. From the before leaked screenshot of the start screen, i resized the image to fit my 4.3" screen on 720. It looks really crowded. On a bigger screen it may be a different thing altogether. In this rendering too ot looks damn crowded, right?

The point is that's not how it works with users wanting to jump ship. The presentation of the screen is cluttered and this will be the first impression of WP. Although I do understand they're trying to show more options with GDR3....

It looks great, the side bezels look to be a little thinner than in the mockup from yesterday. I really don't understand why so many people harp about the screen being cluttered. This is one person's interpretation of their homescreen. All that you need to do is use all large tiles if you want it to be less cluttered. The only thing that will keep me from this phone is if there is no stylus. I want a Note type device, not a humongous phone.

With those dimensions, this phone would be bigger than the 6.3-inched Galaxy Mega, which is already pretty huge
I'm still waiting for a LG G2 / Sony Z1 kind of device, with a screen size between 5 and 5.2 inches, because there's a pretty big gap between the 1020 and this 1520

It's a great device but Microsoft and Nokia should implement phablet features just like the Note line. A giant phone is useless. It needs a pen, multi windows.... and more... And I doubt Microsoft is doing that.

That's what I'm thinking.
It depends on the person really.  Based on the comments, it seems people fall into 1 of 2 categories:
1. Those who just want a bigger screen.
2. Those who think bigger screen should offer additional purpose you can't have on a 4 inch screen.
 I fall into group #2... is the reason why I still don't own a slate of any kind, I don't have a purpose for one.

I agree completely and I was thinking the same thing, watching the Note 3 demo the other day. Screen that big could easily support two apps side by side. Not to mention a good pen support. Why do I have this feeling Microsoft will promise a whole bunch of "phablet features" for Windows Phone 9 or 8.8 or whatever... 

Why do a press shot with the phone in horizontal position... when the Live Tiles don't rotate?
Come on, this is getting embarrasing already.

I would love this so much! But where do I get €600,- :( and honestly I think it would be a waste of my 920 to replace it within a year...

The first thing im gonna do when I have my 1520 is put all small tiles on screen just to see how beautifully retarded it'll look like.

We discussed that during previous screenshot leak. "L" for Lumia at top-left, 15:20 for.. well 1520 and the large "8" in messages for Windows Phone 8 and so on... ;-)

And this is where the entire Tiles concept falls appart. That screen looks incredibely cluttered! Not attractive at all.
Sure, you can put bigger tiles...but I think it would help if, with a screen that huge, you could actually leave spaces between tiles, instead of forcing them all together.

way too busy.  They need to make all small tiles one colour to create a more unform feel.  Only medium and wide tiles should have other colours to showcase what's on those tiles.  
att least that's how i have it on my 920.  All my tiles at the top are grey with the exception of the people and me tile.

This is my next phone (if mobile gets it)... With the many new devices coming out (xbox/ps4/1520) its gonna be an expensive Christmas... jejeje

The way they arrange the tiles in these leaked photos and renderings makes the 1080p version of WP homescreen look too busy.  I wanna see what it looks like with more medium tiles on the screen.

I'm loving the look of the screen and the back. Looks to have built-in wireless charge plus there is no 1020 hump.

Here's hoping T-Mobile won't have to wait six months to get a variant.

This is going to be very popular I'm sure.  Not for myself, too big, but there's a market for this.  Analysts predict upwards of 208 million giant smart phones will sell in 2015.  Considering that there are very few giant smart phones available today, that's a pretty huge market.
This will grab people's attention and more and more people will start to notice that there is a viable alternative to Android and iOS.
Link to the report

Looks to be a beautiful phone. I wonder if there will be any phablet specific OS enhancements to make it more multi-tasking friendly like what the Galaxy Note series has going for it.

Any ideas on what the holes or contacts are between the camera and the headphone jack?

will people ever stop complaining on any new posts on wpc,this is my first comment ever on this forum in Almost two years if am correct,i just had to Because its so Freaking annoying

I have to agree with you. I read other OS forums (Android, Kindle, Apple) but they don't seem to get the same rude comments as they do here. WP comments can get down to the Yahoo level for the most innocent comments.
Anyway, WP still has very good followers who comment and respond well with the community. I enjoy reading through them :)

I don't think this phone has 20 MP camera... I think that the fact that there are two nokia phablets coming, this one with 8 or 13 MP camera and another more premium metal one (shown in leaked image before) with around 20 MP camera....

isnt the next 920 going to be all aluminum and slightly bigger?  I think i'll wait to see what the 920 will look like before upgrading from my current 920.  This phone is pretty interesting though

Man, I'd be sorely tempted to drop my HTC 8X for this hot bit of kit if I knew it was coming on a Canadian carrier.

Reasons why people want this phone
- Big screen
- Nokia
- FullHD display
- Nokia
- Great processing power
- Nokia