Nokia Lumia 1520 shipments delayed from Microsoft and AT&T, say it ain’t so!

Nokia Lumia 1520

We are just a few hours away from the launch of the Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone over at AT&T and some are receiving emails from AT&T and the Microsoft Store they would rather not read.

Citing overwhelming demand both AT&T and Microsoft's online store dispatched emails and text messages to customers alerting them that their Nokia Lumia 1520 would not be arriving as first planned.

The message was brief,

“Because of overwhelming demand, your Nokia Lumia 1520 order is delayed in shipping. As soon as your shipping label is printed, we'll send you an email with the tracking information. You can also track your order on our site.”

There was no mention as to how long the delay is expected but one reader reports that the message from AT&T indicated to expect delivery on or before December 2, 2013.

To help ease the pain of the delay, the Microsoft Store has included a promotional code for $25 off your next purchase from Microsoft’s online store.  Shame they couldn’t throw in free overnight shipping as well to help minimize the delay.

We aren’t sure if this is a case where pre-order demand simply outnumbered inventory or how this will affect in-store purchases tomorrow.  Should we pick up on any additional information, we'll be sure to pass it on.

Regardless, there is no joy in Mudville tonight.

Thanks, everyone for the tips!


Reader comments

Nokia Lumia 1520 shipments delayed from Microsoft and AT&T, say it ain’t so!


I've got notification from FedEx that its on the way already with tracking number, should have it tomorrow around 11am

Ill hold my fingers crossed untill I get a confirmation call from my girl that I actually got it...but so far no bad text or email....
Sorry for the other guys who preordered though

Put down? No way, thats my 2nd screen right there. 1 huge downside though, I have to wait till 5pm when im done work knowing that all the goodies are at my home already

I've warned people not to preorder from AT&T, unless you could do it on the first day. This same thing happened with 1020 and 920. I remember some people waited for over 2 months to get their 920 orders.

I got my 920 on day one availability at an at&t store. Lmao, the salesperson didn't even know the phone existed of course. Then promptly tried putting me in a Droid or iPhone

I wish it is because of later but with Nokia and their flagship releases its mostly because of not enough shipments.

If you decipher 1520 using aztec coding language, the 15 equals taller (cute version of the word) and 20 means a group of shortlings (as they were known)............*gulp* Biggie Smalls!!!!!!

Yep, looks like MS didn't ship a single phone. I ordered within the first hour it went live... If they had more demand than stock within an hour, I'll eat my 920...

The fact that the message mentions "as soon as your shipping label is printed..." sounds fishy to me. It makes it read as though it's not that they don't have the phones in stock but that they're being lax in creating shipping labels. I mean, really??? SMH...

It means that they use an automated shipping procedure whereas a shipping confirmation email is automatically created and sent once the shipping label is created. Nothing more--nothing less.

Dude mine was 150$ from MS when I preordered the 1020. I cancelled my preorder on launch day and went to the Ms store to buy it. Got another 50$ gift card instore. xD

Yep, got the email from the Microsoft Store a short while ago. Seems like a boondoggle to me -- pre-ordered on 11/8, credit card was charged not too long after, and the evening before launch they send an email? 

I ordered mine the first hour they went live. charged me and today gave me money back. it was a solid hint to their trouboes so i cancelled. its all bull and i will never preorder an ms device again. had this occur with the 920 as well.

I have been having cold feet anyways so glad I get $25 to spend on a surface accessory and possibly cancel soon

Omg I am so pissed for whoever this happened to. *sits back and enjoys 920* so pissed....nah im kidding. Calm down people. You'll get your toys soon enough.

I feel bad, tuesday I ordered the 1520 for my my dad through his at&t business rep in black and he got it today.....

So does this confirm that business customers get priority? I did this same thing with the lumia 920 and got it a day before launch also...

Mine is a AT&T business account with over 175 phones for my father company - my yellow 1520 isn't coming in until or before 12/2 - i just think its the yellow one - i called one at&t show and they siad they only have one for sale. i guess we have to wait.

They could if they wanted to. It's all Xbox and apparently nothing else. Way to stand behind a platform...

Anyone preorder a 1020 from the online MS Store when it was launching? Lol. Everyone literally got a 150$ gift card because they didn't ship on time. Hell, I cancelled my preorder the day of and went to the MS Store in my city and STILL received a 150$ credit!

It went to good use... Xbox one. xD

I preordered since the 9th! Fuck! I tried canceling the other day and they won't even let me. Again fuck!

Ahh. I had tried cancelling my L920 order after getting such email, well the phone was already in transit but my free wireless charger got screwed up. I called customer care and guess what, got 2 chargers, one from att and one original. So order shows cancelled but it was delivered on time despite the delay email. Weird shit. Anyways happy camper now with yellow 920.

Well, got lucky one time myself. My daughter's 8x 8gig lost. We called in and they sent her a 16gig. I didn't ask any questions talking to the rep. Anyways, I'm totally pissed at this situation. And I didn't even get any email indicating a delay!

My store only got two. Usually when we get that few devices, demand is very low for a product. Hopefully, this is the exception.

Low demand? Are you kidding? If that's the case, why don't ATT keep their promise and deliver to those who preordered.

I received mine on time. The phone is a beauty, but it is big. I'm still not sure how I plan to carry the dang thing. It was something I figured I'd work out afterwords. Good luck to the rest of you on shipping!

I ordered on day on 11/8 at 10:30am CST and still got the delay email I don't think anyone who ordered from MS is getting it day one.

Wonder if this happened because of the strike at the Nokia factory when they approved the Microsoft purchase

I'd hope to God that they had planned on having day one 1520s built by that time. Even if they weren't expecting a strike, they should have had a decent number already produced.

I got my 1520 today Red. Its massive I haven't explored all settings and options yet. Screen is nice but I still have the don't text and drive screen protector. Att has non and called the nearest MS store and no luck. I did manage to order a red flip cover from MS store. Skinomi screen protector on the way. Its almost too big to not have a pen but I like the extra tiles. I feel like a wp8 noob trying to arrange my tiles. I hope you get yours soon. 920 is headed to eBay Red and my 1020 is my everyday. 1520 is my show off phone I guess.

My 920 is only 5 months old and I will get the Black firmware along with everyone else.

Waiting to see what the 007 codenames will bring us, along with Windows Phone 8.1.

On a side note, here in Japan we have no Windows Phone presence. The few Toshibas from AU I have seen haven't even updated to 7.8 yet. We had an emergency drill yesterday and I was taking a few shots with my 920 when one of my colleagues called to me from across the crowded courtyard - "Hey, Mark. What kind of phone do you have?" As soon as I said, "This is a Nokia Lumia phone (cyan)" dozens of heads turned.

Maybe we are finally getting some traction.

Im done with wp's after microsoft post "Microsoft's 'Scroogled' line pokes fun at Google privacy policies"Microsoft needs to get along with google.I was going to buy lumia 929,now im going back to the dark side and buy me the lg-g2 on t-mobile network.I think wp is fast and clean and i love the os,but if ms wants to compete they need to work with google..1520 delay good game.....

I thing you forgot the whole youtube mess that happened last month... It's more like google who doesn't want to get along with Microsoft

It was frustrating to see the text. I bet a local store would have it, but I'd probably be paying more than the $99 I paid for the 1520 when I pre ordered it.

I wonder if its certain colors. I got mine yesterday, and ordered on the 18th. Mine is red and its supa spectacular extra fantastical. Yep yep.

I ordered a black 1520 2 days ago and received it today at noon. Wonder why the stock suddenly dropped...

Future shop midnight release in nova Scotia Canada I got a day one console and regular console... There's no real difference besides the day one stamp on the controller and black packaging... Pics on twitter @Talbot690 follow me and GT is Talbot690 also gives me all the follows

I got my phone today! It was shipped the 19th and sat in Fedex for a day. Then they delivered it around 11:00 am eastern. So far it works great and looks great!
Also, I got a $20.00 gift card from Nokia for the Microsoft Store. This phone was $99.00 for a 2 year contract. They shipped it for free and gave $20.00 in a gift card! This was a great deal\l!

And this, once again, is why I never, ever pre-order. Same thing happened to people a year ago with the Lumia 920. I just waited til it was released and bought mine right away. A hard-to-find (at the time) yellow one at that.

Either way, I'm waiting for the international version so I can have my wireless charging built-in and not worry about AT&T's astromical plan prices.

Its available in the uk on contract with Vodafone from Carphone warehouse thus far for £38 a month in stock on the 6th of December but still no sim free unlocked version yet

ATT's ordering system is terrible.  Last year,   I ordered the lumia 920, i saw a procssing charge of $249.99 on my bank statement when it should have been just $49.00 For the lumia 920 and the wirless charger.  I called ATT and they couldn't find the order, but being a long time customer with good standing, they gave me credit for $200 to make up for the difference.  The phone and the charger finally arrived and I then noticed that the $249.99 charge was gone and was replaced by $49.99.  LOL so I had  gotten a lumia 920, a wireless charger and $200.00 in credit towards my next bill for just $49.99.   Being the honest person  that I am, I called them back and readjusted the credit.  

I wonder how many of us ordered the yellow 1520. After reading the comments it seems yellow is the one out of stock. I'm probably wrong, but just my two cents.


I will be leaving to pick mine up in 40 minutes. While I am it, might as well stick around for the Xbox One launch party.

I have a no contract, red AT&T 1520 and the black flip cover. Anyone think I'd be able to sell both for $500, I'd rather have a Surface.

I got mine today no problems. I'd bet the delays are along color lines, my plain black one had no issues. (posted from my new 1520)

No I ordered black, and it's also delayed.

I wasn't even going to get this phone, but my 920's screen shattered after falling 3 feet onto a carpeted floor (gorilla glass my ads) leaving me with a need for a new phone.

My 1520 in white was slotted for shipment today but I got an e-mail late last night that said it had shipped and it will arrive today! Sucks that I won't be home from work until 4 but better than waiting until December 2! 

It must be the yellow ones. If you try to buy one today on AT&T, the black and red ship immediately, yellow and now white do not ship until November 27th. 

I bought a yellow one yesterday morning and it said it would ship yesterday when I got the confirmation, then I received the dreaded December 2nd text. I was on the fence between black and yellow anyway, so I may cancel my yellow order and hit AT&T at lunch to pick up a black one.

There is only one reason I can see that people who ordered as late as 11/18 from AT&T are getting there phone on time but no MS orders went out my theory goes like this.

I bet the blame is on AT&T I have a feeling the MS orders were supposed to come from the same warehouses as the AT&T orders. I bet AT&T underestimated demand so put MS under the buss. Instead of filling orders first come first served they filled Att.com orders first and ran out of phones. Win, win for AT&T their customer are happy, MS customers cancel their orders and buy directly from AT&T (so they don't have to share revenue from the sale with MS) and in the future more people preorder from them. All along MS employees are working under the perception that AT&T holds up their end of the deal and delivers.

But most of the delayed shipment texts are coming from folks who ordered from ATT. I just wish the website would have updated as it should have in connection with actual inventory. I'd have ordered a different color from the getgo.

Go have a look a the forum. Most AT&T customers got or are getting their orders NO MS customers got their order. I am seeing reports of people who orders as late as 11/28 from AT&T that are getting their phone today.

Ugh. I know it's just a phone, and my 920 is keeping me plenty warm in the meantime, but waiting really sucks. And it sucks more knowing my purchase only bolstered ATT :-(

Yeah i've noticed that too. It's lame... I've been trying to cancel my MS pre-order but have been on hold forever. 

I'm becoming more and more convinced that they do this purposely to make it look like demand is higher than it really is

I just got my shipping confirmation from MS for my 1520, plus the nanosim.  No word about my 50 dollar gift card, so we'll see if that's in it.

You pre-order from MS and you got a shipping confirmation? you might just be the first person to get a pre-order phone from Microsoft if all goes well. When did you pre-order and what state are you in?

Could you tell us the date you ordered, Color Choice, and Area you live? It think you're the first MS order to get a shipping notice.

I ordered on the 8th, shortly after WPCentral posted about the 50 dollar gift card for the store.  I had pre-ordered the night before when it went live accidentally, but I canceled that (only to be called a week later to tell me that MS had canceled it.  They also shipped out the micro sim, and then had a recall order processed on it.  Good work there, MS.)  I ordered the color black, and I live in Washington.  As a note, the previously mentioned micro sim came from New Jersey.  Also, i just checked the tracking number, and it still hasn't been processed by UPS, so I still have no idea when it might arrive.

No AT&T stores in Oklahoma City appear to have them. I did a few other cities in the store availability search and saw the same thing. I tested other phone models to make sure the system wasn't acting up and they showed in stock so for some reason AT&T doesn't appear to have any in their stores. Guess I'll order online and just wait.

Hey another WP fan in the OKC area! I was afraid that what you discovered would be the case. That's why I haven't canceled my MS order. Ill just be patient and hope it shows up before Thanksgiving.

I checked the inventory of my local store online and it said that it was out of stock of the 1520's while it showed stock for other phones.  I went up there anyway and waited for them to open the doors.  They had 10 of the black phones in stock.  Myself and another person picked up two of them.  I would suggest that you just go to the store and check.  Do not trust their site.  BTW.  This phone is freakin awesome!!!


It figures.  Nokia really sucks is what it boils down to.  That idiot Stephen Elop has gone on record saying "limiting a products availability is the way to generate demand."  And to think they are actually considering making this dope CEO of MS.  Talk about going from bad to worse!

In lighter news, today I received an email from AT&T stating that I will be receiving a $100 credit to my account on my purchase of the 1520 due to a promotional price decrease after I ordered my phone.

So I have that going for me.... but unfortunately no phone.  Thanks Stephen Elop.  Great job.

went to the store this morning as well and bam walked out with a black 1520. Instead of preordering a phone like this that will not sellout like the more higher profile you are able to just walk in and get one. 

...There's a reason why Microsoft gave those we pre-ordered and have to wait $25 off our next purchase, is because they don't have dick in the Online store....

December 2, and no Phone. This is the first and last thing I preorder from Microsoft. I order a phone saturday morning on Amazon, today the UPS guy called me for delivery. So a big FU to the microsoft store and the BS they pulled. I mean seriouly even if you call to cancel they will tell you they cant and that you have to escalate the cae and wait 3-5 for a resolution team, to contact you. This is pretty much a highway robbery! FU microsoft FU!

December 3rd, no phone. Bought over the phone with AT&T for full price on November 22nd for delivery on November 29th, which I was told couldn't be delivered to my job where I would be because it wasn't my billing address and could cause a "fraud alert" despite me being on the phone with them okaying it. Instead of delivery, I got an e-mail the night of the 28th that my order had been canceled with a bunch of vague poppycock possible reasons on it, none of which were legitimate. Oh, and a credit card reversal. Rah rah. Rah.

Got on a phone on the 30th in the AM and ripped AT&T a new one. Got told the order was canceled by Shipping for no reason whatsoever. Got the price reduced to $99 without upgrade eligibility, and free shipping as well. Delivery I was told would get the phone here today or tomorrow at latest. Two days later I got an e-mail saying the phone would be shipped sometime between today and Friday. Not delivered. Still have the same "Preparing to ship" on my order page, still no e-mail indicating anything has left a werehouse.

And this is after calling every store in the area on launch day and being told tales as tall as "it only comes in black" when I wanted white, and then being told at a store that had every color in stock that I could not buy one full price except online. My case came in two days from elsewhere, however.

Not. Too. Thrilled. Currently.

I share your pain, I ordered from Microsoft itself and nothing yet. Ive called several times and they only say thyat tyey cant do niothing about itnot even can they cancel the order, but they can excalate the case so somebody looks into it and resolves the issue. I mean WTF does that even mean? I cant talk to somebody hire than their customer service rep, they cant cancel the order supposly. So they have hijacked my money and no phone. So fuck microsoft!


Don't worry. AT&T reps can now add "liar" to the list of superlatives that cover them.

December 10th. No phone. Called yesterday asking them where the hell my phone is. The guy looks and asks me if I accepted terms and conditions. I tell him of course - that I did it online while I was on the phone with Retentions when I ordered the 1520 on the 30th. I told him I got the confirmation with a shipping date between the 4th and the 6th. And then I got another terms and conditions request via e-mail, which I didn't respond to because I'd already done it online.

He tells me I should have responded to it. Then unbelievably, he says the order shows "completed" in their system. How is that, if the terms and conditions didn't go through? The phone never showed, so why would it say that? I tell him I never received anything that gave me a tracking number so how could it have ever left fulfillment? He's like oh okay I'll take care of the terms and conditions and that should get this going. Two minutes later he's giving me some garbage about having my tracking number, and that he's going to text it to me.

When I get it, I feel like I've seen it before. That's because I had. He sent me the AT&T order number and claimed it was the FedEx tracking number.

Sooooo, now to online support chat, where another clerk tells me she feels my pain but can do nothing about it, so I should call the same Customer Service people I was just talking to. After calling them yet again, I get a woman who supposedly was escalating the matter, only to have a supervisor finally admit, after weeks of fooling around, that the phone is backordered. No ETA. The first woman swears someone is going to call me today to make some sort of arrangement. After I tell her "no, I do NOT want another phone, so don't try to bait and switch your way out of this. I'm talking to you on a 920, so keep your lame Droids and crApple 5S. I ordered a 1520 for a reason."

More swearing this would be handled by phone "tomorrow".

Now "tomorrow" is "today". No call. No phone. Fuck AT&T with 12" of limp veiny syphllis infected Microsoft.