Nokia Lumia 1520 shows up at Build 2014 in green

We got a quick look at the Nokia Lumia 1520 in a striking green color at Build 2014. Unfortunately, nothing was mentioned on release date, but it's still a great addition to the already great selection of colors. It's safe to expect to see this on AT&T at some point, anyway.

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Nokia Lumia 1520 shows up at Build 2014 in green


If it came in cyan on Verizon, I'd be more than willing to drop my black 928 for that.  Nokia's phone covers are so attractive, and I hate vibrant colored phones. 

Tha green looks freaking amazing. Maybe I'll pick this one up in green instead of the 930 if it lacks some features I want (pedometer, Glance, SD card).

My gripe with Nokia. Release colors together not just random when they want to. I would probably picked up this or an orange if they were to suddenly released an orange one.

You can always buy the 1520-938 international version - it has all the bands you'd need for T-Mobile.  That's what I did!  It's on Newegg right now in white, black and yellow - it's called the 1520.3 and it's the Latin American version.

I loved (HATED) how Stephen had to add a little "foot note" every time he talked about releases/prices in the US: well you know over here is all different, but in the rest of the world it will be so and so.

I love the colours of Lumias, and would like this green 1520.

Though at the end of the day i think i would choose white simply because its a neutral colour that goes well with all live tiles colours. If i had a green phone i would feel obliged to have my live tiles green all the time...

I went with white, and figure I'll just have a variety of cases that I can use depending on my mood; I'm thinking red, green, blue (maybe cyan) and also a white one would be my rotation.  Potentially add in orange and a leather folio case down the road.  That way I can change it up whenever I'm bored of one color, and always go back to the classy white when needed.


Their colors bother me. First, yellow and cyan were crap (for me), as was white. Then they added to the failure by not putting the grey device in the U.S. Now, they appear to have dumped yellow, cyan, grey, AND red for the 930, leaving us with black, white, orange, and green. Granted, I'd like orange, but it'd be nice if they went MotoX and let us build our own versions. I want a device that show that I'm a Cubs fan, make it blue with red accents.

You could always go white or red, then get a blue case and stick a big Cubs sticker on the back of it.  I think that might be your best bet.

While I invite the new lime color, their are always skins to cover and protect anyway, as long as Windows and Nokia deliver the goods under the hood. First world problems-

I'm not from USA and I've never been there. However, I'm just puzzled why some Lumia devices are exclusive on one carrier and not available on the other??? Can you not buy a 1520 at a gadget store and choose which carrier to use??? Explain, please.

Our wireless frequencies are all messed up. Each carrier has their own unique set of bands for cellular. When phones are made for one they generally only include the bands for that carrier and the bands for global roaming, but not the bands for other carriers in the U.S.

There are a few exceptions like the Google Nexus 5 is compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. 

A few years ago an AT&T phone wouldn't support 3G or 4G on T-Mobile but T-Mobile is working on it. Recently with T-Mobile's changes to their network their frequencies now almost completely overlap with AT&T. But there is one 3G frequency that T-Mobile uses that AT&T does not use (AWS 3G) and AT&T artificially locks out AWS 3G on their phones because they're assholes and don't want anyone taking them to T-Mobile. T-Mobile relies on AWS 3G for a still significant portion of their network so you'll have reduced service with an AT&T phone on T-Mobile. T-Mobile uses just one 4G band (band 4) which AT&T also uses for a minor part of their network so all AT&T phones have at least band 4 and band 17 LTE. So AT&T phones are fully compatible with T-Mobile 4G and 2G, just not 3G though T-Mobile is working on re-using AWS for LTE only and 1900MHz for 3G (which AT&T phones support) wherever possible.

Also, in addition to having different bands, carriers are allowed to "lock" their phones so they only work with their company's bands.  Phones that are exclusive to one carrier will often have the other carrier's bands locked out, so you can't get service on another company until someone unlocks it, and even then you probably won't have all the correct bands.

It's a confusing system that really limits competition and keeps our prices way too high.  T-Mobile is trying to break the mold and that's why I'm swtiching to them while bringing my own unlocked device, the Latin American model 1520 known as the RM-938.

More colors? Great, choice is more or less always a good thing. A choice that included cyan would have been even better though.

However, they should have fixed their cursed existing Lumia 1520 models first. Really, this screen-sensitivity issue (see: http://discussions.nokia.com/t5/Nokia-Lumia/Lumia-1520-Screen-Sensitivit...) is getting ridiculous. It may not affect every single unit produced, but it sure is an issue with a lot of them. I'm sick of replacing it with a new unit just to have the same issue to various degrees with all of them. Firmware update you say? Improved the situation, perhaps, but not even remotely close to having fixed it. Just as bad is their more or less complete denial of the problem. Each time you contact them, it is apparently "the first time they're heard of this problem" (I'm paraphrasing here).

I was so happy with my old Lumia 920, but this model is quickly killing all of that goodwill. It's a shame, because except for this once issue/defect the phone really is great. Looks good, feels good, takes great photos, and I really do like WP8. Hopefully something changes with the 8.1 update, the and accompanying firmware...

From what I've read online, it's not that big of a deal - even on devices where it is present.  Have you tried the workarounds mentioned in the forums?  I've ordered my 1520 and will be trying it out soon, but until then I don't have any firsthand experience; hopefully it's no big deal.

What's with the omission of cyan in the latest Nokia releases? The next update is named cyan for goodness sakes. 1020, 1520, 930, icon... No cyan. Sigh.

So happy with my 1520, it makes me feel like its the true flagship phone for wp8.1 . Of course u can argue for its size, but for those who can tolerate, celebrate!

T-Mobile...what the heck! If there are no options other than the 521 or 925...I will be switching to something else. Also, what is up with hardly any windows phone support with the Sync function (which it says is made and/or licensed by Microsoft) in my new Ford Escape? The reasons for me to switch platforms are beginning to pile up.

You can always buy the 1520-938 international version - it has all the bands you'd need for T-Mobile.  That's what I did!  It's on Newegg right now in white, black and yellow - it's called the 1520.3 and it's the Latin American version.