Nokia Lumia 2520 launching on Telstra Down Under for $840

Lumia 2520

The Lumia 2520 is officially launching tomorrow, with orders kicking off for a May 18th release. The Windows RT 8.1 tablet will be available in black with a price tag of $840 in an exclusive deal with Australia's Telstra. Nokia's first device in the tablet category of hardware comes packed full of features, including a 1080p HD display, LTE connectivity and Zeiss optics.

If purchasing the Lumia 2520 outright isn't your thing, you'll also be able to pick it up on a 24-month $35 Telstra Tablet or Mobile Broadband Business Member Plan. For an extra $240 outright or $10 a month, one can also add the full-sized keyboard with USB ports and trackpad to boot. Will you be picking one up? Thanks, Mark, for the tip!

Source: TechRadar


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Nokia Lumia 2520 launching on Telstra Down Under for $840


$220 for surface rt on sale at Harvey Norman last year, does the job nicely. 840 is crazy town doa product.

Given the original surface pro sells for $500-600 here and surface pro 2 starts at 1k... Yes, way overpriced.

It is Telstra remember.....not JB Hifi or Harvey Norman.....bound to be overinflated $$$ wise......(just look at any of their "outright" prices on any device haha)

Which idiot set that price ?

The only ones they'll "sell" at that price are ones they GIVE AWAY

That's RRP... but being Telstra they'll want you to sign up for a contract. Of course that'll work out even more expensive, but that doesn't stop the idiots who keep signing up to mobile contracts...

Holy Crap on a Crapper !
Damn that's A LOT of cheddar for a Tablet ! Now I'm curious to see how much a surface pro costs down under ... But then again terrified of knowing lol.

Keep in mind that's with all the bells and whistles and LTE (Mobile) connection. Yes a little pricey but our phones sell close to a $1000 down here now too.

Would probably still get a Surface 2 Pro though at that rate.

Good thing with these tablets is we can price match them after a while to some good deals.


Seriously overpriced and no colour options, here's hoping that retailers get the colours at a more reasonable price

That's a pretty big money for a 32 gig tablet...wonder how much the surface 2 lte will go for in oz..

Surface 2 with LTE or just Surface 2?  Here in the U.S the 2520 with LTE (32B) is now $399 off contract and the Surface 2 with LTE (and 64GB) is $679  (both prices from the Microsoft Store).  The Surface 2 has a bit better specs, but it's significantly more expensive, a bit more clumsy to handle, and is a bit heavier.  Overall, the 2520 is a good value here.  Comparatively, the base Surface 2, without LTE and the same 32GB of RAM is $449 - still more than the 2520.

Surface pro 2 is not a huge step up from surface pro. In NZ the 2 is almost triple the price

I'm thinking this is in black only because they plan on pushing this more to their business, and enterprise/government customers. The pricing won't matter to much I am sure they'll move a fair few through those accompanying tech funds. This is standard Telstra fair they did exactly the same thing with the 920's, 1020's, 925's, 620's and 520's. We've got about 500 of those in the field now all available in black only :)

I rather a 1520 but noooo they dont stock it. So stuff them. So i got a 1020 and a surface pro 2


It's going to flop in Australia, $840 is ridiculous, I could get a decent ultrabook hybrid for that price. And the keyboard dock is going to be $240... WTF.

It won't flop here. Telstra will still make money on it. They are notoriously overpriced on all their devices when it comes to an outright price (example is the Nexus 5 16 gig is nearly $200 more outright through Telstra than through Google for a good example....they have a "unique" pricing model....and they are still selling the Nexus 5....)
Basically they will sell to the business and "Mum and Dad" types who don't use forums like this (and probably don't care) will get it on a a plan instead of getting an iPad on a plan or an android tablet....
Telstra really don't care about competing with a cheaper market.....or they wouldn't sell any handsets/devices!
I'm a customer but I buy my devices cheaper outright elsewhere!!!
But most Aussies know this about Telstra anyway.

I got my 2520 for $449.

My Nokia 2520 is immune to viruses (so far). I like modern interface. I don't want a 3rd party browser, iTunes is useless to me since I have a Nokia 1520 Windows phone with Pandora and Nokia music.

I certainly don't want any open source on my tablet.

and I don't want the desktop!  I have that at home, on the i7 PC with Windows 8.1.

I bring my tablet to work and the IT dept loves it because they can integrate it with Exchange and other Microsoft Servers. They are even building a custom modern interface CRM app for our sales team.

with "mouse without borders" I can share my mouse and ergo keyboard across the desktop and the tablet. (not that I really use a mouse much on the tablet)

I have 10 hour battery life, and it gets to 80% charge in less than an hour. With NFC, USB, LTE, Bluetooth, WIFI, HDMI and SD I'm all set!

It was just announced that the
SanDisk Ultra 128 GB microSDXC UHS-I Card works in the 2520!

I have a surface 2 (RT) and love it, it does everything I want from a tablet, for real work (audio editing) I'll stick with a desktop for that always.

Well done Telstra, lets release last years tech and up the price! Then not support updates for it because nobody buys it!! Where is the 1520 Telstra? ....are you saving that for a December release? Dare I ask if they will get the 930... But I bet they can tell me they will have the iPhone 12 on its day of release!

$840 just for an RT? As much as I love Nokia, this thing will only fail if the price doesn't change quick lol

Way way way wayyyyyyyyyy too expensive. Just thought I'd add that to all the other way too expensive comments. hopefully Nokia Australia and Telstra hear it. Yeah Telstra prices are usually for the dopey mum and dads that don't know anything else or even business managers that have the dosh to spare, but Nokia isn't recognised as a tablet maker and these types will go straight for the iPad. I hope the Surface mini get's priced right. Here's to hoping it has full windows 8 too but we all know that ain't gonna happen.