Lumia 920 meets Dennis the Menace in Nokia's 5 Year Old Challenge

Ever wondered what children get up to with mobile phones with no parental supervision? Nokia decided to do a short film on how it is when taken to extreme levels. We're shown, who we can only assume is a 5 year old, mess around with a Lumia 920 by taking photos of his mother while asleep and setting it as the wallpaper on the lock screen.

As well as this, he decided to take it for a ride - the phone, that is. Resting it on the rear of a toy vehicle, he decided to smash the Windows Phone with a bat while the device recorded it's own torture. We're not finished though as the child then attached it to the front wheel of his bicycle and pushed the bike away for the handset to hit the ground a handful of times.

While it's obviously taken too far for marketing purposes as well as dramatic effects, it's amusing to see what can happen when a young person gets hold of technology. We'd like to see what the Lumia 920 looked like after the endured torture, but alas Nokia failed to satisfy our needs in the video. We can only assume there are multiple holes in the driveway, the bicycle is deformed, the toy vehicle and bat are somewhere miles away, and the Lumia 920 doesn't even have a scratch.

The device can surely take a beating and is shown in numerous tests that have taken place since the Windows Phone was released. It can't stand up to fire from an AK-47 rifle, though which managed to force its rounds through the smartphone.The company is taking ideas on what to do next, though. By joining in the discussion on Twitter (using the #Switch hashtag), consumers are able to recommend what challenges can be thrown at Nokia hardware next. 

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Lumia 920 meets Dennis the Menace in Nokia's 5 Year Old Challenge


I wouldn't want that to happen to my phone...no matter how tough the phone is. But again... I have a 2 year old.

Two days after getting my new 920 it slipped from my hand and fell on a concrete sidewalk. I picked up my phone thinking I would find my brand new phone scratched and marred. Much to my amazement there wasn't a mark on it. Tough enough in my book.

Anyne who doesn't enable PIN-lock deserves what they get.  Anyone who lets their kids play with their phones deserves what they get.  I have small kids and don't have any problems because I am in control; not the kids.

Why would you pin-lock your phone and inconvenience yourself dozens of times each day for years on the off-chance that someone is going to mess with your phone? I've never pin-locked and don't see the point. But I also don't have small children messing with my stuff :P

If you connect to your company email, Exchange ActiveSync might enforce a PIN and time out depending on company policy.

'Demonstration only, do not attempt. Doing so may cause injury and will void the device warranty'.. LOL

That kid's going to grow up to be a giant if he's really only 5. My guess he's actually 7. /endrandomcomment

I think this would've been more effective if it wasn't so obviously fake & scripted from the outset. Cutting to the "security camera" view attempted to make it seem "real" but it was already obvious it was staged. The text at the end seals the deal, so it doesn't have any impact. It wasn't particularly funny either, so it's a bit of a failure overall.

The text at the end say it was staged wit actors but the actions were real. In other words, the actor really did hit the phone with a bat and latched it to the bike and threw it. It's an effective way to show the the phone can take a beating.

Yeah, I realise that, but we don't see the result (how damaged it was or not), so it's kinda pointless. I guess it is showing off a few other features of the phone so it's not all bad.