Nokia Lumia 520 to join Aio Wireless next week

Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520! It’s the little Windows Phone that could. The device was announced last year at Mobile World Congress and quickly went on to become the bestselling Windows Phone of all time. It’s already available in most countries around the world, but one carrier here in the United States is about to pick it up. Lumia 520, welcome to Aio Wireless.

Aio Wireless is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T. Which means it’s using AT&T’s network nationwide. It offers more affordable plans than you’d find on AT&T, which is a win for those on a tighter budget. They’re also adding a new smartphone to their lineup that definitely qualifies as affordable.

The Nokia Lumia 520 is joining Aio Wireless and will retail for $99.99 on the carrier starting February 14. It’s one of three new smartphones joining Aio as they celebrate their recent price reductions to their three simple unlimited plans. This of course isn’t the first Windows Phone on Aio Wireless, instead that honor goes to the Lumia 620.

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone and cell/data plan that won’t break the bank you probably couldn’t go wrong with the combo of the Lumia 520 on Aio Wireless.

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Nokia Lumia 520 to join Aio Wireless next week


I don't know why anyone would buy the 520 on Aio for $99 when they could get the 620 for same price from them with much better screen, flash, front facing camera, and NFC. Bizarre pricing if you ask me.

The 620's offical price on aio is $180 and has been 'on sale' for $80 off for a while now.  I wonder if $99 will be the offical price, and it'll just go 'on sale' indefinitely like the 620 has been.


All good points... I just know I would much rather have a 620 than a 520.  I personally think the 520 cuts too much out, especially display quality which is pretty.

Finally! This is good news. This is what will make Windows Phone grow. Getting the 52x phones on the MVNOs is exactly what is needed. Android is usually the only option there and to be honest, is why it has grown so much.  Now get it on all of the other inexpensive carriers.

They were VERY limited in scope until recently I think.  When they were first started (about a year ago) they were only in 3 cities (Tampa, Orlando, and Houston areas)  Not sure when they expanded but that is why you haven't heard of it.

Nice to see it join Aio officially. The ATT one works just fine with Aio already but it's still more exposure.

Does your 520 from ATT have to be unlocked to work on AIO?  Wasnt sure how that worked, since technically they arent the same company.

I don't see why not.  I've taken my 920 over to AIO without any problems.  The only phones I think they have trouble unlocking are the iphones (my boss knows this from experience).  Plus, I think it is easier for them to unlock ATT phones considering that they are an ATT subsidiary.  Hope I'm not wrong on this.  Also, you can go to the AIO website and type in your IMEI number and see if it is compatible/unlockable.

The 620 is already on the carrier for $99. The 520 needs to be $50 for it to make any sense. For $99 just get the better 620.

Nice. It's cool to see the pricing aio is offering as well. It's offering $40 for 500MB high speed @8Mbps then throttled;  $50 for 2.5GB and $60 for 5GB. All plans also come with $5 discount when customer signs up for auto pay. I'll say the $50 tier should satisfy the average person.

The top plan is $60 for 5GB of high speed data. Unlimited text and talk. They had a $70 plan with 7GB of data, but that nixed that recently.

Its 5gb lte then throttled. So yes it is unlimited. Its very usable and totally worth it in my opinion. Me and my wife are saving 40$ a month after leaving att.

I never really go into AT&T stores, so I don't ever see the 520. But good lord I went to the Wal-Mart electronics department yesterday and at the front of the entire phone section was a massive 520 windows phone AT&T. It was really impressive, and clearly the main product being advertised.

My 620 has been really solid for a 512mb RAM device. I would love to see a budget phone like the 5 or 6 series have the same stuff but add more RAM and not all of a suden go from a $60-$100 phone to a $300-$500 phone. I did have a couple of hiccups on AIO though where i couldn't recieve calls or send/recieve texts. First time it happened for a couple days. second time it happened for a couple hours. Other than that, completely happy with AIO

Aio is awesome. I use my iPhone5, and 1520 without any problems. And I love the price! When I first signed up I picked up a 620 for 99$.