Nokia Lumia 620 up for pre-order in India

Nokia Lumia 620

One big benefit of the Windows Phone operating system is its ability to perform with aplomb on both low-end and high-end hardware. It can satisfy power users who always early adopters of the latest and greatest technology or be an affordable choice for emerging markets. That’s why when a device like the Nokia Lumia 620 goes up for preorder in India we can add another checklist towards a stronger ecosystem.

If you’re out in India you can preorder the Lumia 620 for 15199 rupees (about $277) right now. Parting with your cash will get you a 3.8 inch screen running 480x800 pixels on a ClearBlack LCD. It’s powered by a 1.0 Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and 512MB of RAM. You can capture photos on 5MP camera or a 0.3MP front-facing camera and store those pictures or videos on 8GB of onboard storage – you can expand with a microSD card up to 64GB. Get the rest of the specs, like NFC, here.

We reviewed the Lumia 620 a few weeks back and found it to be a delightful device for how inexpensive it is. Affordable smartphone + wild colors + Windows Phone should equate to a fairly popular device. You can pick it up in black, yellow, magenta, or white. But don’t forget you can easily swap the color of the device with a different back plate.

Any readers out in India thinking of picking up this for themselves or family members?

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Nokia Lumia 620 up for pre-order in India


I was in India most of Feb and wanted to get my hands on one of these so bad, but Nokia delayed its launch in India...oh well, I guess I can order one from Expansys USA website now.

This is gonna be huge. Many of my friends and relatives are waiting for this phone. Most of them are jumping ship from android.

They should have priced it around Rs.12k, that would compete against other Android devices starting at Rs.10k

I've seen Android devices that cost around INR 10k. Their build quality, performance and the OS version (very likely Android 2.3) are so pathetic that you cannot compare this phone with those.
Then of course, Nokia is aware of that mass market segment. And the Nokia Lumia 520 will be priced to compete at that level.

Exactly. 520 is to compete at that level. 510 and 610 will be lower than that with 7.8. So ithink it is all covered. let us see how it goes.

I am waiting for the 520 to appear in the market, as a gift for my mom. I am quite pleased with the 820 and my logic is that she won't need that much power from her phone :)

"One big benefit of the Windows Phone operating system is its ability to perform with aplomb on both low-end and high-end hardware"
Jelly Bean can run well in a device with a single core CPU and 512mb of memory, WP8 can't.

For those phones, they use WP7. And WP7 wipes its ass with JellyBean. I would even argue WP8's wipes its ass with the iPhone 5 in terms of (perceived) speed. And most of those phones run Froyo or gingerbread, not jellybean.

WP7 used to have that advantage over Android Gingerbread and ICS. But now WP8 needs more resources than Jelly Bean, which solved to some extend  the lag problem of Android.

Some old single core phones are receiving Jelly Bean as an update. Other new models come with Jelly Bean installed, for example the Samsung Fame or the Xperia E.

More like Microsoft doesn't want to tarnish their name with really bad hardware.... Seriously my HTC Titan still wins at speed tests against the GSIII and that was released 2 years ago with a single core 1.5 Ghz single core CPU and 512 Mb of ram.

Dude im on a Evo LTE with jellybean and this is NOT as smooth as my girls Lumia 710 with wp 7.5 tango. and my phone has a whole other core running at 1.5Gh.
I'm always on both of the sites (android and wp) and theres no way that is true, wp has to be the least resource hungry OS i've touched. and im being picky, from sliding, zooming, scrolling, and hesitation upon opening the stores, or apps that load with data straight away.

That's BS. My Nexus 4 is still laggy. Android doesn't run on native codes like WP8 and iOS. It will never be as smooth as the other two. It runs on a Dalvik VM.

Jellybean runs on single core, true, but lags like crazy - try opening 5-6 tabs in any browser be it chrome or the default one and u know what i mean. In terms of Sunspider benchmarks both Lumia 820 and 920 surpassed Galaxy S3. And my friend, who owns S3 and a Lumia 620, says the 620 rendered full desktop webpages faster than S3. Since there are many Galaxy S3 users out there, when i announced in Facebook i bought Asphalt 7 they replied me "dont buy! it;s a waste! it lags and crashes!". Never happened on my Lumia 920. It performed well on Note II (2GB RAM) but not S3, which has 1 GB RAM. Because you correct me on the specs of S3, remember that the USA version uses Snapdragon S4 + 2 GB RAM, bt the internation version uses exynos quad core + 1 GB RAM. Please stop trying to defend Android when it comes to performance. 

Bought Lumia 710 last year in Rs15K. Sad 620 was not available then :(
But 710 also isn't bad. All I do with smartphone is browse news (weave) + reddit (baconit) + find directions ( Nokia drive)

Oh yeah..people are waiting for this bad boy!! I know someone who has actually waited for couple of months for this..and just preordered it yesterday. He came over to my desk and was gushing about it.. Guess people love this!! I might just pick this up for my dad!!

by then, you'd better off jump on wp 9-10 ship :D . I'll still stick to my samsung focus till i can see nokia phone with great battery life. tired of charging....

got one a few days back for a friend...bought it in the middle east...he switched from a laggy samsung galaxy ace to a new black 620 and the difference in speed is huge!!!!!!! plus the additional here maps and the camera lens made this deal sweet..all for around 235$ with a screen guard and memory card in tow....might get myself one in a few days to compliment my 920 :D

I really had plans to buy Lumia 620 + iPad Mini but due to delayed launch of Lumia 620, I bought Lumia 820 and now feeling that there wont be any big difference between the two and would also have had an iPadmini w/ Lumia 620

820 has the better camera and 1gb ram so no resource constraints as far as running apps are concerned. Also the screen is a tad better