Nokia Lumia 625 launches on Etisalat in UAE for Dh 999

Lumia 625

The Lumia 625 is Nokia's attempt to launch a smartphone with a rather large display. Featuring a 4.7-inch screen, it's essentially an improved version of the HTC TITAN, a Windows Phone 7 handset. Launching in multiple markets, the Lumia 625 is now heading to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) on Etisalat, a top mobile operator in the region.

Packing LTE, the large display and being listed at an affordable price, the Lumia 625 is perfect for consumers in the region who are after a sweet deal. What's more is you're getting Windows Phone 8. So how much will you be looking to pay for the new Windows Phone? It'll be available for both pre and post-paid customers on Etisalat for Dh 999 ($270) with a special launch offer to boot.

The deal will see you landed with 1GB free Internet for the first three months following the purchase. You'll then be charged Dh 99 for the monthly allowance. The Etisalat network will be able to cater for the 4G compatible Windows Phone with its own LTE deployment ready to go. If you're looking to personalise your device, optional shells can be purchased in five colours: black, white, green, yellow and orange.

Check out our unboxing footage of the Lumia 625 for more details.

Source: Trade Arabia; thanks, Nishy, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 625 launches on Etisalat in UAE for Dh 999


Finally !! A Lumia running on Etisalat !! Because the second carrier - Du - is the Arabian At&t, exclusive Nokia handsets + horrible service,  zero value ...

Great price!!
Is sooooo sad that here in Brazil this phone will cost almost 500 dollars!!

For 250 dollars we can't even buy a Lumia 520! :(

Improved version of the HTC Titan? Just because they both have a 4.7" screen?
Good price! Nice to see Nokia be aggressive with pricing.

Correct me if im wrong, but aren't you comparing handsets in *completely* different countries?

Yes , but you can buy the phone online unlocked (sim free). Then just insert the local mob operator sim card.
Pretty sure that they do international delivery for small fee.