Nokia Lumia 630 box

Nokia Lumia 630 unboxing

A Nokia Lumia 630 was just delivered, so it’s time for an unboxing! The Lumia 630 will be available in stores starting next month for $159 for the single-SIM version and $169 for the dual-SIM version. How does the packaging look and what’s inside? Let’s take a look.

Head past the break to watch our Nokia Lumia 630 unboxing video.

Nokia Lumia 630 package contents:

  • Nokia Lumia 630 smartphone
  • Charger
  • Quick Guide

The charger that comes with the Nokia Lumia 630 does not split, so you won’t get a detachable micro-USB cable.

The Lumia 630’s box looks different from previous Lumia releases. It appears flatter. Instead of blue found on previous Lumia devices, the packaging is mostly white.

Nokia Lumia 630 unboxing

The Nokia Lumia 630 features a 4.5-inch IPS ClearBlack display with 854 x 480 pixels resolution. It runs on a Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor at 1.2 GHz. There’s a 5-megapixel camera on the back and a microSD slot behind the back cover for expandable storage. Two things worth noting is that the Lumia 630 does not have camera flash and it only has 512MB RAM. This means apps or games that require at least 1 GB RAM cannot be installed.

The Nokia Lumia 630 runs Windows Phone 8.1, which we have thoroughly reviewed over here. You have access to Cortana, Action and Notification Center, Start background, updated Windows Phone Store and more.  

The Lumia 630 will initially be available in Asia, Russia, China, India and Europe. The United States can look forward to this device in July. There will also be a slight variant called the Lumia 635, which includes 4G/LTE connectivity that the Lumia 630 doesn’t have.

We’ll have a full review of the Nokia Lumia 630 very soon. In the meantime, let us know if this is a Windows Phone device that you are looking forward to.


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Nokia Lumia 630 unboxing



This phone is for the low end, the specs are great for the intended target. It has much better hardware than the Lumia 520 for just $20-$30 extra. The 630 will be a hit.

It doesnt have much better specs than the 521 or 520. It has a better screen and that's about it. Even the s4 chip in the 520/521 are better cpus than the s400 in the 630.

I agree that this as a 620 successor sucks, but hold your horses. The CPU in this 630 is much better than the CPU inside the 520. Not only does this have 4 cores compared to 2 of the 520. each core tops out at 1.2GHz not 1.0GHz

Also these are brand new A7's the successor to the Cortex A8.

I believe the CPU has a higher CPU cache as well.

An average user does not look at CPU numbers but s/he is more concerned about flash and extra storage. Sometimes they look at the RAM as well. They will move from 520 to 630 if there would have been something more not just CPU which would be useless anyway.

Guys if you see the last year lumias, you will notice that 620 was shadowed by 520 and 720 and 820 suffered similar shadowing because of their almost identical specs., what I see this time around Nokia is taking care of that aspect of sales, hence they have removed the flash and front facing camera in Lumia 630 so probable buyer would consider complete package of higher end Lumias like 730 or 830

Yep, I kinda agree with this. Would seem Nokia is stepping the portfolio down one notch. So 630 is kinda old 520 and 730 will be new 620 etc. This would make sence considering they now have offerings in 1XXX series and that they probably will try to make the next 520 even cheaper.... maybe?

this is just the other side of 525.Another let down.Just like the 525 which has 1 gb ram but a poor processor hence laggy gameplay the same will be true for this phone.In the leaks i heard this phone was to have 1 gb ram and if it did then this phone would have beaten 520.But now there is no chance and 520 will remain the best low budget windows phone.Bah!Still there is hope for such a phone in future.

For the same price you can get a HD720p screen, 1GB of ram on Android with of course camera flash. The 630 is a let down. I don't understand why it has 512MB of ram when even the 525 has 1GB

And then you get a low end Android which lasts you about 3 months before the cache eats your memory and you have to factory reset, your processor/screen/memory/all of the above burn out and youve got to get a replacement, etc. I own an android, but below $299 there isn't one I'd recommend to anyone. 

Moto g. That alone stifles your anecdote. This phone should have come with 1 gig. That one design decision, hurts this phone's potential
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You can get a 520 for 59.99$, and the 630 is 159.99$ hardly 20-30 extra. Don't think its 100$ better by a long shot. Lets see how long it stays at that price. If it don't sell and it just might not they are going to have to reduce it to the 100$ range. The original 620 is a much better phone.

LOL..! Reminds me of those celebrities that leave their model girlfriend/wife at home.. and get caught by cops with a street hooker!!

New HIGH END Lumias give boners. The 630 with it's 512 MB of RAM and no flash leave me flacid. 

does it have windows phone 8.1 pre-installed? and how come when at the moment mirosoft have only released the preview for developers?

The 630 is a successor to the 520 and not the 620. The problem is that the 620 was such a great phone that it should have been called 720 instead. So now the 630 succeeds the 520 and the 530 will be placed at an even lower price point than this.

The 525 has 1GB ram, so how can the 630 be a successor to the 520? Also the 520 has a higher pixel density and a guess what the 520's cpu is superior to that of the 630

The 525 is scarcely available. At any rate, it's Nokia that said this was a successor to the 520. And it is in terms of hardware. Because one thing is sure: This isn't a successor to the 620.

Yeah. I was waiting for this one to replace my 521. Turns out it's just a CPU upgrade and nothing else. Very disappointing.

No, the lumia 520 had a Snapdragon MSM8227 which is a dual core krait 200 at 1.0 GHz, and the lumia 635 has a Snapdragon 8926, which is a quad core cortex a7 at 1.2 GHz, with support for LPDDR3 RAM and LTE. The lumia 630/635 should be 1.4x as fast as the lumia 520, and it has LPDDR3, which is faster than LPDDR2. And, it costs less. When the lumia 520 was announced, it cost $180, but now costs less than $100.

Is the phone for people too lazy to walk home and use their landline and computer? Tech is supposed to make things easier.

Glance turns a wirelessly charging phone into a desk clock with notifications instead of a paperweight.

THIS! I have my phone propped up on a stand with a wireless charger behind it. At home or work I can see who is calling/texting/emailing me without having to rummage around for the phone. Not having this feature is hardly a deal-killer, but it is certainly a disappointment... and the reasoning for not doing it because it was difficult to find 5" displays that support the feature when at least 2 Android devices are coming out with 5" screens and their own version of this feature starts to sound like a bad excuse for cutting corners and/or bad design.

The reason is not because it s a 5" that could not suport this feature, The problem with the Nokia Icon/930 and running Glance comes down to the display type. No, it’s not the AMOLED technology (the Lumia 928 proves otherwise) and it’s obviously not the 1080P resolution (the Lumia 1520 attests to that) but rather it’s the type of AMOLED screen used. More to the point, the screen used on the Lumia Icon/930 lacks ‘display memory’.. Please see article here:

Come on people!This is budget phone at 160.This a good starter phone for someone new to WP or a newbie to smartphones or people on fixed incomes.My mom has a 520 and loves it.All she does is makes phone calls and a few texts a week and has a couple of poker games she plays.This isn't made for hardcore users.

Actually yes and no. I can watch Netflix, play MOST games, and do pretty much what most top end phones can do. The camera is decent, but no 41mp camera. Doesn't have flash, but I don't take many pics without lighting. Im not really missing a front facing camera or NFC. Now that I can move all my apps to an SD card the 8gigs of space isn't really and issue. Ive got a bunch of games and music on my phone I like to play. The only thing I really wish it had was 1gb of ram and maybe a bigger screen. Yea', it might be a budget phone, but there's a lot it can really do. And it doesn't have glance, but that's not really a big lost. We've got wifi calling and double tap which are cool features.

Same for me bro!I don't want a high end phone when i can play manyo decent games besides i only just pass around time with my phone and the gaming is taken care by my pc.But only if this 630 had 1 gb ram!

Well, let us think:
The 930 is supposed to be the flagship. Yet it's nothing but the Icon. Which is a phone that's dated from September be released in June 2014. How does that reflect? Well, it starts with the hardware. Yes, the SD800 is a great chip and there's not that much difference for the SD801. However, every single 2014 flagship is coming with the 801. It matters in the sense that people will compare numbers.

Then lets talk microSD. One of the big features of WP8.1 is the ability to install apps directly on a microSD card. One would think the flagship would bring a microSD to allow people who pay premium prices to take advantage of the new features. But no.

At the same time Google has f*cked this capability up on Android, it's stupid to not capitalize on that. Now you have an OS that allows that - Windows Phone - but no flagship with microSD cards; or an OS - Android - that removed that but where EVERY flagship has a microSD slot.

And then there's also the screen of the 930 which, because it's cheaper than the 920, removes the capability of using Glance (something a lot of people like).

WP 8.1 just came out,so some flagship phones will have SD card support going foward just like the new Samsung Ativ SE.

The 1520 isn't a flagship. It's a phablet which is a niche device. It's a good phone but not a flagship (just like Samsung's flagship is the S5 and not the Note 3)

Good phone but not a flagship?Wow!Spec wise nothing comes close.5 to 6 inch phones are the norm now,nothing niche about the 1520.

Phablets ARE niche phones, whether you like it or not. They are not at all the most popular phones on any OEM. Not even on Samsung.
A flagship is the best phone the brand has to offer to the general public without going into very nice things like monstrous sizes or high megapixel cameras. That's why until the 930, Nokia's flagship remained the 920. And if it were up to me, the 930 wouldn't be considered a successor to the 920 but only a refreshment.

You have a one track mine buddy! All you do is come on here and complain about every single article that WPC posts about Apps,Nokia,Microsoft or other OEMs they work with.So the Samsung Galaxy S5 at 5.1 is prefect?lol.The Note is second in sales with over 30 million units sold for Samsung.I've seen posts you have done over the past year. So I can set here till I'm blue in the face talking to you,but you will come up with another reason with what Microsoft and Nokia are doing wrong and how you would of handled it.

>Phablets are niche phones


Tell that to the Galaxy Note 3, its probably the best selling phone of Q4 2013 other than the iPhone

Both are flagships. S series are regular smartphone flagships and Note series are phablet flagships. They release two flagship a year, just like almost every big name.

Samsung, HTC  and Nokia release their smartphone flagships on the first half of the year, then they release their phablet flagships on the second half; only LG go another way, phablet for the first half and smartphone for the second half. Sony is the insane one here, they release 3 - 4 flagship a year, 2 smartphone and one phablet.

Nokia doesn't have a schedule anymore. Their flagships used to be presented in September. This one was in February.

As for Sony, they do 6 month cycles for their flagships instead of yearly, which is why they release 2 a year.

It is at the AT&T store.. Besides, who said a "flagship" had to have SD card support anyway? 920 and 1020 anyone? Those were flagships at the time and we all accepted them without SD card support. Who needed it with 32GB and countless cloud storage?

Loved my 920,but could not resist the 1520 after checking one out at AT&T.Walked out with one in my hand and have to say it was a damn good discussion :)

1 - at the time of their release, microSD wasn't standard in all the flagship phones as it is in 2014;
2 - at the time of their release, WP didn't support saving apps and respective data to the microSD card.
3 - Cloud storage is useless. Not everyone is always connected and even if we were, we still couldn't install apps on the cloud.
4 - limited internal storage has been a problem for quite some time now.

Other than the S5/Note 3 and the M8 (which barely supports SD, my HTC rep says they only take class 10 cards properly) no flagship since their predecessor has supported SD cards in the US

Oh yes it does. Unless you never heard of the HTC One M8 which is the new flagship for 2014. Last years HTC One (M7) didn't but the M8 has it.

I blame verizon, if they had not delayed the icon by 6 months, nokia would have made a 2014 flagship, instead of rebranding a 92x series phone.

All excellent points, which is why it's a good thing that the masters at Microsoft are taking over from the jokers at Nokia, right?

Finally, we'll see an end to carrier exclusives, lack of expandability, a ridiculous plethora of slightly different devices, etc.

Now you have an OS that allows that - Windows Phone - but no flagship with microSD cards

The ATIV SE called... it's a high-end device with a nice, ready-to-go microSD card slot.

Lumia 930 is a Flagship device like the Lumia Icon.
But Lumia Icon isn't available globally whereas Lumia 930 will be,
so Lumia 930 is a global version of Icon


Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor at 1.2 GHz??? I don't understand but I thought Snapdragon 400 has 2 chips so supports dual core to the maximum. Can someone please enlighten me on this.

The two core versionsof snapdragon 400 are the 8x30, the 8x30AA, and the 8x30AB. The 8x26 has four weaker cores.

Not exactly a let down. But 512 megs with a quad core snapdragon??? That's just plain confusing! I mean what the hell will one even use all that processing power for? No intensive apps will run on it anyways!

We are gonna know for sure once we get an in-depth review of the device. I don't think it will take long ^^

Seeing as Cyan is shipping with the device, and Cyan is required for Sensor Core, this /does/ have Cyan.

Nope, nothing in the video indicates non-Cyan firmware. Nokia would never ship with vanilla firmware, because they need to provide their own drivers for the new Bluetooth and NFC features.

Can you share how you can tell it does not have Cyan just from watching the short unboxing video?!!

Look at 2:00 at the video. There isn't any title like there was before (Lumia Black, Amber etc). So I took a guess it's running the "preview".

It woudn't be under a tile. You find Nokia's firmware under -> settings -> extra + info. Which he doesn't go to in the video. He goes to about. I did notice something in settings my phone doesn't have. Navigation bar and motion data. Are these some new Cyan features?

Navigation bar = onscreen buttons, it's WP8.1 built in feature. But motion data could be Nokia's own Sensor core. That could indicate that the firmware indeed is Cyan.

Windows Phone 8.1 is the OS. Lumina Cyan is firmware. This should be running Lumina Cyan firmware if it's running Windows Phone 8.1 from the factory.

Does it have the Nokia Cyan Update? Any changes we know of other than the ol' camera improvements on the 630?

Of course it has Cyan. Features include Sensor Core, amongst other things. Hopefully we get a complete list soon.

if you watch the video around 2:00 there's two things in the settings menu my nokia don't have. Navigation bar and motion data. Could be new fearures.

What a waste of a processor though. They should've used the quad-core on other flagship lumias. Like the 1020 or even the 920, 928. Not an entry-level phone.

According to others the s400 is actually less powerful than the s4 plus in the 920, 1020 and such. But the extra cores allow it to do other fancier things faster like sensorcore and always-on listening

Looks pretty bad in black. Severely crippled device. No FFC, no rear flash, and only 512 MB of RAM when 1 GB is affordable and standard. I know windows phone is great on resources, but a lot of our apps are not so much

Common sense, apps deppend much more on processor speed than on RAM, and WP 8.1 is supposed to be 512MB friendly. The only letdown IMO is no ambient light sensor. I am still considering buying it when the prices drop.


Funny you say that, because on almost every 2nd article there's always someone whining hysterically that the game/app is 1GB RAM only and that the developer is "lazy" when in reality it's because they made a poor purchasing decision.

My opinion is that they are ditching the 5XX series. This has a muchhhhh better screen than the 520 and it has less expensive components so we could see the price drop to around $50 soon! The price will be the deciding factor of whether the 630 will be a success or not

It has speed, design, screen, and LTE over a 520. The first thing I noticed was how much faster it was than my 521.

The new box design is simply atrocious.

I hope they bring back the normal blue boxes for Europe and that these are just the American edition packings.

This has nothing to do with the "US" as we will be getting LTE 635 variant as explained in this article.

Well the reason I said US is because we don't use those plugs in Europe. Also, the article says "The United States can look forward to this device in July. There will also be a slight variant called the Lumia 635, which includes 4G/LTE connectivity that the Lumia 630 doesn’t have."


So yeah, I maintain, I hope this is a box only for the US market.

That plug is also used in several countries in Asia so the phone in the video could also be intended for this part of the world. And I actually like the box and the white color.

Right because oh I say 30 seconds after I have the phone out of the packaging, all I really care about is the stupid box.

The box is the only thing we didn't know about this device already. And it's horrible.

And yes, some of us care about the product as a whole, not only the phone itself.

Agree with their standard blue box...this one just sucks... I get the feeling that this shitty design is to save them money where they can...

I like the box. But that's beside the point to the entry level market this phone is intended for. As long as it's affordable and works well, the people who would buy them over here in Asia couldn't care less how the box looks like.

Are you saying you would base your purchase decision partly on the box it comes in?, am I the only one that thinks that's a bit odd?

I really wish these phones had at least 8mb cameras. I've got a 920 which i love, but the battery isn't as great as it was when it first cameout. But to go down to a 5mb seams too backwards. Hopefully they come out with some bigger megapixel cams.

Very unhappy Tmobile customer. I need a solid W8 phone to ditch my Note 3 for. A 1525 would do the trick.

So how well does this run with optimized firmware? Especially in regards to battery life.

Also, could we get a full list of new features in Nokia Cyan?

Who in their right mind would approve such (excuse my language) shitty phone. I mean come on, 854*480, 512 Mb of RAM, no flash, no 4G (I know its on the 635) and 5 mp camera? What is this, 2009? No wonder Microsoft bought Nokia's devices unit, to avoid releasing such bad phones and damaging the windows phone ecosystem and reputation even more.


Yeah, because Microsoft is always ahead of the game with their hardware like the Xbox isn't it? Oh wait...

Why are you moaning? This is a super cheap phone, the price will drop to around $50 before you know it. If you want better hardware then you pay more. The 630 is perfectly fine for the first time smartphone buyer

Actually that only counts for the US, in other regions (were WP has more presence like latin America) this phone will be getting the same price as the Moto g (I mean that the price will increase), and trust me, Moto g is a way better phone than the shitty 520 and now this shitty 630. So this is a total bad move for Nokia (soon Microsoft). I never recommended the 520 to anyone, not because I hate WP (actually I love it), but that phone just give to WP a bad reputation. And now the mistake gets repeated with this phone that even when is an entry phone, it's worst than its competitors.

I tough that they have learned the lesson with the 525 and its 1 GB of ram. But with this, I just don't know. I really, really hope that the 730 at least have a 720p screen and 1 GB of ram, or else...

Windows phone is so efficient that 512MB of RAM actually is pretty decent.  It's not ideal, and I'd personally prefer 1GB, but as a basic smartphone it works well, which is all it has to do since it's a basic, affordable phone.  I personally think the user experience is much more important than any spec sheet.  There are Android phones with 1GB of RAM that absolutely blow because Android demands high specs. 

It's a low-end phone for the love of God. You can buy L930 or L1520 if you want high end device from 2013/14. It's phone for poor people, probably will be sold lot better in India than US.

Not even headphones?!!!!

This is bad... no camera button, no flash, no frontal camera, no NFC, no capacitive buttons(which means less screen), no super sensitive screen, only 512 of ram... (and maybe no ambient light and proximity sensor)...

So no... de design is pretty good, and the screen looks very good too... but I won't buy it... it just lost SO much in the process, compared with 620... 

Future Nokia phones will come alone in bags! Remember the N8 with good headphones with player buttons, hdmi and USB on the go cable, USB cable, charger, full guide, etc. Miss the old quality days..

I still have my N8 and the box and all that stuff but let's be honest, the N8 wasn't a $170 device and it was purposefully built with the camera in mind and pushed those features and cables.

this isnt the 620 successor, the 620 succesor will probably be the 730, they are changing tiers,

630 = 520 succesor

530 = even lower end than the 630

730 = 620 succesor

I doubt there will be a 530. I expect Microsoft (lets face it, it's only hours to go) will trim down the number of models. I'm expecting only one model between the 630/635 and the 930 (if it will be an 8xx or a 7xx I don't know).

Yes, 5 models is a lot... it will be fine just 3... 630, 730, and 930... and that's all... also, in the future with microsoft under control, there will probably be just 640, 740 and surface phone...

Ugh. Hope not. To be fair, I could probably get used to them if they were spaced further below the screen. But placed where they are they're horrible.

I will never buy a Lumia with those damn crooked eye looking on screen buttons. They need to get that fixed.

What i want to know is:

Does this have the same WP8.1 version that we downloaded? Would be nice to end this "Dev preview is beta!" debate...

Would as much issues as people have been having, you would better hope it's not the final release.

I think a few vocal people have a few specific issues. I don't think the release overall is problematic.

I've had my 925 shut down on me almost every day and it won't turn back on unless I hold power + volume down for 15 seconds. this usually happens when I'm listening to music. the battery life has been reduced by about 40% and the phone becomes alarmingly hot when using data.

no camera button, no flash, no frontal camera, no NFC, no capacitive buttons(which means less screen), no super sensitive screen, only 512 of ram... (and maybe no ambient light and proximity sensor)...

Wrong, you get the same amount of screen because they made the screen taller so you don't lose even a pixel of screen space AND you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to show and hide the buttons so you'll actually get more screen space

I still need capacitive buttons, looks a lot better, just look at all high-end smartphones (galaxy s5, iphone 5s, lumia 930), they all have still buttons

No, but it also means that buttons on screen are not a great idea for design or even practicity... I personally dislike the feature

I love the idea that I can watch netflix without 3 glowing buttons sitting to the side of the screen, long overdue in my view.