Nokia Lumia 635 coming to Rogers and Telus in Canada

Nokia Lumia 630

The Nokia Lumia 635 is making the trip up north to Canada, bringing some much-needed Windows Phone love to carriers Rogers and Telus. The Lumia 635 is Nokia's new low-cost entrant for Windows Phone, and while we don't yet have pricing or a release date for it on Rogers or Telus, we imagine it will likely be extremely affordable.

With a 4.5-inch 480x848 display and on-screen buttons, 8GB of storage, 512MB RAM, a 5 megapixel camera, and a low-power Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, the Lumia 635 is designed to clock in at a low price. We haven't seen anybody out how much they plan to charge for the phone, but it can't be much. But it comes with Windows Phone 8.1, so there is that.

The newest Nokia phone available on either carrier is the Nokia Lumia 625, released back in August. We're watching out for the Lumia 625 on other carriers, and as soon as we know, we'll let you know!

Source: Microsoft; Thanks to weetigo and Nakirasu for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 635 coming to Rogers and Telus in Canada


I agree but they seem like they're positioned to be a brand like kodu where theres low risk contracts besides iPhony. We do have one thing going for us rcs customers if we buy the phone outright from rogers it will work on both networks without an unlock so ive herd this is going back as far as Samsung Focus

I am on Fido with tons of Fido dollars, had to buy 3 Windows Phones off Craigslist, the 8X was nice, but lacks the Lumia features, so I quickly got fed up of it, Bought a 920 & 1020 for myself and wife, about $900 for both. It's crazy that we are forced by Microsoft to buy these devices in a dark alley, Microsoft and the then Nokia bragged about having a better product than Apple, but I tell you one thing Apple knows customers and service, when they make that purchase exciting and special, Microsoft make you feel like they are doing you a favor, as for Nokia Canada they have been useless from the pre 2006 days. Microsoft is at the back of the pack and they are striking exclusive deals that don't sell their products. Apple and Google have their premium products unlocked and will sell to anyone, Google own branded products are also cheaper, Microsoft and Nokia are still trying to make big profits on their premium beta phones. I am glad I sold out my Microsoft and Nokia stocks over Xmas these clowns are still stuck in the dark ages. As people get sucked into the IOS and Google eco systems they will never leave for Windows.

The idea is, that if you want the phone, you have to sign the contract with the carrier that has it.

What MS should understand is that this antiquated system doesn't work for everyone.


If you found a "good" plan that works for you, you're not going to ditch it and change carriers just because they have the latest phone from Nokia / HTC..

Most people end up buying their phones from other people.


There's a huge market for unlocked phones, if MS makes them available online / through their stores.


The carriers won't be at loss. (they barely promote WP anyway, it's almost non-existent in Canada)

However there will be more WP sales straight from the source.

They do have the 1020... Unfortunately no carrier has the 1520 or is slated to get the 930 in Canada (so far).

Telus still has 1020's on display I was at my local one a few hours ago. Rogers on the other hand didn't have any windows phones in store. They said they don't sell. So they don't keep many in store which is probably why they don't sell!

For rogers it depends on if your buying from a corporate store or an authorized dealer(2nd party). But either way the 1020 is getting close to the end of its sales lifecycle

Maybe they don't sell because they don't promote or show unbiased support. When was the last time a WP commercial aired in Canada? The L920 launch that's when. The skipped the flagship 1520 and expect people to get hyped for low end models.

And that 920 commercial was junk. TELUS did a bunch of online stuff and cross promotion with Blacks for the 1020 but I don't remember a single tv commercial


It makes you wonder, who's in charge of Marketing in Canada.

And why are they so passive / lame?


I remember when Bell retired the HTC HD7 a while ago, because "there was no demand" according to a salesman.

It's a vicious circle: no demand < - > no promotions (from carriers / MS).



You should see what Nokia was doing in all parts of Europe, just brilliant.

I hope to see a flagship WP up here soon! Love my 920, but when it comes time to upgrade, I hope there'll be a WP phablet here.

It's true, no phablet (not my thing but some people really like that) and the latest flagship is the 1020 which is what? Almost a year old? If we don't get the 930 then I at least hope Nokiasoft announces a successor to the 1020 soon, I don't want to buy a year old phone even if it is as good as the 1020

It will depend on the popularity of the galaxy mega before they add another oversized phone seeing how well the dell steak sold

Now we need the 930 and ill be set :) I was starting to get worried we wouldn't be seeing an 8.1 device up here!

Nokia Canada's twitter has responded to these tweets that it's not actually true.. sooo not news unfortunately.

@EyeOnMobility said: Nokia Lumia 635 headed to Rogers Wireless and TELUS Mobility

@NokiaCanada replied: Hey @EyeOnMobility. Nothing for Canada yet. Will shout from the mountain tops if & when it's official. :)

Okay, I stand corrected, but  the Rogers and Telus logos at the microsoft link look pretty "official."


True - so there's a good chance Nokia Canada is trying to hide it. Either way I hope it is actually coming. Would make a decent little upgrade for people with L520 or L620's (unfortunately not 625's).


Still, wish the 930 and 1520 would come...been waiting for a while now.

So, depending on how big your 'flex-tab' is with Rogers or Telus (i.e. the amount of the phone you currently have that you'd have to pay off to get a new one), I've recently found that it almost makes sense to just buy unlocked anyway. In my case, I still owed $300 on a broken 920, and it would've cost $200 up front, at least, to get into a new flagship - regardless of make. I ended up finding the 1520 for $500 brand new and unlocked on eBay (vendor name: never-msrp). Wound-up costing me the same as if I got something from Rogers. I realize that won't make sense for everyone, particularly if their flex-tab is low, but worth considering. There is no duty on cellphones coming into Canada from the US, just HST, which you'd have to pay w Rogers anyway.

Need to bring the Lumia 930 up here north to Canada..the 920 made it up here, why not the 930...hope so!!!!

Nokia Canada has been tweeting today, and in reference to the 930 and 1520 they said that nothing has been announced 'yet'. This happened in more than one tweet. I realize that there is a certain amount of assumption and wishful thinking that goes into this, but I would venture a guess that they would have used different wording to answer the questions if they were not already aware of an impending announcement; namely, they would not have bothered to add 'yet', amongst other options. With any luck these will be announced together and will mark a push for high-end Windows Phones into Canada to coincide with the official launch of 8.1; but like I said, wishful thinking.

I hate to sound pessimistic but this seems like just the usual PR speak.  They would never flat out say the handsets won't come to Canada.  I know it's wishful thinking and I really want to believe you're onto something here.  But the WP landscape here really has not been promising.

Yeah, deep down I think you're right. I mentioned to a Rogers rep a couple of weeks that it looks they're moving further away from WP, and he said 'yeah, they're really not selling'.

Well after they run out of developer editions it usually does bottom out unless they're on sale. If only they were to approve updates like they did during wp7.x era(quick & dirty)

Of course they are. I bought my 920 less than a month after it became available and I spent almost 20 minutes of a 25 min transaction convincing them (Rogers) that I was sure I didn't eant to get a free iphone4 or a free Galaxy S3. They pushed alternate hardware so hard and did everything they could to tell me why my decision sucked...and I went in to by the phone off-contract. You would think $700 and "I would like to buy a Lumia 920 off-contract" would be enough to assure them I knew what I wanted...

Hahaha. Same thing happened to me when I went to get 920s for my older parents. The guy spent the entire time telling them to get iPhones, even in spite my telling him that getting Windows Phones made more sense so for them because they're old and I could teach them how to use them.

635? Wtf? Do they keep doing these retard variants? When will they undertsand how succesful phones become succesful.......? Answer: keeping 1 name and keeping it simple.. 'galaxy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5' 'iPhone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5'

Stupid Noldkia

They're series' of phones, i.e. 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, etc. Its like how BMW names their cars. Its really not that difficult to follow. That said, a lot of people are still unfamiliar with Nokia's current line of phones, generally, and that is probably the bigger problem.

So you are basically agreeing with what I just said. The naming of the Nokia lineup is too difficult and uneasy to hang on. People do actually think like this: hey I got a Galaxy 3, I quite like it, so I won’t take any risk and grab the Galaxy 4 without much investigation. This is the power of good and simple naming of devices, or creating a series. I have a L920, and I have NO IDEA what the true successor will be… probably the L930 but it is certainly disappointing. Also, from 920 to 930 is not as clear as from 1 to 2 and 3 to 4 as with the Galaxy and iPhone series. It is confusing.

Thank you!  I've been saying this for some time now.  Nokia has the 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 15 series.  Why?!!!!  It's because the carriers (US) are all asking for something different.  But mostly I wish Nokia/Microsoft would just have ONE Hero phone.  The Lumia 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.  Just like the Galaxy and iPhone.  And sell that one Lumia on all carriers (US).  Then the expectation is to look forward for a updated phone every year.  Now it's like I have no clue what phone I should be excited about because they are all hodge podge.  It stinks!  IMHO.

Lower end phones should go to the carriers, high end flagship WPs should be sold directly by Microsoft.

If Microsoft does take a peak at the forums once in a while, they need to bring the Lumia 930 to Canada. Whether it be Telus or Rogers, just make it available to us north of U.S. border Windows Phone enthusiasts.

As I stated on another article, sell these damn phones from the Microsoft store and at least try to cater to those of us that are already sold on Windows Phone. The cell store jockies are too busy pushing Samsung to give a damn about Windows Phone. Microsoft has a store in Canada. I wish they would leverage it to sell phones.

My parents went to upgrade their HD7's to Ativ S's and the dumb girl at the store tried telling them that no one makes WP anymore. So uneducated in the stores.

Hey vincentwansink, I think you should try to keep up with the thread.  I don't care if Microsoft has a store on every street corner.  If they don't sell their latest and greatest phones in Canada, they're not doing everything they can to get their phones into the hands of consumers.  Where's the 1520 and the 930 in Canada besides Expansys (a place I refuse to buy from for support reasons).  The carriers are hopeless in this respect.

Guess I should've put a smiley after my comment.  :-)  I agree with you.  Depending on carriers to sell your product is a waste of time.  Maybe someday, when winphones become popular, that strategy will work as it does for Samsung, but at this point Microsoft needs to do more.

No worries.  On another story thread Daniel Rubino seemed to want to heap the issue onto carriers (correct me if I'm wrong Daniel).  I've worked in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem for over a decade and one thing is certain; Microsoft has been consistent in trying to blame carriers rather than coming up with innovative sales techniques to overcome their bad phone O/S reputation.

They no longer have an OS issue, in my opinion, but they still have reputational scars that only they can fix.  Blaming the carriers is excuse making.  Samsung hasn't always enjoyed market share but they took on the mighty iPhone and kicked their arses.  There is no reason to believe Microsoft can't accomplish a similar feat.  They have to get their devices into the hands of people.  I don't see nearly enough marketing of Microsoft phones in Canada.  Are there any stories of large corporate clients signing onto MSFT mobile OS?  Get Canadian celebrities on board.  Whatever it takes to break the Android monotony and the mass adoption of the cheap feeling Samsung Galaxy.

Love how Canada skips the flagships and just brings us the low end models. Sure they brought the 1020 but anyone that lives here knows that delivering a phone 3 - 4 months after the US is a big fail. That was pretty clear when Rogers is promoting the 1020 to get rid of stock like it just came out yesterday. And still promotes it all the way up until about a month or 2 ago. By the time we get things here the hype is gone or people that were excited and eager bought it unlocked elsewhere (like me). Or just switched to another phone by then. So really you're only targeting people who just happen to coming out of contract at that time. Skipping the 1520 was a huge mistake. I'll be shocked if we get the 930 at all. And if we do I'd be surprised if was by July or August.

Someone at wpc should look into and find out why Bell mobility hasn't carried a single Nokia Lumia. The other 2 of the Canadian big 3 carried multiple Lumia devices

The best thing we can do to help reverse the tendencies as paying customers and WP enthusiasts is to send in a complaint directly to the carrier Head Quarters. Companies take customer complaints very seriously and if you feel that when going to a carrier outlet they are slamming Windows Phone to help promote Apple and Android, write a complaint on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of their websites page. The idea is to be proactive and don't be a troll. That way well get the message across and maybe then they'll see WP may have more interest than they thought.