Nokia Lumia 710 available once again at The Carphone Warehouse from just £7.50 a month

Lumia 710

The Carphone Warehouse has revealled an exciting deal for the Lumia 710, available on most major UK carriers. The Windows Phone, which sports a 3.7" display, 5MP rear shooter and 1.4Ghz chip, is now available on contract from just £7.50 a month.

Those familiar with Lumia 710 deals will remember the same price tag being covered earlier in the month for The Carphone Warehouse Smart Deal of the Week. This is a perfect opportunity for those who may have missed out on the previous deal. Included in the cheapest plan (with TalkMobile - The Carphone Warehouse's virtual UK mobile operator running on the Vodafone network) are 100 minutes per month, accompanied by 5000 SMS and 250MBs of data.

This current offer is open until August 30th, celebrating the month's bank holiday so be sure to act quickly should interest spark. Of course, one who does not desire the Windows Phone on contract can pick up a SIM-free version for £99.95 - an irresistible bargain for anyone seeking a cheap-yet-sturdy smartphone. 

Source: The Carphone Warehouse


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Nokia Lumia 710 available once again at The Carphone Warehouse from just £7.50 a month


Just to update I work at CPW and as of today the offer is £7.50 per month 250 mins 5000 sms and 500mb :-) bargin we are selling loads at the mo stores have the handset in black with either the cyan back or the fuschia back included :-) just thought I would share

I suggested one of these for a friend, i ended up oredering it for them, excellent offer.  they had to cancel the order as the next day they got a phone call from carphone warehouse wanting £100 to finalise the order!!!!.

I got one of these on this deal not a few weeks ago. For the price, it's an absolutely fantastic deal. Couldn't be happier with the phone.

The CPW website says 100 minutes, the Talkmobile website says 250 minutes.  The deal is only on the Talkmobile network, but this is a joint venture between CPW and Vodafone, so reception should be fine at least.

"pick up a SIM-free version for £99.95", I don't think so, on CPW site I can only see Pay as you go at this price. The sim free is £229.95.
Tell me I'm looking in the wrong place!