Nokia Lumia 720 up for pre-order in India

720 Preorder

Seems like just yesterday we gave you our unboxing and first impressions of the new Nokia Lumia 720 (it was). It is an amazing phone, Daniel shared some of the images from the camera – spoiler alert, they are awesome and you’ll be seeing them in a few days in the review. If you can’t wait for our word on whether or not to pick up this phone and happen to be in India, you can go ahead and preorder now.

Filpkart has the Nokia Lumia 720 up for preorder. It will set you back Rs. 18999 (about $348). Not a bad price for all that you get. What do you get? This is what you get:

  • It’s thin (9 mm) and light (128 g)
  • 2000mAh battery (13-15 hours talk time)
  • Expandable memory via microSD
  • Unibody design
  • Optional wireless rechargeable backplates
  • ClearBlack 4.3” IPS display with Super Sensitive Touch
  • NFC
  • 6.7MP rear camera with a super low f/1.9 lens for a larger aperture; front facing camera

It’s a beautiful phone and you’re going to be impressed with the images this camera takes. I only saw it in black and white on Flipkart, not the hot yellow we have. But if you can’t wait to get your hands on it go preorder!

Source: Flipkart (White), (Black)Thanks for the tip Znellu!


Reader comments

Nokia Lumia 720 up for pre-order in India


An intercontinental residence change is looking rather tempting right now.
Still no rumors of this coming to the 'States, right?

Good launch price, now Nokia has covered almost entire market with Lumia 920,820,720,620,520. The sales and marketshare will definitely improve in next 6 months.

So, the 720 gets a 2000 mAh battery while the 820 is stuck with a 1650 mAh. Its like Nokia saying 'You play the long game with 720's long battery and suffer as it only has 512 MB' or 'You play the short game with 820s small battery but better RAM. Also, you suck for buying a 820 when you should have ponied up the dough for a 920'.
Sometimes, I feel like I made a mistake by buying the 820. I wanted removable battery + high end specs. It seems like desiring that is a crime now :(

YES u get better battery on 920 compared to 820 in PHONE CALLS but for games ? 920's battery will be worse than 820 due to screen.
My 3rd iPad gen's battery lasts less than 2nd gen iPad because screen is the culprit.Yes iPad 2's battery capacity is nearly half of what 3 has but iPad 2 gets 1-2 hours better battery life than iPad 3.
Same happens with 820 Vs 920.
If u have a friend who has 920 , try it once.You will be surprised.

I have two friends with windows phone but they are both using 820. Your comment makes sense. More pixels higher battery consumption. 820 is cool again :)