Nokia Lumia 800 survives quick dive in icy waters


Lumia 800

The Lumia 800, a Windows Phone that launched back in 2011 was taken into the depths in Oulu, Finland on Saturday. Kiiminki Egyptian Timo was diving and handed the Lumia 800 to a friend to take photos for the trip album.

Unfortunately the ice broke and the friend (as well as the Windows Phone) fell into the water. One would immediately assume all is lost and a new smartphone will need to be purchased, but it booted up when recovered.

The Lumia 800 was under the surface for some ten minutes, Timo reports. As soon as the device was retrieved, the SIM card was removed from the device and it was turned on a couple hours later after being allowed to dry out. To everyone's surprise, the Windows Phone actually booted up.

The only issue with the device after its dip is the touch display doesn't quite carry out all entered commands, which renders a smartphone almost useless (unless you can put up with the main means of input not working correctly). Apart from that small problem, it's working flawlessly.

What's more is the Lumia 800 also reportedly captured a shot while it was underwater:

Lumia 800

The older Windows Phone is a gem for Nokia as it paved the way for the Lumia 900 and the now popular Lumia 920. With the report from Tim, we can add more success stories to previous filings, including the experience by an owner where the Lumia 800 fell some three stories onto concrete and survived.

It's interesting to see the Windows Phone take a snap underwater before seemingly turning off and being pulled out by the team. Should you own an old Lumia 800 (or any smartphone and electronic device), we don't recommend exposing the product to water.

Source: Iltalehti.fi; thanks, E. Franssi, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 800 survives quick dive in icy waters


I agree, it is the nicest feeling phone I ever held. But I could never go with a screen that small myself and my yellow 920 is an awfully nice close 2nd.

I agree 100%. I wouldn't swap my 920 for the earth, but the 800 is the best looking electronic device this side of the 1950s. Should be put in the tate modern.

went from a Lumia 800 to my 920, and god those are both great phones, the feel and size of the lumia 800 was just perfect imo. Don't get me wrong, now that i have the 920 there is simply no way back.

I've had the 800, 900 and now 920, the 800 still holds a special place in my heart for being my first WP device and one of the best looking/feeling phones I've ever had. I love having the larger screen now though.

I'm telling you, those things are alive! Not only it took a dive in them frozen waters, it even took a picture as a souvenir..

I wonder if the lumia 800 micro USB port is sealed or not? If not, in a matter of milliseconds, when it gets into the water and the USB pins get wet, it will immediately cause a short circuit and the phone switches off. So the chances this is not a fake / advertisement post is like 1:10000000

 Not surprised. My Lumia 800 survived a bath of hot candle wax. Actually, all my Nokias survived the most unusual accidents. And that's why I only buy Nokia, regardless of the OS they bring.

My 920 was knocked out of my hands at a concert, flew through the air, landed on the ground, got stomped on a little bit, and survived without a scratch. :)

How is a problem that "renders a smartphone almost useless" just a "small problem"?  Seems like a fatal problem to me.  Yeah, it's amazing that the phone still worked at all (I would've waited a few days, not hours) but at the end of the day, that phone is destined for the scrap heap same as if it had failed to power on at all.  It doesn't take much to render a device unusable.

How practical is it to change the screen on one of these things?  I imagine this kind of scenario invalidates the warranty.

+2. I've owned a lot of phones and as soon as this came out I knew I had to have one. It's a STONE COLD winner, in this case quite literally... haha :P

I think Nokia should produce a waterproof phone lol. But seeing this really makes me believe Nokia builds tough phones.

Yeah, if I could, I would send it to Liquipel, but they don't support any Windows Phones. :( That would be one of the best features it could have. Just imagine a 920 that was better in every way, but was also waterproof!

IMO it is still the best Twitter app ever made. It sucks the dev revoked the twitter authentication for it this year. I havent been able to find a replacement yet.

Dropped my 710 in the sink while washing dishes. After drying off for a few hours it turned on fine and still going strong

I jumped into a lake with my TITAN in my pocket.
took the cover off and battery out, 6 months later, still going!

As a joke, I picked my son up and threw him into the pool. Unfortunately he didn't go along with it and fought me every step of the way. I went in with him along with my wallet and gen1 Titan. After removing the back and battery and sticking it in a bowl of rice overnight, it worked just fine. That was almost a year ago now. I just wish HTC could have built a better mic into it...Gonna have to replace four gen1 Titans at EOC cuz my family members are blaming the OS for the poor call quality instead of the phone mfr...uphill battle...hope i have better luck with the next gen Lumia later this Fall...

I drpped my E71 into the toilet over 2 years ago. Pulled it apart, cleaned it with distilled water, wiped it off, put it in a sealed container with dried rice for 2 days. Still going strong.

I've always preferred the Lumia 800's design better than the 900 and at a lesser extent, the 920. The one thing that gets me is the small screen. You think that they'd make use of the available space on the glass area...

It's nice to see someone from eqd? here.
Back on topic, when I first saw the Lumia 800 (codename stingray) I was absolutly dying for it to be relased in the US. Ufortunately we got the AT&T exclusive 900 (Not a Bad Phone IMHO), but i just didn't feel as good as my friends 800.

Actually, I'm not from equestriadaily nor am I a member of it. I tend to stay away from the fanbase when no new episodes are being aired (with the exception of image board sites such as derpibooru or paheal.) Nonetheless, I'm still a big fan of the show.
Back to the subject. I never really understood why Nokia never released the Lumia 800 here in the US. Maybe a similar reason why the ATIV S isn't sold in the states as well? (Well, except the part where carriers refused to sell it.)

So that's the light ay the end of the tunnel for phones..
My Lumia 900 took a bath in rubbing alcohol 70% isopropyl. Still alive and kicking. But yeah the 800 is one good looking device. I wish they made the 900 the same just bigger with front facing camera and a curved display, really don't dig this metal border around.

I really love my lumia 800. Its my first windows phone and it keeps me from buying a new one (Lumia 720). People are always asking why i am not putting any cover on my phone. My reply to them is to expose its beautiful design plus it's so durable so what's the need of putting any cover on it??

A few years ago left my old Nokia 6230i in my jeans and threw it in the washer. 10 minutes later was when I realized my phone was in there and took it out; took the battery and everything apart and let it dry for a few days.

Believe it or not, it still works, to this day!