Nokia Lumia 820 to be priced at £379.99 in the UK?

WP Central Nokia Lumia 820 to be priced at £379.99 in the UK

While we ramp up for the launch of Windows 8 next week there is still a fair few questions about pricing for Lumia devices.

Someone has spotted the Lumia 820 going for the sum of £379.99 on a system. As with all such pre-pricing, this could be fact or fiction as nothing has actually been revealed on pricing as yet.

WP Central Nokia Lumia 820 to be priced at £379.99 in the UK

Could this be the price?

While the Lumia 820 is not on par with the HTC 8X that offline price would certainly put it rather close to HTCs hero device. If that price is correct then the 820 will be priced to compete with the 8X, could that be too high?

We don’t have long to wait for everything to be revealed but as with all pricing hints it gives us some clue to where we might be going..

Let us know your take in the comments bellow..

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Thanks to Chris Field for the tip!!


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Nokia Lumia 820 to be priced at £379.99 in the UK?


Seems fine....apart from the display resolution, the 820 is probably much more packed with features than the 8X. but the L900 display is damn good so no one should have much of a problem with the 820 display either.

I wasn't aware that they smoked so much crack in Finland! £379 is well over the odds (if a correct price).

Doesn't really seem that much imo. It's around as much as the euro price that's 450-499 euros depending on country. Especially as pound usually screws the prices compared to euro, not to talk about dollar. 
If we are comparing to HTC Nokia wins in default because of those Nokia's own 19 apps + exclusive apps.

It should be placed between the 8s and the 8x, but maybe a little closer to x8 than 8s, as it is considerably better than 8s...cept for resolutions.

This is a good price for the 820 does anyone know which shop you can buy the surface in London or is it all online ? :-/

I don't really see why it shouldn't be in the same price bracket as the 8x. The display has lower resolution, yes, and the design not as great as the 8x, but it has got pros of its own (e.g. the synaptics touchscreen and nokia apps) which level out the differences. It'll be interesting to see how this one does.

I agree with you except for the display. Lumia 900 has the same display which looks great. It has clearblack and less resolution may help it to out perform 8x in processing power

No it does not, it has stand screen, i think like the L900 just with Gorilla Glass 2.... no super sensitive - perhaps im remember wrong and it just doesn't have the + update screen... im consusing myself now :-/

When was the Samsung Ativ S shown? What are the specs? How much does it weigh? What's the screen resolution? How much memory and ram does it have? What is the mega pixel camera? Does it have NFC? Does it have a price? And finally when will it be available and to which carrier? Just trying to change the subject. Heard enough of Nokia and know more than enough of it too.

Woah fella, relieve some of your tension. You should have ignored the page & visited one of your usual pages. Take a chill pill and, aaah, relax!

I guess there's no Samsung insider here to answer these legitimate questions but I can say that the editorial team at WP Central is very hardworkig and they try to update us with all the WP news  as soon as they come in  from the legitimate sources. The problem here is that Sammy, even at this eleventh hour of W8 and WP8 launch, is ferociously lauching Android phones and tablets at expense of their Windows products. We can only keep our fingers crossed and hope the questions you just posted will be answered sooner than later.

So for £30-50 more you can purchase the HTC which gives all the following extras:
• Lack of support
• Bad reception
• Chances of a larger/better phone in 4 months
• No updates to hardware issues
• Minimal software support
• HTC Hub :)

No Supper sensitive touch screen
No Nokia apps
copy cat phone
Changable covers
Removeable battery..
Dont know who in their right mind would buy 8X over 820.. (or 920)

I think it is the right choice to do so, because Nokia wants to show that 8X is almost nothing compared to Lumia 920, which means the Lumia 920 is the finest premium WP8 phone, while the
HTC 8X is only compared with the second runners up such as the Lumia 820 and so on.
And the price can always drop a bit later.

That looks like the stock management system for The Carphone Warehouse. You can be certain this is their pricing for the 820.