Nokia Lumia 900 announced at CES 2012

Lumia 900 CES

It's official. Well, more official than it was prior to the presentation from Nokia. The Lumia 900 LTE is here, and it's everything we all expected. Packing a 1.4Ghz chip, 1830mAh battery, sporting a 4.3" AMOLED ClearBlack display, Carl Zeiss optics on the rear camera, it's basically an enlarged version of the 800. The added bonus (for many) is the included front-facing camera (which can be seen in the photo below, and has f2.4 aperture), and overall us Europeans are stood feeling helplessly jealous with our Titan MK I friends (thanks to the beefy HTC Titan II).

The handset will be available in black and cyan varieties initially (more colours could be added in the future), and will be available exclusively to AT&T. Apologies to those who are on other networks. Although, on a positive note, this is a sign of the carrier actually getting behind the platform and with Nokia advertising like no one's business, we should see some positive results in terms of sales. Here's hoping anyway. Oh, and some apps will be bundled, including the likes of CNN, and AT&T with a U-verse Mobile application.

Be sure to keep up-to-date with our live blog, which is currently still running full steam ahead. More photos after the break (including Ralph de la Vega from AT&T).


Lumia 900 FF

Lumia 900 Apps

Lumia 900 Ralph de la Vega



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Nokia Lumia 900 announced at CES 2012


The camera has the same aperture as the 800. I suspect it's identical, and it's got the same 8 MP. I'm sure they would have made a big deal of a bigger number.

Exciting phone, but more waiting for pricing and official release date. And no word on availability of 800 - why did they run it through FCC?

This is BULL......Why is it AT&T are the only ones to have the balls to get behind a platform? First it was Apple and now its Winmo. I know my screen name says HD7 but i just switched to Sprint and am now sporting an Arrive which is "ok" to say the least but i want a high end device. Sprint better surprise me with something or i will definitely leave as soon as my contract is up.

what's winmo? ;)
haha at least you guys HAVE IT in the US! canada is a WASTELAND of dead 1st gen windows phones!!! we need nokia to revitalize this important smartphone market!

Well I'm sold. 

Just hoping that we'll get an update re. Canada, but I'll start saving those loonies until then.

wpcentral did make an article a week ago speculating lumia 710 and 900 coming to canada in future months. but if it'll take months for 900 to be available in the US, imagine how long we have to wait till it's available in canada...

As a developer, I'd love to have this or the Titan II. But then there's something to be said for testing on relatively crappy, outdated equipment. Then you know it will work great on the new stuff. That's some consolation given that I can't spring for a new AT&T phone for another year and Verizon is (expletives deleted) just a bunch of (expletive deleted).

How many times does it have to be said  dont blame ATT dont blame MS dont blame Nokia  evrryone had a chance to be the carrier for Nokia  and ATT won. Blame TMo blame VZN blame Sprint.  I am sorry for everyone else  but I am happy for ATT  thats my carrier and probably always will be!  Service here where I live is just fine.  LTE supposedly by the end of the year.  But HSPA+  on THO 1700 AWS band  would be theoretically 44 MBPS (yeah right)

That mindset works if you're Apple. And even Apple had to put up with a LOT of groaning about AT&T exclusivity.
WP7 is nowhere near well-established enough to get away with that thinking. If they have any aspirations to be the "third major player" in the US, it is imperative for Microsoft to be proactive in ensuring wider distribution of WP7 products.

I agree with jaf1...It's the carrier's responsibility to chose the devices that THEY want to carry.  Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint DID NOT want this device, or a CDMA variant.  For all we know, T-Mobile may have only wanted to throw Nokia a bone by carrying the Lumia 710, just because they've carried Nokia devices in the past.
Nokia nor Microsoft can force Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile to carry these devices; the carriers ultimately makes the final decision.

And it's MS's responsibility to find out why other carriers don't want WP7 handsets and to address those concerns. That's what I meant by being proactive.
I'm not sure we're really disagreeing about very much.

Great handset? Yes
Great enough to sign another contract with AT&T? No
I'll sit this one out for now with the Europeans and Canadians.

I own a Samsung Focus S, and the specs are almost the same...What am I missing here.... Why should I care about the Nokia 900 when the Samsung i937 packs the same punch as the 900....can someone help me with this one?
Why wait for a Nokia when you can own the Focus S today....again what am I missing?

LTE. Presumably the Nokia 900 also has a more attractive industrial design / build quality and better camera. 
Don't get me wrong, the Focus S is great. Maybe the best non-LTE handset?

rarrcom...Only you can answer that.  But....
just to name a few things that  I am NOT missing by choosing a Focus S or Titan I or II:  A uniquely designed, aesthetically pleasing device, with industry leading telephony specs, exclusive content to 20 EA games, a f2.4 aperature ffc, choice of colors, a plethora of Nokia accessories, free offline navigation, and a device that is supported by a top notch company!
Nokia FTW :)

I too have the Focus S, and it is great! No real complaints. If I had LTE in my area I would be more interested. Yes, historically, Nokia makes great hardware, and the Lumia 800 proves that. I will probably get the 900 because it is the next sweet Windows Phone, but not because it is leaps and bounds ahead of my Focus S.

I would like to wish Nokia, Microsoft and ATT&T the best of luck on their joint venture in the US. Anything that puts a positive spin on Nokia and WP7 can only be a good thing in my book and I hope they have nothing but success.

Unless there is an unmentioned microSD slot, The 16gb limit on the Nokia 900 means I won't be getting this phone. My 1st Gen Focus will just have to soldier on.

I felt the same way about storage until my focus stopped reading my SD card, now I'm like fu*k it. 

Well, if we had high storage, we wouldn't have to use sd cards :-(.
Sorry to hear about your Focus.

I would totally get this phone, except my contract is up for renewal on 11/2012. By that time, Apollo or WP8 might be out, so I might as well just stick with my trusty HD7 until then :)

I am sooooo happy!  If my Focus wasn't FREE, I would return it.  Haaa.  
I'll just use the upgrade from another line.