Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T set to drop to $49.99 this Sunday?

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With news this week that Nokia has had mild to moderate success on AT&T with the Lumia 900 we should not be surprised to hear that a price drop is coming. After all, the phone has been out now for nearly four months and product cycles dictate that there is always something better down the line.

We’re hearing from an AT&T employee (and we verified with someone higher up in the food chain) that the flagship Windows Phone is set to get a $50 price cut this Sunday and will now be offered for $49.99 on a two-year contract--all colors.  That’s in addition to AT&T stores still offering $50 in free accessories making the Lumia 900 a decent deal for new users looking for a solid smartphone.

This Sunday is also a big day for Nokia and AT&T as the pink Lumia 900 is also going on sale, a carrier exclusive. The combo of a pink Lumia 900 for the ladies along with a $50 price tag should give the phone a modest boost in sales--at least that’s probably what AT&T and Nokia are hoping. It should be interesting to see if sales are brisk or stagnant in a few days from now.

Curiously, the Lumia 900 is still the #3 best-seller for AT&T phones on Amazon Wireless and has remained in the position for quite some time. While Amazon Wireless is not a direct reflection on overall sales, it’s a good sign that at least some people are buying it.

Are any of our readers looking to pick up the pink Lumia 900 this weekend for their woman-folk? Does the $50 price tag make it that much sweeter or do you think it won’t matter with sales? Thanks, Danny, for the tip


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Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T set to drop to $49.99 this Sunday?


Every phone u get gets a 30 day so take the phone back for another one and then that phone gets a 30 day u can keep on doing it until u get wat u want

I don't think that will work because some carries give you 30min talk time within that 30 day period. That's what Rogers does here in Canada.

Restocking fee yea but I'm on At&t and wen I took my cyan lumia back for another cyan lumia cuz I had that battery problem( plus I just wanted a newer one ) lol the guy forgot to charge me and they told me that every phone has a 30 day window

they didn't charge you a restocking fee because you got an exact same model.  if you would have changed to another phone or color, trust me, he would have charged you.  att only charges you restocking fee when you are getting a completely different model or color. plus you had battery problems so they aren't going to charge you a fee sinceyou  have a defective phone. 

Is sad to say this, but Microsoft has the worst marketing team in the hole world, they can priced the lumia for 0.1 and it won't sell why, no wp8, I sold my lumia on craigslist is was pretty much new and all I got was 180 lol now I have a galaxy s3, if they don't change their game I'm no Goin back.

I know, right? I do not like that pink. Something about it is just vile. I personally think all phones should be black or silver (and I'm a graphics designer who loves color)! Ha!! But seriously, $50 isn't bad for a phone on AT&T. On the 4G LTE network it swims. 

Amazon is cool n all but doing a contract with them isn't a good idea its best to stick with the carrier so others don't screw u over and bill u crazy bills on contract

I've gotten all but my first phone off of Amazon and never gotten crazy bills and never paid more the a penny...

Your getting it from Amazon but the contract has nothing to do with Amazon. It goes through AT&T just like if you went to a AT&T store. Amazon wireless is just a partner not it's own serive plan.

Because I dont think I can put up with Sprint for another couple of months and the lumia 900 is a pretty slick phone

Heck yeah, going to get one outright for the wife! Perfect color for her. Wish they had physical inventory of it :( oh well should ship quickly! We don't need the latest and greatest, just something good.

The average person has no clue about win8 and that's the people who will be getting this phone and loving the hell out of it

This blog posting saddens me because there should be no doubt about getting the lumia 900. It is by far my favorite phone and coolist OS system I've had. And im no regular smartphone user, im a powerhouse user. RSS, Facebook, twitter, messaging, talk, email, browser, music, manage priorities, research, watch movies, etc, and etc....WP operating system is fun and easy.

too bad ATT forces you into a data plan for these phones.  I'd like to get several for people who are wifi only.

I'm not planning on getting the pink 900 because I'm waiting for the WP8 to come out. That said, the price cut should help boost sales a little bit, I would think. If you're new to smartphones or just WP, you're probably not as savvy about product development and have no idea about WP8 yet. That should help prevent the Osborne Effect to some extent.

I bought mine for 48.88 at Sams Cluyb several months ago.  I already an unlimited data plan so I kept that.

You can get the black, cyan or white Lumia 900 off Amazon wireless for $0.01. New contract or upgrade. And that is for AT&T through Amazon. Just ordered my wife the cyan one. And free 2nd day shipping included.

yeah but last time i called amazon and they said i could only get the $30 or $50 data plan. There was no option for the 300MB plan.  They said that if I got the $30 plan and then changed it within 6 months, they would charge me $250 because they wouldn't get the commission for the phone.

very true. you have to select either the $30 or $50 plan through Amazon. that being said it is still a killer deal for $0.01! we already use the $30 plan so no biggie for us.

Fiancee was waiting for this until we heard WP8 wouldn't support any WP7 devices :( We'll wait and hope that a pink WP8 device comes out and she'll pick it up then.