Nokia Lumia 900 beats out the iPhone 4s and Galaxy S for best display

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In what looks to be another nice win under the belt of the Lumia 900, Nokia took away the top prize in DisplayMate's shootout of displays for tablets and smartphones.

The test involves shinning light on to the displays with various levels and then putting the screenshots onto their "Master Photo Grid" for direct comparison. For a more nuanced description, we refer to you DisplayMate:

"We photographed 4 Tablets and 5 Smartphones inside an Integrating Hemisphere using a powerful light source that uniformly illuminates the displays from all directions from 0 lux (Absolute Darkness) up through 40,000 lux (Indirect Sunlight), which is very bright. Direct Sunlight at noon is a blinding 100,000 lux."

We're just going to go ahead and defer to them on the science part.

The results have the Lumia 900 at the top with the Galaxy S just edging out the iPhone 4S for number two. There's no doubt that what contributed to the win for Nokia was their ClearBlack polarizng screen technology, which filters out the bad waves of sunlight, helping reduce glare and keeping the AMOLED colors super vibrant (some may say too vibrant.

In fact, DisplayMate said that Nokia Lumia 900 had the lowest reflectance of any device on the market, meaning that the ability for the display to reflect light and cause a glare was markedly reduced on the AT&T "hero" phone compared to the competition.

Overall, it's a great win and a great headline for Nokia.

Source: Displaymate; via: the Verge


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Nokia Lumia 900 beats out the iPhone 4s and Galaxy S for best display


Pretty sure if they tested the One X it would've won. Strange they used a flagship from WP and a flagship from iOS but a two year old device with old screen technology for Android. Just saying, the One X's screen is superior to any screen on the market.

scanning trough some reviews, the one x is quite bad in sunlight, so no, it would most likely not win that contest here. it's about it's reflectivity, not about anything else.

I'm sure it's nice but this test probably took a few weeks and the One X is not widely available yet in the US, probably inhibiting the test.

There's always something "better" either out there or just around the corner. Doesn't make the test in valid as it still gives a baseline.

And as noted above, this was more about reflecdtivity of light and saturation of colors in light than about resolution which is a chimp comparison i.e. higher = better.

Well, I have the one x, and the Lumia 900. And I can honestly say the SLCD2 display on the one x is BETTER in direct sunlight than the lumia. I'm not joking. HTC have done some amazing stuff with this panel. That isn't to say I feel the 900's display is poor, far from it, but it certainly pales in comparison to the one x, especially in colour reproduction and sharpness.

Haven't seen them both so I can't say but everybody perceives things differently visually. Go into best buy and ask a dozen people which tv has the best picture and you'll probably get a dozen different answers. Bottom line the 900 has a great screen, lets not turn it into a pissing contest.

Lol you mean a $99 dollar phone has great features?????? No way.

Love my free phone, thanks Nokia for the $100.

I have HTC and it's screen sucks on sunlight. So, I'll go for anything but HTC (One, Two, Ten, X, XXX - it's the same, HTC don't know how to build phone with quality screen). That's it! I prefer Europe over Korea...

Never really had many issues with my htc's I've owned.. Not enough to put me off buying anyway.. But anyway a win for Nokia.. Top job!

I don't know if DisplayMate changed the title of the source article but the WPCentral version's title is a bit misleading. Here is the source title: "Tablet and Smartphone Displays Under Bright Ambient Lighting Shoot-Out"

Just wait till the Nokia Lumia 1000 comes out. It will have a even better HD screen, with improved clear black technology.

Kudos to Nokia for their CBD technology!   Still a mystery why they didn't include it on the N8 - their flagship at the time; I guess the 12MP camera with Xenon/CZ will have to suffice :(

I don't want to be THAT GUY but the article header is wrong.  The 900 beat out the iPhone 4, not the iPhone 4s.  Now, we all know it's the same screen but it's not the same SKU.  Technically, it's wrong. 

It will be absolutely stunning to see a Nokia screen in its full HD glory closer to 2013.

Hope they ditch AMOLED though for truer whites produced by SLCD2.

Why though? Sure it's nice on the homescreen but who stares at that all day? I would venture most people are in the browser or emailing/texting which requires strong reproduction of whites. SLCD2 produces good enough blacks that nobody will miss AMOLED.

cause the metro design is very clean and minimalist, it uses alot of black, even apps are adopting the black background. The AMOLED screen produces good enough whites for me. It doesn't bother me. The lack of deep blacks on LCD bothers me more and lack of saturation. LCD screens look washed out in comparision but it's all opinions. I just prefer AMOLED and I just love how I can't even tell the difference from the screen and the border. The content on screen just looks like it's floating on the device

Cool. I hear ya as far as Metro and having enough color saturation with the whole UI theme. There is no question on LCD the Metro colors look washed out which makes me wonder what it would look like on an HD SLCD2 that for now is being denied us.

The Galaxy S is 2  years old. What's the point? Both screens are made by Samsung anyway. Nokia just put a filter over the screen.

I think people here are confusing "best display" with "lowest reflective display". The Lumia may be the best at reducing glare, but thats kinda outweighed when you view the competitions screens. I think a fairer title would be "Best Windows Phone Screen"