Nokia Lumia 900 Case Review: Ecolife ELAN Side Case

Ecolife ELAN case for Nokia Lumia 900

The Ecolife ELAN side case for the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone is a bit unique in that they are made from re-cycled materials (plastic from water bottles). Ecolife cases are environmentally friendly, durable and a nice choice if you prefer to carry your Windows Phone on your belt.

Ecolife ELAN Case for the Lumia 900

The Lumia 900 is a bit snug in the case but after a few days, the case relaxes just enough to get rid of the tightness. At both ends of the ELAN case is a stretchy material that helps give the case a little wiggle room as well.  The ELAN case holds the Lumia 900 in place nicely with a large, magnet flap. The ELAN case is fitted with a wide belt clip that fits snugly on your belt.  The wider belt clip reduces any wiggle the case may have while on the belt.

Ecolife ELAN belt clip

The case is well built with no loose seams present. I can attest that the Ecolife cases are durable in that I've been using one that has transitioned from the HTC HD7S to the Titan and now the Titan II. The cases will eventually show wear but that simply adds character to the case.

Ecolife ELAN with Lumia 900

The only downside to the ELAN is the bottom cutout. The cutout gives you an access point to push up on the phone when removing it from the case. The problem comes into play when you place the Lumia 900 in the case button side down. The power button is fully exposed and is prone to accidental activation. You will need to make an assertive effort to place the Lumia 900 in this case button side up.

Otherwise, it's a very nice case for your Nokia Lumia 900. The ELAN case is currently running $19.95. You can find the Ecolife ELAN case for the Nokia Lumia 900 here at the WPCentral.com Accessory Store.

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Reader comments

Nokia Lumia 900 Case Review: Ecolife ELAN Side Case


Can you find us a case/holder that would work well at the gym? This case with flap does not seem very workout friendly...

Speaking only for the quality of the recycled materials, I have a vertical case made by them that I have been using for about three years.  It is still holding up, and looks good.  I have cut off only one stray thread.
I did not like the clip that came on it (I think it had a swivel if I remember right - I hate those - but swivel or not, it was a cheap clip), so I took the nice solid clip that was on my worn-out Nite-Ize case, and (since I worked in a factory that made seats for the auto industry) had one of our quality guys sew it on to this case.  I love the case, and it has held up to my abuse better than I would have expected from "recycled" materials.

I can't deny that it's nice to have a unified resource for any and every WP accessory. I didn't buy my case from WPC store, but still used it to check out all the options.

I appreciate what WPCentral is trying to do. I love the concept of the store, but so far the options are all pretty ugly. I know style is a very personal thing, so maybe I'm out of touch here. 
I ended up with a slim leather wallet case - there's a few out there that really look great.