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Nokia Lumia 900 Case Review: Smartphone Experts Top Case

Smartphone Experts Top Case for Lumia 900

Granted not everyone will pocket carry their Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone. Some may prefer a belt case and if you like color choices, the Smartphone Experts Top Case is worth considering.  It is a vertical case that rides comfortably on the belt and offers a modest amount of protection for your Nokia Lumia 900.

Smartphone Experts Top Case

The Smartphone Experts Top Case comes in three color options; tan, black and red. The case's outer shell is leather and the Top Case is lined with soft felt. The case has just enough just enough padding to offer some protection without adding bulk.

Smartphone Experts Top Case back

The Nokia Lumia 900 is held in place by a single strap with magnetic closure.  A stationary metal clip wrapped in leather is on the back of the case.  The Top Case rides comfortably on the belt and the Lumia 900 fits snugly inside the case.  The Lumia 900's square corners extend just enough to get a grip on the Windows Phone when you need to remove it from the case. 

I wouldn't mind seeing the Lumia 900 sit a little lower in the case but as is, it'll do.  Another change I wouldn't mind seeing is a wider belt clip.  You do have a little wiggle in the case when it is on your belt.  Not enough to make you feel as if the case is going to pop off your belt, but enough to be noticeable.

Smartphone Experts Top Case with Lumia 900

The Smartphone Experts Top Case is well made case. I've used similar with the Samsung Focus and Samsung Focus S and they've held up rather nicely over time.  In using the Smartphone Experts Top Case over the past few days, the case does a nice job with the Nokia Lumia 900 and should hold up equally as well.

The SPE Top Case for the Nokia Lumia 900 is currently running $24.95 and you can find it here at the Accessory Store.

QR: Smartphone Experts Top Case


Reader comments

Nokia Lumia 900 Case Review: Smartphone Experts Top Case


Case Review??? What a lol... Is just one more excuse to make another lumia, lumia, lumia, lumia, lumia ....ufff threat

I am far from vain and not really a keen follower of the latest fashion, but i would never stick such a leather thing on my belt.

No, not something I would wear.  My Lumia 900 fits fine next to my wallet in my front pocket, and is made of a tough material, so it won't scratch easy.  No case needed really.

I'm not one to accessorize my gadgets, nor am I the type to be fashion crazy; I do have a sense of style though.
I have a pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction leather shoes that are "Cognac" colored, and it matches PERFECTLY with that case.  Already have outfit ideas.

Just what I've been looking for. I work in a professional environment and I can't stand having my phone in a pocket. I always purchase case/holster combos for my phones. This is not the best looking case but it should suit my needs. I never understood why people keep their phones in a pocket. Maybe it's just me......

I used to carry my phone in a holster on my belt. I had a couple of SPE cases and they were excellent. Now I put my phone in the coin pocket inside my front pocket.

I purchased this case in black.  My Lumia 900 with the form fitting gel case does not fit properly in the case.  It sticks out of the top and it is very difficult to close the clasp.   I don't  know if I want to return it since it cost me shipping to my house and then the return a total of about $12 to return an item.  Not a bargain.