Nokia Lumia 900 now available in Singapore on SingTel

Noka ad

Nokia launched the Lumia 900 in Singapore with a media blitz

We mentioned last week that Singapore was due to receive the Nokia Lumia 900 on May 26th and sure enough, the flagship Windows Phone has launched today on SingTel and at various locations. It joins the previously launched Lumia 710 and 800 in the region.

The device seems priced well, S$248 which according to the site WP7SG is "considerably cheap" as the HTC One X  is being offered at S$318 on the same contract.--that's important and good news as the One X is considerable competition.

What's more, advertising for the device, while a bit late for WP7SG's tastes seems quite ubiquitous with no less than four ads in The Straits Times for StarHub, SingTel, Nokia and M1. However, the papers TODAY! or The New Paper did not carry ads at least not yet.

Ads in Singapore's The Straits Times

Two more ads for the Lumia 900 in the paper

Nokia's Facebook page did boast the fact that the first five customers to their Nokia stores who purchase the Lumia 900 will get a free Xbox 360 Kinect Holiday Bundle, which is a heck of a deal and some great enticement. Since the 900 is off contract there at the Nokia stores, the price is considerably higher: S$849 at Nokia Store and "approximately S$720 at some stores such as Adix"

Featuring a 4.3" Super AMOLED screen with ClearBlack, 16GB of storage and an 8MP rear camera (plus front facing), the Lumia 900 ships with OS 87730 ("Tango") and should make quite a splash in Singapore.

Source: WP7SG; Thanks, ReignOfComputer, for the tip


Reader comments

Nokia Lumia 900 now available in Singapore on SingTel


Yeah it is, exactly the same as the one on my HTC Titan. 
Either Nokia has access to other OEM markets, or the marketers are fucking stupid.

LOL.. yes those are HTC stock apps... you're very observant.
I purchased Lumia 900 today off contract for S$850, being 1 of the first 5 customers I've recieved XBox 360 with Kinect 4GB. not a bad deal I say.

You are one lucky guy, I blame the Nokia Staff at Jurong point for allowing pre-order for the XBox.
There's only 2 XBox available this morning and between me and my friend we can only have one.

I saw your comments on facebook..felt very sorry for you. you should sue Nokia Singapore for this.. because this free gift is not applicable for pre-order. if pre-orders are accpeted then why there is announcement. for sure JP staff must have given it to their friends.. you must take it to consumer court for misleading/false advertising. if you've collected some sort of evidence that you're among first 5 customer at that store by right you should recieve XBox too.

Actually the one you mentioned on facebook that is the other Chinese guy that was on the queue with me and my friend. ( so 2 of us and they 3)
fortunally due to the order of the queue, us and them managed to get at least one.
I don't blame them for this, although it may be possible that the staff ordered it for themselves since its inconsistent to stores like causeway point & Vivo where they don't allow preorder (I am very sure about this cause I called down)

I can only blame myself for joining the queue with my friend at Jurong Point when I am the first at 6am causeway point. Queuing alone is boring :(

Ohh man.. Their queue system is so fuked up.Lucky I went to parkway parade. Even me too I looked like fool queuing alone since 7am. But fortunately, it's all worth the effort. Now you making me feel lucky .. Your efforts gone in vain. Sad man, I'm quite sure this pre-order story is all they are bullshitting with you.

I just bought one from Amazon for 379 USD, new Cyan Lumia 900 from AT&T.
Will be waiting for it to be shipped over to Singapore & I will be buying unlock code :)

Yeah I know but AT&T's exclusive is now up, and it should usually be released soon.
HTC titan took a month or so previously.

Yeah I know but AT&T's exclusive is now up, and it should usually be released soon.
HTC titan took a month or so previously.

Also the USPS don't allow shipment of cellular phones anymore so you would need to go through UPS or FedEx