Nokia Lumia 900 owners, how's your battery life?

Nokia Lumia 900 battery issues?

There's a discussion going on in the WPCentral Discussions Forums about the Nokia Lumia 900's battery life. It appears that some Lumia 900 owners aren't experiencing the greatest of battery life from their new Windows Phone.

Tweetwp7 reports that their HTC Titan's battery would be around the 60% level at the end of the day while the Lumia 900 is at 45%. Red Grenadine, on the other hand, reports fantastic battery life.

Personally, I had stellar battery life on my Lumia 900 for the first five days and that's with heavy use trying to compare the Lumia 900 with the HTC Titan II. Then the other day the connectivity issues struck and my battery life dropped like a rock. I'm seeing about 40% left after eight hours of use where the Titan II is in the 55-60% range.  In the time it took to write this article (about twenty minutes) I saw the Lumia 900's battery drop 3%.

In checking out the battery performance using Nokia's Diagnostic Tools (you can install them by dialing ##634#) my battery discharge rate ranges from 100mA to 500mA while the Lumia 900 is sitting idle (no wifi, BT, no live tiles, no apps running in the background, etc). Now I'm no electrical engineer but that doesn't seem right.

There could be a direct correlation between the connectivity issues and the battery drain or it could be a separate issue all together. We'll have to wait and see when the fix rolls out in the next few days to see if the battery performance improves as well as the data connections.  Our fingers will be crossed that it does the trick.

If you've seen a change in your battery performance on the Lumia 900, feel free to sound off in the comments or over in this WPCentral Forums discussion.

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 900 owners, how's your battery life?


Mine has been decent but I can't put the phone down. One strange thing I have found is after charging the battery indicator is never full. Also when I am at work my battery is halfway down before lunch. My phone is probably looking for a connection so I switch to flight mode.

Have you conditioned your battery? Did you charge it fully after opening it, then drain it completely till it shuts off?

500mA? The 800 didn't even spike that high and we thought we had bad battery life! I would say this connection bug is more than likely related to it.

I would highly recommend letting it drain completely! I found last night that even though it told me it was critical at 7:30PM it went on to work with normal use through 1:00AM! I too thought it wasn't all that stellar till I realized that perhaps it simply hasn't learned its own capacity just yet. I am letting it drain completely again today to see how it does. Perhaps a few cycles of this will help the indicator be more accurate?

Completely draining a lithium ion battery frequently or on a regular basis will permanently degrade its performance. You think battery life is sketchy now, keep it up.

I'm pretty sure its the connectivity issues because on my HTC Trophy it the battery level drops extremely fast and the battery also heats up whenever I have low reception or if I'm using 1X I'm wondering if windows phone tries to boost the signal somehow when it is slow I don't even use much data per month only about 500mb/month out of my Unlimited (It's probably because Verizons 3g is so damn slow and I don't like doing anything or don't have time!)
Edit: Reading the post above mine It could just need a couple cycles now that the power levels spike to high levels since the battery level is based off of how much power is being sucked out on average at a time... I'll be using my phone and it says it has about 1 hour of battery left so I put it in my pocket to save battery... 1 hour later it says it has 3 hours on battery so unless I give off energy  and charge it its just an estimate.

I honestly do not know what is normal and what isn't. So I'll throw it out there and see what everyone says.

I have 6~7 email accounts running 3 "As soon as items arrive" and the rest for 15 minutes. I am usually playing the "AlphaJax" game and the "Words by Post" in an often basis. I have the WPCentral app running as a live tile. I play the "Orb" game occasionally as well
I turn on Bluetooth for 45 mins twice for my train ride, once from home and once going back home, otherwise always off. I get around 9-10 hours at most. My current power draw is 289ma.
Can anyone tell me if that is out of the ordinary?

With 3 email accounts set that way I'm surprised you get that much battery life. Overall, you must not actually use your phone much during the day (i.e. have screen on)

Question: Why would you suggest that 3 push email accounts would drain your battery? Your phone is connected to Microsoft's servers  nearly constantly 24/7, at a very low power level, whether or not you use push email. When a message comes in to their server, power gets boosted and it get's pushed. Unless you get push emails more often that every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, my guess is that push is using less power than the 15 minute email checks.

I get up 8 am and by the time i go to bed at 11-12 am, my battery life has ranged from 10-20% left. 
This comes with hours of surfing, some games, texting through whatsapp, mostly on the LTE/4g network, wifi from 6pm- 12am, multiple live tiles and instant email updates, minimal calling. 
I think i've had pretty good battery, my focus s would of been dead by 9pm
My battery charge says 100% in the morning under settings, battery saver. 
I am at 57% now here close to 3 pm and up since 8 am which is 6 hours.  Battery saver says 9 hours left to go.  Take into account my battery draining about 20% during lunch as i surf and play games 1-1.5 hours straight. 
All in all, i think my battery is really good.  When i would do this with my focus s, i would be at 40% and under and that is without email instant pushing, less live tiles. 
My range is between 80-130mA right now.  I never had any data issues either. 

My battery life is great. I keep WiFi and Bluetooth on 24/7 but I set the screen brightness to automatic. I set up my 5 email accounts to sync every 30 minutes and only 7 of my live tiles are set to update/refresh every hour. I try not to run alot of background tasks and I mostly stream video when on WiFi. I easily get through 14-16 hours on a single charge with 25-30% of the battery remaining.

Compared to the Titan it's pretty awful. I hope they release a firmware update for it soon. Right now it's like my Pre2 all over again.

Wow that sucks...i am getting at least 3 times the battery life of my Pre+. My discharge ranges from 75-130 or so. With occasional spikes in the 2-300 range. But they never last more than a few seconds.

Mine usually gets wiped out during the course of a day with 1-2 hours on the phone, and about 1-3 hours of light usage (e.g., edit Contacts or read Kindle book). I do not have power saving features turned on, and I'm running Wifi & cellular consistently. No live tiles from apps beyond what came with the OS, no music, videos, or games. Our house has poor cellular reception, so it may be straining to stay checked in with the tower. I haven't experienced the data connectivity issue, so I'm skeptical it's related to that. I do admit I was hoping I wouldn't be running low by 9-10 p.m.

Mine has been great so far. When I was in an ATT store this week there was actually a MS rep in and he said to be sure you use the Nokia charger to get the max out of your battery. I also read the same thing on a thread over on XDA. They said other chargers wont really charge the phone to its max.

I had 6 "I heart Radio" live tiles pinned to my start screen and it drained my battery super fast.  I unpinned them and my battery time is now great.  I'm 80% sure it was the "i heart radio" app that caused my battery to drain super fast.

The first day I owned the phone, my battery life went down very slowly for the first 12 hours or so (only dropped 10%, which given my usage, is impressive). Then, at about 9:00pm at night it started hemhorraging battery power (when I went to bed, it was at 70% power, and when I woke up, it was at 15%), which is pretty bad. My HTC Titan would typically only drop 5-10% overnight.
However, I rebooted the phone the next morning, and after it charged, battery life promptly started being stellar again. It's the next day now, and battery life continues to be excellent. I'm very satisfied with it.

Best battery life I've seen yet. Blows my focus1 out of the water, and destroys my friends' phones, both ios and droid.

I've had a day or two when I thought it went awfully fast. Same day I had the data issue, so I bet that was it. The battery has been much better these past couple days, lose something like 7% an hour with a pair of calls, (~35 mins total), few texts, and a little light gaming/web use. I'm accustomed to my iPad and dumb phone going a few days so my expectations are probably just too high.

Idle discharge is 100-116, one peak to 500 that then hovered around 2-300 for maybe 15 seconds. Wifi and data on, Korean cyan model if that helps.

After 12 hours, I'm at 47% with around only 10 minutes phone use, 1 hour browsing / app use, and 40 minutes MetroRadio. Running around 110 mA. Most days I do seem to hit critical towards the end. Overall not bad but I had hoped to actually never even think about it.

no issue with battery life.  charged it yesterday morning, left it over night without charging.  Just noticed its at 32%, battery saver reports 7hours remaining, its 5:55pm now.   light usage.

so far so good; 100% charged at 620am, its now 711 pm : i have 52% left: 12 hrs ago: i use my phone alot at work: lots of pictures and text and a few calls, no games and not alot of internet use: i do have GPS on all daya dn WIFI on all day... very pleased with the battery life so far: the camera is a different issue...
atlanta ga

I've used mine alot, it dies fast. I have a couple live tiles, and I play civilization revolution and Sims 3 and browse music and use gps/maps I'm constantly using it. I think Nokia could do better with a firmware update and I think MS could update the OS to better use batter for live tiles and radio support (by radio I mean 3g, 4G/ LTE, BT and WiFi). But for now I also think I need to do some power cycles to drain it till it shuts off and then charge it all the way again to condition it proper. If you haven't done this, then you might not have max power capacity.

Compared to the Evo I changed from, its an improvement. I take it off the charger at 530 and usually make it with 30% come 5pm. I do check it quite a bit at work but nothing to intensive. Would be nice to get the almost 2 full days some of you are talking about as it would be a nice bonus to an already incredible phone.

My L900 has been holding up fine, only notice the battery drop if I'm heavily gaming on the phone for a long period time (45min to hour - long train ride to work).  But I have noticed the battery takes a long time to charge up and when I plug in the USB cord to charge it doesn't recognize it right away like my Focus does.  On Monday, I was listening to music through the car Bluetooth Audio and my phone froze up and was showing me a low battery picture, eventhough it was plugged in and had 70% battery left (soft reset holding the power button brought it back to life).  And today I was using my phone at my desk and it just froze up and I couldn't do anything to get it to reboot and then it finally restarted.  I really hope the firmware fixes this or else I'm going back to the store to get a new one.

Nokia devices fast charge with cord, not with the usb cable.  I think its a 1-hour charge if you use your wall charger.
Otherwise, it sounds like you have the bug, i'd take the phone back and get them to update it for you in-store; or exchange for one already updated.   Luckily, no bug here.
Good Luck.

Mine last me from 5:am - 10:pm. Its not drained, but i put it on the charger at 10:pm until 1:00am. So actually, it lasts from 1:00am-10:00pm. My battery meter reads full....

guys it's a microsoft issue..... the WP OS is wrong coded!
when u turn on, it disables everything and when u turn it off it enables everything even if it is selected as 'not enabled'

one of the bigger issues of WP is that it 'itself' enables stuff inside the settings page (even if they appear as disabled) ...... what u should do daily on the phone is , 
go to settings and enable 'everything'
then disable the options u want 'disabled' 
and 'voila' the battery lasts a lot again now ;)

Mine is just ok. Off charge at 6 am and with 3 hours of talk and light usage o am below 10% by 8 pm

My batter life also sucks a$$. It drains like crazy, even when I'm not doing anything. I thought I was the only one having this problem, but it seems this is a serious issue.

No problem here. I spent time in the art store yesterday and the Manager was streaming his personal mix to their Bluetooth speaker all day (over 6 hrs) without charge and still had 40% left. BTW the sound was amazing and I have to say the BT stack seems to Stream at a higher quality than my Titan ever managed!

I'm down to ~50% battery and haven't really used my phone at all except for one 11 minute call - it's now 9:23 pm. I took it off the charger this morning at about 9:00am, went to work and checked it 5 times throughout the day - each time less than a minute. I have two push email accounts, BT on, WiFi off, screen brightness medium, and one app that runs in background. I used to have a Samsung Focus, and on that I'd easily be at 80% still with such light usage and the same set up.

Very poor journalism . So , if one user constantly bickers in the forums , does it mean that lumia  900 might have some battery issues . This tweetwp7 guy looks like a big troll . He refuses to acknowledge the fact that he might have a defective piece . He just criticizes nokia lumia 900 battery in all his posts . It looks like someone is trying to spread a rumour that lumia 900 has some serious battery issues ( to impress whichever company is paying him )

Any smart phone I've used has had poor battery performance. I guess some are worse than others but if you use your phone as you should or want to use it, the battery sucks.
It's unfortunate that we have to tweak the phone (brightness, turning this or that off, ECT) or use it sparingly to even make it through the day but that sadly is the way it is and will be for a long long time.

I am going on 15 hours right now and sitting on 68% remaining. I have used it moderately today with mostly talking and a bit of web surfing. Even with really heavy play at the end of the day I'm still at least 45%. Completely happy with my 900.

I am seeing about 300 mA but that is with poor signal. But the battery is much better than my 1.25 yo LG Quantum. It lasts from 7am til midnight. So far I am happy. BTW thx for the mfg code WPC.
I have been having issues with the light sensor not changing the brightness of the display for several minutes. Any one else with this issue?

@Kaiser...no just no. I tried to replace my device and no store near me and the warranty depart says it is 2 weeks back ordered so I had tried. Also tons of other people are having problems too. If your phone works good, then your one of the lucky ones. Oh by the way Kaiser I am well respected in the WP7 community and have been running a WP7 fan site for months now, so why would I get paid to talk crap about Nokia when I obviously have a passion for the phone to run a website dedicated to it???

My battery life is great. Nothing to complain about. About 12 tiles and two email accounts at "as they arrive". I leave WiFi on 20 hours a day and I still have awesome battery life

My battery is terrible and I'm just relieved to hear I'm not alone. Took it off the charger at 6 a.m. today, never touched it until I arrived at work after a very short 15 minute commute and the battery had dropped five percent. By 9:30 it was in the low 70's and plummeted from there. Had to charge to make it back home at 6 p.m. Thinking I'll try swapping for another device, but now wondering if I should go back to the iPhone. Very disappointing because I've yearned for the 900 since it was announced.

I have been quite impressed with my Lumia's battery life. It gets me through an entire day and then some even when Ive used it all day. For example today I;
Took it off the charger around 11AM
Texted all day
Many Live Tiles with imcoming Facebook items
Office documents being created using SkyDrive for at least 4 hours
Some web surfing
And now as i write this my Lumia is telling me its at 26% with 5 hours of remaining life. The phone has been off the charger for 13 hours and its still running. Ive used it all day as i had a canceled class and used my Lumia as my computer for creating word documents and saving it via SkyDrive over wifi. I am thoroughly impressed with my Lumia's battery life.

ATT sent a memo to employees saying the charger provides 1 amp? Of charge while others don't. I read it. It also acknowledges the camera issue. Sorry, my electrician skills are low.

That's 1A as in 1 amp. That's what the Nokia charger is rated at, which is the same as most HTC chargers (HTC Surround, Tilt2, etc.).
Some chargers, like those for a few LG phones, and other devices (headphones, etc.) are rated 550, 650 or 750mA (milliamp). Or the same as 0.55, 0.65 and 0.75A. So they put out less current and may not be able to adequatley charge the Lumia 900 battery. Just use the charger that came with your phone.

Pretty good battery life..but don't have lte in my area. Getting around 18hrs on moderate usage.

BTW I know of nothing unique to the Nokia charger. I suspect that the comment arises from the plethora of cheap chargers available on lone that have such a low output they can barely charge a phone while it is turned on. Nothing wrong with using all my HTC chargers I have lying around! :-)

I bought a HTC Radar a few weeks back, to use as a development/test device for my app.  It doesn't have any accounts set up and it doesn't even have a SIM in it. I noticed that the battery in it lasts for *days*. I'd go so far as to say that it would probably last a week. Just sayin'.

It's good if it lasts a day with that display. Removing the diagnostic tool from the 800 increased standby time (before 12070 was released) maybe that will help too?

Battery life has been decent for me. No complaints, but nothing to brag about either. I cant get through the day on a charge, recharge overnight and good to go for another day. 

I've got the Omnia W and I've noticed that when I have cellular data enabled I get a max of 12 hours of battery life and the phone feels quite warm to the touch. If I disable cellular data, I get 26+ hours of battery life and the phone feels normal in terms of temperature.
It also has issues connecting using data when both cellular and WiFi is enabled and the phone is connected to an access point. Disabling cellular data also fixes this.
It seems like something's fishy. It worked fine at first, but at some point these problems started showing up. I'm hoping it's a software fix and it's coming soon.

Great battery life at first, no I receive critical battery notifications several times a day. Plug in and phone shows more than half left (if charging bar is correct). Updated, same problem.

I posted previously that my battery life was sub par. My apologies to Nokia. Today I purposely pushed the phone hard -- reading, composing and replying to many emails from two accounts; heavy texting throughout the day, including pictures; taking about 30 picture and a couple of videos which I uploaded to SkyDrive; running brightness on medium and high instead of automatic; composing OneNote documents; three lengthy phone calls; and even streaming two TV episodes via Netflix -- for more than 14 hours and still have 19% battery life left. Maybe this thing really does need time to calibrate itself. I'm impressed.

I am very happy with my Nokia lumia 900, but I think I am charging phone more often than I should, at least twice daily. I unplug phone at 8 am 100% battery. Few emails and texts done. 30 minutes on bluetooth, 30 minutes web surfing, wifi on.I do not play videos. Brightness is set low and two live tiles.but battery gets critical low around 1.I need to chage it or it will die.also it takes to long to get full charged about 5 hours.I wonder if my phone has any issue. I already updated software and conditioned battery twice but I did not notice any improvement. I really enjoy  this phone, but It seems battery drains so fast. I am constantly watching battery status. I have the unlocked Samsung galaxy nexus and it seems its battery lasts longer. 

FWIW - Download the TOOGLE app, and switch off services you don't use FIRST before responding. My old iPhone 4 ate up battery life if I left everything in default/ALL ON MODE - 3G, Bluetooth, Wireless, Mail PUSH, etc.
For me though, even with all ON... I got a full 24 hours of use/stand-by on my first day with the Nokia - email, FB, movies, movie uploaded, photos, etc.
I'm testing the phone now based on my usage and services OFF...
1. 4G LTE - off when using wi-fi (4G LTE uses A LOT of power, 1 hour of maps was 15% of power)
2. Bluetooth - off
3. Mail set to - check MANUALLY versus every XX Minutes
Right now I am sitting at 58% after 12 hours. That usage of installing, downloading, checking email, standby overnight (used 4%), alarm, 4G traffic maps 1hour on my commute into work, and now at my desk with just wifi.
Guessing I cam pull off 36 hours of normal usage at this rate.

I had turned off wi-fi most of day today, and from 6 am to 4 pm  my battery was still 57% . that is a lot better. I love this phone!

FWIW - try the TOGGLE app which allows you to toggle on/off LTE.

I noticed LTE drains about 10% per hour on the Lumia 900.
In office/home, I toggle on wifi which uses very little power.

I also set my 3 email accounts to "manual" - get mail when I check.
I also turn off background apps I'm not using... use that back arrow. Flips them off fast.
Thus said, at 7am - 100%  and by 10pm that same night, 30%
Hope that proves helpful

From reading these comments I feel as if I got a faulty phone
I'm very happy with this phone but not only do I have the "purple screen bug" I also have terrible battery life
It's my first smart phone so it may just be me not used to their battery usage.
I have 14 tiles on my home screen
one email account
my live tiles include
xbox live
my weather app (only one that runs in the background)
and ESPN
all the other ones are just stationary
I have wifi off
blu tooth off 
and location on
My discharge rate is 90-110 mA's but I just saw a peak at 160 
I unplugged at a full charge at 2 am,
left to idle and now its 12:53 pm and im already at 50%
I woke up at 7:30 
no calls
browsed for about 5 minutes. 
gaming for about 20 min or so
is this normal?
I'm tempted to exchange for another identical phone
any opinoins would be greatly appreciated 

did you figure out if it was a defective phone or if it was normal?  I am having a similar problem as well ...  The battery does not even last long. I have to charge it every day - sometimes twice a day :( 

this phone was a major disapointment for me  :(  I really regret getting it.  By the end of the day my battery is almost dead.  Who cares if the phone has a huge screen, stupid features, or apps if it will not serve its main purpose and will not let you make a call because it is out of charge ...  I used to be a big nokia fan ... not anymore  :( 
I have 2 of these phones at home (one for me and one for my wife). One shows 2 days of charge left after the phone is fully charged and the other shows 1 day of charge left. WTF???  Why???  I have been hearing a lot of complaints about this new nokia phones ... I think nokia is trying to make a come back but failing to do a good job  :(  

this phone is a huge disappointment. the battery has gone dead after one day, and now it doesn't even wanna turn on it keeps showin the nokia logo and then turn off . WTH !!

Good job Nokia!  After making the dumbest "smart" phones ever (courtesy of Symbian), you not have one that's not even mobile!  Mine drains 200+ mA when doing nothing.  Everything is turned off except cell reception, screen is low light, the works.  And I get a whopping 7 hours.  
Maybe they could sell it as one of those "for  emergency use only"--  you know, the ones you leave turned off.