Nokia Lumia 900 sales still going strong

Nokia Lumia 900 hard to find?

The other day we made note that the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 was selling strong based on the rankings over at Amazon.com. Today, it appears the strong sales numbers are based on the availability or un-availability of the Lumia 900 in AT&T's retail stores.

We've received several tips that the cyan Lumia 900 is completely sold out at various AT&T Retail Stores. WPCentral.com reader MaulerX reports that you can't find a cyan Lumia 900 at any of the AT&T Retail Stores in New York City.  Even Wichita, Kansas stores are sold out (thanks Seth!) of all Lumia 900 models.

Even Paul Roth, AT&T's President of Retail Sales and Service, in a WSJ.com interview recognized the sales of the Lumia 900 has exceeded AT&T's expectations and that some AT&T stores had sold out of the Windows Phone, particularly the cyan model.

And it's not only the devices that appear to be selling well. Nokia accessories are becoming harder to find. For example, the cyan case for the Lumia 900 is listed as "Out of Stock" over at AT&T's website.  Sounds like blue is the color of choice for a lot of Windows Phone users.

While the Lumia 900's launch did have a slight stumble with the connectivity issues, which Nokia is promptly responding to and stepping up to the plate to make right,, from a sales perspective the launch appears to be a success.  Sound off in the comments if you're having trouble finding the Lumia 900 or if you've found a store with plenty of cyan models.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!


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Nokia Lumia 900 sales still going strong

  1. I'm sure ATT just loves all of those "ATT blue" phones flying off shelves.  Can't wait to see the white one.  I saw the HTC white Sensation XL or whatever in the ATT store and it really pops out from the sea of black slabs.

When we finally get the 900 Apollo phones are probably right around the corner. But the european version also only has 16GBs so I'm not interested anyways

@Gmotagi...Visit Amazon.com.  The 3rd party vendors have quite a few color options as far as cases go - purple, yellow, cyan, hot pink...no lime green that I've seen; but given that there are already more color options that what AT&T offers (not to mention lower prices), I'd wager that more colors will be available soon.

I plan on getting one from Rogers but need to save up the bones to buy out of contract. My Focus isn't up for renewal till wp8 is out lol Glad to hear Lumia selling well

I am on the same boat as you (sucks to be in that boat)
Planning to stop at Rogers today to know if they will get a white or Cyan one...

I already asked them.  Both the in-store sales rep and the online customer service rep said they have no idea when they'll be getting the other colors or if they even will.  I decided to buy an AT&T one off amazon and unlock it, it'll be cheaper than paying Rogers full price.

I'd love to see some real selling-numbers. Really hope for positive ones for our beauty (900) :)

Go Nokia!

I would say let's wait a little longer for the americans to write all the positive reviews. After that we can welcome the "ATT-Star" here in Germany :)

It is getting excellent reviews at the ATT website. And from a lot people dumping their iPhones and droids...

yeah! Thats nice to hear. I know about the great reviews on both the att and amazon sites. But what I was talking about was: if this kind of "5-star-ratings" and their speed stay the same for, lets say, more than one month, then I can tell my customers (I'm working for o2) something like "The Lumia 900 coming soon is already available in America. You can check the reviews if you want...It came out 1 month ago and has an avarage rating of 4,8stars (with 700reviews)...so it has to mean something, dont you think?"
The problem here in Germany is: Almost everybody thinks WP7 is Windows Mobile. And as a sales person I can not totally change that view. I need some tools to work with. My own HTC Arrive is a nice one, but I need some numbers to show the actual customers...In fact the best is: the customer is aware of the success of the phone and comes to my store. This kind of situation is the best WP could get here in Germany. So everyone knows about the nice phone and just waits for it to arrive in Europe...

Long story short: if more and more positive news are being spread about the 900-sales, the folks here in good old Germany will become hungry for that phone :) Thatswhy I think its better to wait with the release in Europe and let the europeans beg for the lumia :)

Usually good reviews from the masses means increased sales is what I meant.. And some reviewers noted that the app selection isn't THAT bad. Most of the apps they use or equivalents are available.

I went to an store the other day and they didn't have a working demo phone. The sales guy said that another store didn't have any phones left including their demo unit and he gave it to them to at least have one on display. He quickly pulled out a cyan 900 and configured it it for display. He said he was a big fan of Android but might jump ship because of the 900. A coworker was going to ditch her BB for the 900. He knew a ton of info on the Lumia and made me fall in love with the device as much as he was. What a great experience.

I went into a local store here in Las Vegas, pretending to know nothing about Windows Phone. They said they sold out of 900's within an hour of opening Monday. They're taking orders. They were pushing WP hard, especially the Lumia 900! They were knowledgeable, even bringing up WPFandora & fhotoroom. I was impressed, to say the least. My sales guy said it was the smoothest, safest, & most unique OS period. Then he tells me he's an Android user & shows me his phone. I was blown away he didn't have any bias, he was just pointing out what we already know about this awesome OS. Glad that some of these guys are helping push Windows Phone!

They are sold out of cyan here in Shreveport Louisiana. Just checked today. Said they would have some more this weekend.

Tried a few stores yesterday around Cerritos, CA (Lower Los Angels area) and they are sold out.   The big corporate ATT mentioned they might get a shipment today.  {Crosses Fingers}

There is nothing in the Sacramento CA area either. I had hipped to walk into a store on my lunch brake and pick one up. asked them to check, but not a black or cyan and any of the 5 stores around. I guess that's a good thing... :(

There are just starting to get the "green dot" Nokia Lumia 900s in the Foley Alabama store. These are supposed to have the new software on them. Cyan models have not arrived yet. Still waiting.......

If I had another upgrade available I would get one...especially since it is free with the 100 dollar credit!

Went to the Wells and Monroe store in Chicago and they were sold out of cyan. Rep said they only had a few of the black ones left in stock, but that they were putting in an order for more. Also said orders would ship within 24 hours, and that AT&T would kick in $100 worth of accessories.
In the 15 minutes I was in there playing with the 900 and the Titan II, two other people walked in and bought Lumias. One guy was playing with one when I got there and said he'd be back the next day to get one. I'll probably put in my order tomorrow.

I got my cyan on Monday when my local store opened in central Illinois. I had to go back because mine has the connectivity issue and gave the hell about it. They were out of the cyan the first day. I did get $100 worth of accessories for free with mine though. I wonder if that was only my local store?

Same deal going on up here in Chicago too. Not sure I want to muck up the beautiful shell with a plastic case.

Glad to be hearing this. I don't think anyone bought much here at Laredo, TX though, besides me. Everyone here is an Android user.. Which gets annoying too. Lol.

Much obliged to be hearing this though.

Thanks for the mention! Things are definitely looking up! And to think alot of folks (including my daughter) are waiting for the white one. Nice strategy to keep momentum going.

Daniel Rubino, you're usually a bearer of bad news when it comes to WP sales (j/k), mind telling us whether the 900 sales look good?

The corporate store in Stillwater, OK is completely sold out of Cyan and all Cyan accessories - they had a few black 900s left yesterday.  I picked up 1 of 2 remaining Cyan models at a franchise store, but they didn't have any accessories.  I witnessed a sales person doing a great job of selling the 900 while I was there (corporate store).  Another forum user reported that the store in Edmond, OK still has both in stock.

I just hope this signifies the beginning of some marketshare growth.
We need more WP7 owners so that we can have more app developers so that we can have more WP7 owners so that we can have more app developers. (It's a vicious cycle, and it has to start somewhere).

i ordered mine over the phone yesterday morning even though the CSR told me both cyan/black are out of stock. but when i checked att support on twitter they said phones are still in stock. again, my order is not yet shipped!

I talked to a salesperson at a local corporate store Monday in Wilkes-Barre, PA and they had sold out of cyan and only one or two black lumias remained. They were talking the phone up which is great to finally see WP7 getting true AT&T support.

I work in an Authorized Dealer in Joplin MO, I currently have two Cyan and one black.  Sadly demand is fairly low but I'm trying to spread the word about these amazing phoens!

Went to the AT&T store in my area yesterday and play with the Lumia 900 and it felt great.  Firget what some haters are saying. 
That said, just ordered my Lumia 900 from Walmart for $459.99.  I am eligible for an upgrade.  However, I did not want to be tied to AT&T for two more years so to speak. I hope I am eligible for the $100.00 credit from Nokia though. 

How did all of you guys get $100 of accessories? I had to order mine over the phone, because the store said they couldn't sell me one off contract (not sure why), and now its out of stock \ backordered. should i just call and ask?

Can't you order it off Walmart.letstalk.com or call them?  I just ordered mine earlier today and it has already shipped.

Cyan is especially difficult to find in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Minnesota area. The Burnsville AT&T store I talked to apparently sold several. I get to learn patience as I celebrate the good news for Nokia and Microsoft.

And here it goes again. How many times did we read here that the Lumia is doing well, outselling other phones, being on number one at sales charts etc. But when it comes to plain facts the whole Lumia line only sold 2 million times world wide in q1.

Considering most countries only got their launches in Feb-Mar, 2 million seems reasonable. Q2 will be the barometer of WP sales.
I wonder what Q2 is going to look like. I will not be surprised if they can break 5 million on the back of the 900 launch in the NA market and the 800 launch in the China market. Also, 900s in the EU and select Asian markets will mean something as well, a hero-ish device for Nokia to ride some revenue until Apollo strikes with a vengeance :D

It'd be interesting to know if the stores that aren't selling out are also the stores that have employees refusing to push Windows Phones...

We will never know, some of shit head representative should work for Apple store in the mall where they belong.

Stop cursing at T-mobile, they're refarming their network to support these phones. I don't get why there isn't an article on here about it because so many are clueless

N900 is selling like hot cakes as more than expected so I glad to know that but this time Nokia should be more careful about updates or fixes bug like customers facing lil problem in connectivity or some other issues... So rolling out updates timely for customers cuz Apollo is right in the corner for Nokia to get back in business as Apple did with iPhone4s models so hoping Nokia will stand next to Apple in coming days!!! Amen

I could not get Cyan in Chicago, none left at the store I was at or the surrounding stores according to the sales guy. I got a black one with the cyan bumper case instead.

I wanted a white one but I couldn't make the case for buying one at the full off contract price. Than along came Nokias $100 credit for anyone buying before the 22nd and bingo I was down at the att store. Had to take their last cyan model in stead of white, but Il sell my Titanand it will be a "free" upgrade :-)

Rep I talked to said if I wanted the white model with the $100 credit, just buy one before the 21st and return it for the white one. You pay the $35 re-stocking fee, but you're still getting the credit.

I was told by an AT&T rep when I purchased my Lumia 900 that the Cyan phones were having the data connectivity issue. They had two unopened cyan models in stock but wouldn't sell me one because they had been recalled and they had to send them back.
That might explain why stores don't have the cyan model in stock.

I picked up a case for my Cyan Lumia 900 the other day at an AT&T store, as the Cyan gel cover was sold out. I am glad it was as I am loving my iFrogz Cocoon Shell case. For $10 more dollars i got a hard shell outer and soft gel inner with two colors, cyan and grey. So now my Lumia is cyan and white, the two colors i wanted in the Lumia. Also i heard an AT&T employee say they had just sold the last Cyan they had in stock. Windows Phone is finally getting some sales which it rightfully deserves.
My Cyan Lumia is not having any connectivity issues.

For those contract is not up. Looks like AT&T online purchase allowed some users to upgrade early for $35. Let me know if you are able to get the deal. Perhaps Rogers is doing the same to get the numbers up.

i can confirm here in central NJ -- cyan covers are out of stock as well in stores. also, out of stock online at att. i have the cyan phone -- what a sweet phone! :)

Amazon.com has some nice accessories and a wider variety of colors!  Some of the covers even cover the silver piece with the Carl Zeiss label, for protection.

picked up 2 cyans and a black one lol love em atnt rep told me they have sold about 55 of them at that store and another store i went too told me they sold about 40 :D all cyan accessories sold out though so now i have a black cover on my cyan phone just to protect the silver of the camera :(- Boston

i walked into an ATT store to buy the cyan yesterday and they had 1 in the entire san diego county. so i wait....

fact that nokia 900 is  selling like hotcake is bit of a good news for my dad. nokia's stocks has been plummeting. this should
stop the bleeding. he knew when he bought stocks, lumia 900 will put nokia back in the smartphone game.

BTW.  Just got confirmation for AT&T Premier shipment for the order I placed on Thursday.  Perhaps the stores will be receiving their stock by Monday as well.  Good luck for those looking to purchase the phone.  :)  The firmware update to fix the glitch is already available.  I've installed it and the OS is even more fluid than before!!!