Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone sales going strong

Nokia Lumia 900 finding success on Amazon.com

It would appear that the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows has done well during it's opening weekend. While many scratched their heads at an Easter Sunday launch, the Lumia 900 was available for pre-order with many receiving the new Windows Phone on the Friday before the official launch date. The pre-launch exposure kept everyone informed and while odd, the Easter Sunday launch apparently was a non-issue.

While we don't have sales figures from AT&T we can look to another strong indicator of sales, Amazon.com's Best Sellers Lists. The Nokia Lumia 900 now holds the top two spots on Amazon.com's Best Selling Cell Phones with Service list (black #1, cyan #2).

While holding the top two spots on the Cell Phone Best Seller list by the same phone is rare, what's even more impressive is that the Nokia Windows Phones are holding high spots on the more broader reaching Cell Phones and Accessories Best Sellers list.  The new Windows Phones also hold the top two spots on the "Movers and Shakers" on this Best Seller list.  This list is composed with everything from phones to screen protectors to cases and everything in between.  At last check, the Lumia 900 Cyan has moved from 527th to 70th and the Lumia 900 Black jumped from 192nd to 30th on this list.

It will be interesting to see what staying power the Lumia 900 will have. We know it's a quality Windows Phone but will the marketing efforts of AT&T turn others heads. How will the availability of the other quality Windows Phone, the HTC Titan II, impact the 900's sales? Also remember that we still have the white Lumia 900 heading to market on April 22nd. The white Windows Phone may help keep the Windows Phone momentum going strong.

Source: Forbes; Thanks, everyone, for tipping us on this!


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Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone sales going strong


You are absolutely right that the release of the white Lumia 900 will help maintain the momentum. I'm waiting for the white one myself and I know I'm not the only one.

I fought that too with my Lumia 800 but then I just bought a red cover for my black Lumia 800. Works perfectly fine for me and you can change your color day by day ;-)

I just did the same today. And I am really loving my choice. Also as a lil tidbit, I asked my salesperson if they sold any Lumias before I purchased mine and sue said they had sold one. But the cyan Lumia I bought was the last one....ONLY 2!!

Same here. Got it first thing this morning and will give my focus to my bf.  He was excited to hear the news :)

I saw an smartphonebetatest.com commercial the other day at work.  It was mildly exciting.  They have weeks to run these promotions and are probably targeting very specifcally.

I saw an smartphonebetatest.com commercial the other day at work.  It was mildly exciting.  They have weeks to run these promotions and are probably targeting very specifcally.

I've seen 900 commercials a few times now. I've seen the beta rest commercials a few times as well so they're definitely out there

I was the first person to open the Lumia 900 sales at the AT&T corporate store on S Hamilton Rd in Columbus Ohio when I picked the cyan and a very beautiful blue and white fifrogz case at 10.15 this morning but when I returned to the store at 7pm to purchase a screen protector I was told that all the Lumia 900 phones and and the screen protecters were sold out. The staff were full of praise for the L900 strong showing today.

Good to hear L900 is doing good. BTW I have ten friends that is waiting for Windows Phone 8 and they're coming from iPhone and Android.

The waiting for Windows 8 might not be that necessary because the Lumia 900 rocks and the experience is just awesome. I've had my L900 for less 20hrs but so far six people who have never had any experience with windows phone have promised to storm AT&T stores tomorrow to grab this badass phone. The phone is very irresistible at first glance and it's so adorable that anybody who appreciate beauty cannot pass by without giving a compliment and the $450 off contract price is the cheapest you can get for such an honorable phone.

The guy before me bought the last piece. I made the sales rep call all other corp stores to check the stock and only one store had some available. Needless to say I drove down and got myself a lumia and I'm commenting from my new device after installing official wpcentral app:D

Was the 2nd to get one @my local at&t. Both sold were cyan, and I got the last. Big displays in the window and in the store....employees were using them as well. This was in a small Mississippi town. :)

I think it's too soon to celebrate.....let's see some numbers first. I hope it does well also, so more devs can join the party.

Yes, some real numbers. Apple brags about 50,000,000 ithings get sold on a weekend. I hope it is at least 6 figures...

Good point....not to mention that these reports of ATT stores only having inventory levels of two to four handsets is ridiculous.  I hope thats not accurate because I donn't get the logic behind such a low inventory level. 

Does anyone knows how long it takes to charge the lumia 900. Mines not charging im only seeing the Nokia display but nothing else is happening

The battery icon should be flashing status meter and plug symbol. Have you tried another outlet or restarting the phone?

This is a possible known bug. You may need to restart the phone for a charge. You are charging from a completely dead battery, right? That is when I saw the problem.

Every wp7 release starts with strong sales post and then when sales numbers comes its a big disappointment. So it's too early since the stores were under stocked to begin with.

That may be because previously there wasn't any push by stores for any of the phones in particular. Also i guess if you're comparing the sales numbers to those the iPhone would have attained in the first day period etc.

Sales will never be like the iPhone record breaking.. But over all this will be a good satisfying results..and off course the other brands HTC,Samsung etc... Cant compete with the lumia launch, because lumia is different, unlike if u buy a Samsung or HTC phones every body thinks u have an ANDROID phone., pretty much HTC and Samsung uses the same body for all windowsphone and the androids... LUMIA is just different, the screen on the nokias is just perfect.. FINDLANDS BAD BOY.. IM done with Asian products..

I believe I heard somewhere that the L900 was actually designed at Nokia's design center in San Diego, CA.
Yeah, did a double take my self. Granted it's based on the 800 design which was done in europe. But, still impressive.

Not to burst everybody's bubble, but AT&T has around 2,000 retail stores. Unless some stores have burned through 100+ units today, it's going to be tough to sell even 100K over the next couple of days considering that some stores have reported to have been stocked with only 2 units of each color.
Granted some places like Wal-Mart and Amazon will help to offset some of the smaller AT&T stores, but at this point, I'm not sure that Nokia started with enough supply to even make this a blow-out success right away.

Personally, I'd like to see one in that red we always see in floating around the net.  I wish Nokia would expand on the color choices as I think a nice green would be hot too!

Yes... And I'd like to see a gunmetal grey too. Tho I don't know if that'd be possible with the polycarbonate body. I'm looking forward to seeing the white one when it comes out.

That would be a vision!  But until then, Amazon has a ton of 3rd party cases for the Lumia 900, and yes, even in red :)

Now just think what it would have been like if it was on more than just one carrier still nice to see and let us not forget that two devices came out

Rumor has it that the Magenta colored Lumia is being saved for a later T-mobile release. But that's a rumor though. Great phone man! I like the reception and battery life. 

But will that be official?. Can I get after sales support since its not released here yet?

I hope it does very well.  Both MS & Nokia deserve people to take notice of their excellent product here.
It will be down to the retail sales staff and whether they continue their misinformation and windows phone smear campaign.

I was in a Corp store yesterday with registration issues for one of my Lumia 900s (ATT screw up not the phone). They had ten sales reps and a "take a number board" that stayed consistantly above twelve people waiting for the entire time I was there (roughly 45 minutes). And just so the trollers don't jump in and say everyone was buying iPhones and Androids, every phone box I saw at the counters during purchases were the Nokia phones.

I live in chicago north sub urbs and  bought the Lumia 900 phone yesterday. All the store reps were wearing the lumis jerseys and it was amazing to see Lumia posters all around the store. I bought a black version and it was very smooth. The store gave me $100 worth free accessories, which means 200 $ worth for $100. Great phone and am loving it. 

Love my new Lumia 900. The only issue I have so far is the buttons all being on one side. My cradle pushes the power button when cradled. Other than that I'm absolutely loving it.

im glad everyone in here who got a lumia is loving it and im glad sales are doing well thats what i like to see congrats to whoever got one hope you enjoy wp as much as i do :D

I stopped by my AT&T store to check out the Lumia 900 one more time. The sales guy was really knowledgable & seemed eager to share the new phone. The phone size, camera, & O/S are a huge selling point but I just couldn't pull the trigger. I wanna join the party but until there is more suppport for the core apps in the marketplace, I'm going to have to pass.