Nokia Lumia 920 available for £329 in Expansys UK flash sale

Lumia 920

Expansys UK has announced a limited time offer on the Lumia 920. The Nokia Windows Phone is available for just £329 (previously £429) and is also available on a financial plan for £26.40 per month. The flagship Windows Phone is certainly no slouch, even with the likes of the Lumia 1020 on the way. This is a steal for anyone looking to purchase a high-end smartphone at a reduced price.

Should you require some persuading to leap over the fence and purchase one, be sure to check out our in-depth review.

Expansys Lumia 920

You've got until July 22nd to act, folks. The Lumia 920 is available from Expansys in red, yellow, black and white.

Source: Expansys


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Nokia Lumia 920 available for £329 in Expansys UK flash sale


unlocked without contract?
Was after that 399 offer back in december - but all the EE stores refused to sell it after they realised the offer was too good to be true. been in there at the weekend after i changed to contract and wanted help on "international calls" and MMS. they refused to help me again. said i should call 150. wil never purchase anything from there :O

Just ordered one, threw in a white charging plate so £336 for 32gb white 920 and charging plate! ;-)

Hilarious comments as usual from people who cant comprehend anyone not choosing the almighty spydroid, classic!

Not soon enough.. What's the holdup❔... Oh,, it's a Verizon exclusive first, but we don't know for how long.. So, I guess the question is when will Verizon phones get Halo, and how long will it be a Verizon exclusive... We'll probably find out this week..

I certainly hope its only a Verizon exclusive in the US...or maybe even Microsoft have forgotten that other countries exist....

Ordered it for £329 in black, don't really need it, but was considering a Surface RT for £259, but decided on this instead. Got an Ativ S which I really like, but thought I'd have a look and can always give the Ativ to my sister if I prefer the Lumia.

It has been selling for 350€ at Amazon.de for quite some time now and for the same price at Expansys.pt.

Has anyone been able to successfully use the finance option for this? I get a server error each time I try and Expansys haven't replied to any of my emails.