Nokia Lumia 928 screen assembly compared against current Lumia 920

The Lumia 928 has been featured in a newly published YouTube video, which goes into some detail comparing how the screen and digitiser assembly is different to that found on the Lumia 920. The Samsung Galaxy 3 makes an appearance too. The Lumia 928 is part of the Lumia 920 family and shares most of the specifications, but it's interesting to note just how different the two devices are in terms of construction.

As we know it, the display will be 4.5-inches (identical to the Lumia 920), but Nokia has taken a different approach to the actual assembly of the screen components. Utilising methods also used by Apple and Samsung, the Finnish manufacturer is able to take out two of the three flex cables and has fused the glass, digitiser and LCD display together. How this will impact on the viewing experience is yet to be seen.

The only downside of this alteration is the task of repairing a sealed Lumia Windows Phone (which is no easy task for the average Joe with the Lumia 920) could have the difficulty rating increased, especially if the screen is what needs replacing / repairing. As a small side note: Verizon branding is once again present.

We previously looked at ETrade Supply listing the parts online for sale, which you can purchase for just over $200. While we're all still waiting for official confirmation from both the US mobile operator and Nokia, we'll remain excited as more images and videos of the Lumia 928 come to light.

Source: YouTube (ETrade Supply), via: PhoneArena


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Nokia Lumia 928 screen assembly compared against current Lumia 920


Well, ok cool glad for Verizon. The new att flagship will be out soon hopefully and Verizon can have the 928.

With all these 'leaks' Nokia should just come out and show us the 928, and also what they have in store for ATT. I don't see a point of having to wait all the way to the release date just to see a damn picture of the thing.

Because you see it, are forced to wait for months, and then when it finally comes out you're thinking about what's next instead of what's in front of you. Phones are moving so fast, the only successful way to sell them will be the iPhone style 'show it off, release it the next day to capitalize on the press/hype'

Maybe or maybe not.  AT&T may not be getting uber special phones as much from Nokia in the near future.  They'll get the same or similar ones, but expect Verizon to get the top end phone when AT&T does from now on.

All of this is just telling me that the era of the fixable phones is done. Since a broken screen will cost half as much as a new phone, everybody will just buy a new one instead. Another step towards the generation of mindless consumers on which Samsung, Apple and now Nokia are depending on. I would be ashamed in Nokia's place even to refer to the Nokia quality era in comparison to the present. The former company is gone.

Good to see people are still passionate about these sort of things, but surely there are some advantages to having the components soldered together? Not an expert, but I've seen some incredible miniaturization feats since the day we stopped having removable CPUs, GPUs, onboard memory, etc.

Cost for the new screen is not the problem. The glued down construction is the real issue. There is no way to get the thing back together and not have it look sloppy. I wish they would find a good physical mechanism for locking the digitizer/LCD assembly to the chassis.
I have repaired the digitizer on HTC Radars 3 times and it's a bitch.

A thinner display. Nice. Hopefully this means we will have more space for a larger battery. If Motorola can do it, so can Nokia. Come on I want a Lumia with 3000mAh+ battery!

...and with a bit of Darth Sidious in the back shouting: " Unlimited power!".
Let's get real guys, more battery power will not mean that phones will last longer, but that battery life expectancy will decrease because of constant overheating. Games and the OS will be more demanding. And to think that in the beginning, it was just a cellular phone to be used in case of emergencies and for business. :))

But I must confess that I do wait anxiously the day when overheating a phone by gaming will be presented as a way to start the fire in the wild on a survival show.

Phones heats up, so does my 8X and 920 with their puny batteries. You know what didn't heat up? My old RAZR MAXX. Granted, I am not much of a mobile gamer (prefer my Vita and 3DS for that).
It's 2013, if you can't give us removable batteries, at least give us 3000+mAh ones.

Don't get me started on non-replaceable batteries. I have a 8x and the battery thing is crap. But don't get the illusion that a bigger battery would help. Since battery power is freedom, sloppy developers will be even more sloppy. Games and background apps will increase. Your 3300 mAh battery will last you 2 hours after 1-2 years of recharging almost daily, just like now.

I am aware of battery losing their charge after several years. But what applies to the RAZR MAXX also applies to the 8X. I charge the 8X twice or even three times a day, where as with the MAXX I only ever had to charge it once a day. Based on that, my 8X will lost its already pitiful charge quicker than the MAXX! About one year after I got the Motorola, it still lasts a day of use. I can't imagine the same with the 8X. Not to mention that it is easier to swap the batteries from the Moto than the 8X.
As phone display gets larger, it is just inexcusable not to provide us with higher capacity batteries. My old Nokia had a 1500mAh battery with a 2.6". How is it the 920 has a 4.5" display, but only a modest increase in battery capacity?

What about Batman? You know that batteries last longer when you charge them after completely depleting? Or that half-charging kills the battery? Now think that your battery will start charging every time you take it out of your pocket.

That was true with the old chemistries like NiCad, but Li-Ion and Li-polymer batteries do not deteriorate with half charging. Yes, they do deteriorate over time, but charging a half full battery is not the cause.
In fact, over discharging and over charging Li-Ion cells is what rapidly kills them, but the phones have charge controllers to stop that from happening. Unless you drain the battery until the phone dies, then constantly try to turn it on until it just does not respond anymore. Doing that will cut your battery life dramatically.

I've noticed battery life improve from discharging and recharging Li-ion batteries from empty to full.  It may not be for the same reason as Nicad but battery life seems to improve after several cycles.  Maybe it helps calibrate the battery to it's full potential.

You know those things apply to NiMh batteries, which stopped being used in phones years ago? None of those things apply to lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries, which is why companies are looking at solar charging screens and such.
Edit: ninja'd by teoami.

Knew so as well until I did a few tests and now I talk from experience. Li-Ion batteries still behave like the older ones, just more subtle.

You might want to look up some technical papers on lithium batteries, because they don't behave like that at all. They lose capacity for different reasons.

Wow. I had a BlackBerry that I would fearlessly disassemble to clean/replace the trackball and keypad. There'll be no such adventures with these Nokias!

Everyone seems to know about this phone except VZW. Release it already! There are commercials and crap about phones coming out after this one's supposed release in April....

Verizon generally makes announcements early in the week and they release new phones on Thursdays... I am betting in the next week or two we should see an announcement for mid to late May release.

What I want to know is if Nokia is indeed going to amoled displays, are they going to be pentile or not? I really loathe pentile displays.

That's clearly not an LCD display. That's pure amoled tech. Its way to thin and paper like to be LCD. Amoled keeps everything super thin and light. This should be nice. I love my Lumia 920s screen but I enjoyed deep blacks from my old Lumia 900 more. Just hope its not pentile cause I can't stand those.

Thank god im not on Verizon...the blatant branding is way too much. ATTs is annoying but I don't really have any other options do I. Glad to see the went down to just the globe with recent 920s!

Hmmm, I have already replaced the glass DIY style on my 920 twice and my 810 once (thanks to my 20 month old daughter who loves to smash things). That would have cost me $700!!! But instead it only cost me about $150.

I mean, I like the progression of technology so I am not gonna complain, but I guess I might have to actually start using protective cases in the future. Something I absolutely HATE!!

It really makes Etradesupply trustworthy when they dont seem to understand the difference between LCD and AMOLED......
What a bunch of noobs.

Well, in their spec sheet it states it's an AMOLED, the guy talking just seems to use LCD interchangeably with display panel. It kind of annoys me, but doesn't really matter.

LIKE WHAT I SAID BEFORE.. i want a 5 inch nokia phone...
and the verizon logo is boring.... thank you.