Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia Lumia 930 announced!

As expected, Microsoft and Nokia announced the Lumia 930 at Build 2014 today. The specs are basically in line with Verizon's Icon: a 5-inch 1080p display, 20 megapixel PureView camera, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, Qi wireless charging and a 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor. The bigger deal here is international availability.

It goes on sale in June starting in Europe, then on to Asia, Middle East and India for $US 599 before subsidies and taxes, if you're eager to snag one.

Check out the liveblog of today's keynote for plenty more news!


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Nokia Lumia 930 announced!



Why you need a thin phones and put the huge case on it to protect it? ...

My friend's iPhone with the case is as huge as my phone.... lol ...

Exactly, you drop iPhone without a case, it will very likely break. You drop Nokia without a case it will very likely break your toe. I want to be able to use my phone without hiding it in some fugly case. A designer made an effort, why hide it? If I have to then I do not want it.

Maybe because US and your network companies have to be SO much different from everyone else that can´t have the same phones sold in other countries?

I don't think its coming to the US since elop said their concentrating on the icon and 1520 although I could be wrong

Seems, that way... Which really sucks... they release the Icon to be verizon only, the 1520 is ATT only... so if I want a device, where do I go and what do I do if I say use Straight Talk? Wish they just focused on multi-carrier roll-outs. Kinda miffed.

I believe it is! But I wanted an "upgrade" to my 920. The Icon wouldn't be bad I suppose (would prefer a Xenon flash if I'm being picky), but I can't use that on ST.... Can I? I was just expecting a new device.

You should check. Verizon devices are coming out of the box unlocked. If you can get it unlocked *for use in the US* you should be able to put it on some of our GSM networks, it does have GSM components.

The Icon is only available on Verizon. I find it hard to believe they aren't releasing a new non-phablet phone on ATT. 

I guess that's a relief. Just cashed in my upgrade for a 1520 so at least all I'm missing out on is the smaller size. Either is a great 920 upgrade, just pick the size that's right for you!

Once you start using the L1520, it's like using a Note 2 or 3, it gets comfortable, and you really don't wanna use anything smaller... The L1520 is King of WP's.

Agreed! I didn't like how AT&T tried to force PMA wireless charging into the L1520 and that it only had 16GB of internal storage. But it, for a compromise, has microSD support and I preferred to plug my phone into the wall for charging, so I was okay with that. I have NO REGRETS with my L1520! Anyone know of a phone camera mount for my tripod so I can hook my L920 and my L1520? Can you link it please?

Same here, it felt strange a few hours, now my L1520 is the right size and all the other phones are small :) It is the first smartphone I am completely happy with.

I agree. I have big hands but I do find the 6 inch form just a little too on the clumsy side. Its nice to use and nice to hold two handed but sometimes you need to go one handed and in some instances its not a secure or comfortable hold. The 5 inch size seems like a perfect blend of large screen yet easy to hold.

I am digging the metal body on this as well.

I'll definitely be considering one of these when they arrive in June/July, O2 refreseh tarrif means I can just pay the 1520 off and recoup on eBay then just buy one of these for little extra outlay. But I will wait to see what the battery life and screen is like. The screen on the 1520 is a stunner and the battery life, thanks to the size of the chassis, is just mega! I use my phone a lot and I can get a good 2 days from the 1520! My old iPhone would be about ready to switch off come 10 pm in the evening!

Maybe I might like a color other than white or black. Unfortunately the color I really want Red is not offered by either. I also want Glance and an SD card so I guess I'll keep my 928 for a little while longer.

I'm hoping it can be purchased unlocked and maybe used on Verizon's network?


I'm looking for the Icon as well on Verizon, but like the additional colors and non-branding of the phone, also glance and SD as you mentioned as well.

...Just get a Lumia Icon? They are literally the same device. The 930 is the international version.

Just checked out this beautiful phone on the Nokia site and youtube. It looks amazing and will do everything I need for sure.


This is my next phone, just make it available on Orange/EE UK please. My only decision now is orange or green

Nice price too.. Icon was costing $777 but this one only $600, so just INR 36000, sounds reasonable for those specs. Besides, its nokia !
Yippee !

That's before tax and subsidies so in India it wld still end close to the mid 40ks but hey its still cheaper than the S5

Off-contract since 2009, life couldn't be sweeter. I'll be getting this one on release day, in orange, and probably pass on my current HTC 8X to someone in my family, or just keep it as my international phone (you know, the one you slot in a SIM when you land in a country you're going to stay long at).



I caught that too.  He rushed past it, and didn't say when it would be available in the US at all. VZW probably has an exclusivity agreement here in the states. Grrrrr. Looks like I'll be buying unlocked or wait for the next T-Mobile flagship. The 930 is a bit thick.

The 930 is available in the US. It's called the 929/Icon.

If there the 930 is a carrier exclusive, blame your system there and the fact that you allow "carrier exclusives" in the US ;)

Fair point. In Europe carrier exclusives are limited pretty much to colour and memory size options... Otherwise its what the networks buyer buys! I guess it helps that we can all agree on a standard in Europe and stick to it...

Exactly. It's really stupid that Americans don't massively force their carriers to at least come to an agreement regarding national networks. I mean...we aren't a country in Europe. We are a bunch of countries. We seldom agree at at least we all use the same networks. The US is one single Federation and yet...

The difference is that in the US, we don't generally want the government to step in and solve things for us. Not saying that other countries do but GSM was largely developed and advocated for by nations in Europe so the single network across Europe makes sense. In the US, the government generally let's the businesses duke it out assuming that competition will promote innovation. With utilities, it's up for debate if that really works since companies like Verizon and Sprint are committed to the CDMA network (developed by Qualcomm) and it would be cost prohibitive to switch all their equipment to GSM just to make it easier for customers to make it easier on customers to switch carriers without buying new phones. With land phone and power companies, they often mandate a single provider for certain areas and the government "keeps them in check" as far as pricing goes if you can believe that. I'd rather the government butted out and let multiple companies fight it out to see who can give me the better deal on landline phone service or other regulated utility service.

Which is also the reason why it has the most inequality between people oh and.. subprimes also...

Living in Pennsylvania I got to disagree with you on utility deregulation. Plans were sold to be with a variable rate. There was no limit on how variable it is. So now that the promotion is over, peoples electric are sky rocking that have those plans. It doesn't make sense really. PPL owns production and transmission. I don't understand how a middle man can save you money when they have to buy from PPL and still make a profit. It's just cheaper to stay with PPL.

Have you shopped around for different suppliers? I am saving between 3-4 cents per kWh, that adds up. To stay on topic, as LTE continues to take over the phone manufactures will be able to make one device that works on all the networks.

It's not up for debate; phones in the US were held back about 5 years behind Europe, because while you're still competing at one level instead of standardising it, you can never start competing properly at a higher level. If you have one cellphone comms standard you commoditise cell towers and can innovate properly at the level that builds services on top of that standard. This is what ALL standards are for, and should appear after a relatively brief market tussle.


Your way, we'd have to fire up IE when we want to view websites hosted on IIS. As it is, HTML is standardised, and the market above HTML (browsers) can flourish.

lol you should have called Washington, dummy! Not the carriers. Just pick up your phone and say "NSA, put me through to the White House".

Well there is the possibility that tonight can include future service as stated. Or they could be introducing more products that will go with the Lumia line, maybe even a smartwatch.

My hope (don't really have a reason why not to think this: #moreLumia) is for tonight to be a U.S. only event to showcase what they will be bringing to us as 2014 GSM flagships, since Verizon already got early dibs on the Icon (930).

So, the Icon with a different coloured backplate?  How disappointing considering this is the direct successor to the 920, at least in name.

It is the Icon with wireless charging, a different coloured plate and a new name.  Call a spade a spade.

The Icon does have wireless charging already. And this is exactly what we were expecting. What's your point? The Icon is a beautiful device with top of the line specs. People should probably get a look at it and get their hands on it before getting disapointed.

I'll happily suck back on the wireless charging comment, although that does nothing more than reaffirm my original point.

Beautiful is a subjective term and I reserve the right to continue to find the Icon design dull and uninspiring, regardless of yours or anybody elses opinion.

I'm just happy they are finally dropping the N9 design, it's been overused already and was never meant for devices with buttons.

Yeah, you do have the right to have your opinion. I'm saying your opinion is being poorly informed because you haven't actually tried the phone yet. See it in person and try it, then call it boring.

Yep,I was expecting a more evolved revolutionary lumia 800/920 design. I think Marko Ehtissari was the real design language of nokia.

AND you can buy it outside the US. You know, in countries in Europe, for instance, where WP is actually selling.

Yeah and expect ZERO customer service in case it doesn't work with one of the 15 carriers we have there..

I'm not sure what you are referring to. The last time I had a carrier subsidized phone was around 2008 (?) and really, I've had zero issues. Customer service? Never had any worries myself, Microsoft is top-notch when it comes to customer service and regardless Nokia themselves have their own Customer service. Carriers? What for would you need them?


Incidentally when you say "the 15 carriers we have there" I am again in the dark as to what you are talking about.  

I'm talking about apn settings not updated depending on the carrier you choose. We have a lot of "low-cost" carriers working with specific protocols that are implemented by default on the devices sold in the country they are providing with their service, and it frequently happen that imported phones (like the icon) are not supported.

Then when you call the customer service:

- Nokia will tell you to go to hell since the carrier is supposed to configure the device with the right settings

- The carrier will tell you to go to hell since the device is not supposed to be provided in the country and is carrier specific

That being said the details are not important, I was just responding to your comment implying that it is really easy to buy and have a working Lumia Icon outside of the US. I mean, you gotta try in different countries before saying this. That's all. Cheers.

I think we are talking about different phones, I'm talking about the 930, you seem to be talking about the Icon.

I think that the next AT&T flagship WP8.1 phone will use Snapdragon 805 which will be released later this year.  It should come with a 5" or 5.2" screen and qHD display.  There is one issue whether AT&T will support the in-built Qi wireless charging standard which MS supports.  If they don't support Qi anymore, I just have to move over to Verizon. 

Agreed. That or Nokia/Microsoft need to make that modular. Have multiple back color/charge choices. F Att. They better get 930.

No 930,in the US?, why would they use the snapdragon 800,when all the new phones and features use the 801? Also what's the battery size because wp8 destroys batteries. My lgg2 with its 3000mah battery is amazing !

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Contracts for the original 920 purchase won't be up until Sept Oct November. No reason to release a 920 upgrade on att until then.

There are also the people (probably just me) who were stuck on their 900 contract until Dec. 2013, and then decided to wait until 8.1 was announced to get a new phone. Sucks to suck I guess.

Not just you.  I'm right there with you.  Was hoping/waiting for an WP8.1 device to upgrade my L900.

940 for AT&T maybe?  I don't think AT&T is going to let Verizon upstage them on this, so maybe they're waiting for the next flagship phone?  Or possibly a 1030 instead?  Hmmm.  We'll have to see what Nokia says tonight at their function.

I'm betting on Goldfinger being ATT's eventual trump card-- usually the Lumias that have some kind of big new feature are exclusive to them. 920 (original flagship WP8 Lumia), 1020 (super camera), 1520 (first phablet)...considering Goldfinger is supposed to have that crazy 3D gesture system, you can bet your bottom dollar ATT will be gunning for exclusivity.

Exactly.  I will not buy another phone without SD support.  My phone storage is currently maxed at 32 GB and I have no room for new apps or even app updates.  

i have lumia 920 since day one, or atleast as soon as it was availabe, great phone generally but a bit of a brick and i am constantly having to delete stuff as 32gb is not enough. Sadly i will not be updating to another nokia with insufficient storage. I dont mind the design but a sony z2 wp8.1 or htc m8.1 would be sweet...

I agree wholeheartedly, I too have maxed out my 32 GB 920, and an upgrade would have to include more memory and a SD card slot will only make sense. Unfortunately, the only upgrade that would mean a lot to me was left out. The 920 is fast enough, the Camera is fantastic, the screen is more than sufficent (at 4.5, it's slightly too large even)


If I am upgrading, it has to have removable memory, so the BlackBerry Q10 or z30, would be my choice since I don't really like Android.

Haha I mean BB10, it's another great operating system, I actually think it's a bit better than Windows Phone, I just like Windows Phone hardware a lot more (so basically Nokia)

Both Windows phone and BlackBerry 10 phones are great at being phones, I don't hate Android, but I would not buy one, because it's too much for a pocket device (Android in tablets are good though)

Exactly =( and an 800 processor seems slightly disappointing, tho i get the obvious reasons why they used it. Don't get me looks like a great phone and I'm sure many people will be more than happy with it, but when will Nokia realise that for some people, 32Gb just isn't enough! It bugs me that with Nokia in 2014, if you want a high-end device, you have to worry about storage still. I am a die-hard Nokia fan, but this is starting to irk.


Nokia is really starting to piss me off with this continue refusal to put MicroSD on expensive flagship devices. As far as I am concerned it's not a flagship if there is no MicroSD.


Everything about this is a letdown.

  • Their time between announcements and actual ship dates was getting shorter. I think the icon was like 2 weeks.
  • the nebulous anouncement for US availability. Hopefully once under the MS Brand, Nokia can have that billion-dollar swagger and negotiating power to release one phone, all carriers, almost one-time release.
  • the lack of differentation from the Lumia Icon, save the new colors (which many are disliking). I personally dislike them because their budget 6XX line uses these and it doesn't seem to elevate it as a flagship. C'mon and give me that cyan back.
  • the use of the 800 snapdragon processor and lack of using the low power core stuff to do more with health/fitness, active listening with cortana, etc. It really seems like they'll be behind when they annouce the Goldfinger with it's gimmick-sounding 3D touch. (I'm not bashing it quite yet. we'll have to wait and see)

Just my 2 cents. plus I'm on T-Mobile now. This makes me sad.

T-Mobile....   I feel your pain.   Welcome to the land of the abandoned Windows Phone.   I left that blighted land a few months ago for AT&T so that I could get a 920 that wouldn't be abandoned.

A very nice device, but for it to be not available in the US is disappointing.   Almost more disapointing is the lack of a SD Card slot.   A device with the specs as listed but with a SD Card slot is more or less my ideal device.   Without the SD Card slot, it's close but no cigar....

I realize that the device it's built on is the Icon which does not have a SD Card slot either, that's not the point.   My point is if you really want to have a flagship device you should hit the significant criteria, and for a lot of people the SD Card slot is still a very signficant criteria point.   Now it's great it has a five inch display with 32 gigs of internal memory and Qi charging.  In one sense I don't care about the 800 vs 801 Snapdragon issue.  However for the device to have met all of my significant criteria, it has unfortunately come up short without a SD Card slot.

OMG OMG... Can't wait till it comes to Indonesia.. I will upgrade my 920.. pairing it with my upcoming surface 2 (bought in australia)

What a disappointment! Hopefully a GSM Icon will be announced soon for the US. I'm not going to ditch T-Mobile just because of impatience for a new device but I'm really at my wit's end here and I don't want to go for the 925 if something better could be around the corner...

If it has the pedometer sensor, glance support and SD card support, I'll buy one. If not, I'll wait some more as my 920 is going really well!

Damn it, I saw the full specs at Nokia's site, the 930 will have no SD card slot. That's really a shame! :( I got my 920 filled with a lot of crap already. I'll keep thinking about the 930 though. If I do buy it, then I'll keep the 920 as a backup phone.

The 930 needs to come to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, our newest phone is only the 1020, we don't even have the 1520. lkasdjlkjsadkljsadj #sadCanadian

Its similar over here in the UK, the 1520 is available from 2 of our 6 carriers, but not in any retail stores and only if you know its there and either have serious money to burn or are very good at negotiating upgrades. Really wish Nokia would actually bother to try and push sales of their non-520 Lumias just a little bit...

Indeed they do, where (when I last looked) it was available on two carriers (O2 and Vodafone) who you can also buy it direct from. They did have one plan on EE but its ridiculously expensive to the extent that you'd have to be mad to buy it. It looks like its now only stocked as SIM free though, which isn't really anything special as just about every phone can also be purchased SIM free.

Carphone warehouse are a retailer, but they do not stock the device in retail stores - it is online or special order only. So my post is still accurate. Still a really poor effort on the part of Nokia and the networks/retailers.

Agreed, amigo.  I still think we're better off than those in the US.  Your statment about every phone being available SIM-free says it all.  

Indeed!! Hoping the Lumia 930 comes to Bell ! It's sad that Bell doesn't have any of those Lumia devices... It's been 3 months I'm elligible for an upgrade but I'm just waiting for a high-end Lumia -_-

Bell has no inclination to carry any Nokia devices, best route is take the contract with the most expensive phone and then sale it, use money to buy Lumia XXXX. Thats what I did.

Seriously??  That would be good if it was.  Then I will get an Icon from the States.  Would anyoneknow if the LTE on the  930 would work on Canadian carriers as well?

Nokia/Microsift needs to get rid of these Carrier Exclusive phones.  

This phone is for Europe and Asia. The US already has it, it's called "Nokia Lumia Icon" and it's available on Verizon.

June!? Are you kidding me. May for the 630 & June for 930. So im looking at least 9 weeks. Not sure my 920 is going to last that long.

I have to say, we've had a BB, and Android and an iPhone.  My WP 920 after a year and a half of using it still feels the same as the day I got it.  Whereas all the others had performance degradation with each update.  My wife's iPhone 4 on iOS7 is barely usable.  And Android 4.0 broke the 3D camera on my HTC EVO 3D.

We all thought the 925 would be T-Mobile exclusive when that was first announced, and look how that turned out. That said, being on ATT and not having an upgrade till December, I think I'll probably hold out for the Goldfinger-- I have a strong feeling that'll end up on ATT, given that they usually snap up the Lumias that have some kind of killer feature (like the 1020's camera or the 1520 being the first Nokia phablet).

its funny becuase i was going to get the icon but then i figured they would release new devices, but they all suck, shouldnt have waited :/

I'd just hope they make it compatible with AT&T, AT&T's version would be useless like the 1520 anyway until they give up on vaporware wireless charging standards and go with Qi.

Same snapdragon and screen size & resolution as the ATIV SE. Interesting to see how this sales against it.