Nokia Lumia ESPN App updated, routine maintenance?

There were a few tips in the Inbox this morning that the Nokia ESPN app was updated overnight. Sure enough, when we turned on our Lumia 900 the update notification was sitting there waiting to be acknowledged.

Beyond that, there's not much more to say. The update takes the ESPN app to version 2.2 and appears to be a maintenance styled update. The Nokia ESPN app does seem to have a little more pep in its step after the update.

Then again, was UEFA Euro 2012 always in the list on the Sports Page?

Seeing that there's not much out there on the update, we thought we'd share a new video ad that Nokia is running on their Youtube Channel highlighting both the ESPN app and the Lumia 900. If anyone notices anything new with the update, please sound off in the comments.

If you haven't downloaded the Nokia ESPN app, simply go the Marketplace on your Lumia Windows Phone and go to the Nokia Collection.

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!


Reader comments

Nokia Lumia ESPN App updated, routine maintenance?


Nice to see more ads all the time now. Does anyone's screen actually show that great in the sunlight? I'll admit, it's better than any other phone I've used or seen in person, but not exactly like on the commercial. I love my L900, and it's pretty much just like the ad, when I pull it out of my pocket anywhere I go.

I always keep the brightness on high, this screen is extremely too beautiful to view it any other way. But I did view the ad again and it did state Simulated Pictures. :P

I don't know why the 'auto' mode doesn't seem to work... It's usually too dark in bright sunlight, and too bright in darkness. I have to switch to high in sun, and low at night (when almost ready for sleep).

The auto brightness setting will check which setting you've chosen below. So if you have it on low and auto, your screen will be darker than if you'd set it to auto and high. I keep mine on auto and medium, works nice both in bed and in the sun :)

That's lame. The nokia espn app should be an add on.. There shouldn't be 2 espn apps. You should have extras on top of what the app already offers.

I can see my screen pretty well in direct sunlight. I'm typing this in the sun without a cloud in the sky and I says it's amazing.

So much for glance and go campaign... It's alright though. The ad should show more about the app, every sports fan has the espn app downloaded on their phone, but what's different about this espn hub? Espn app on Nokia Lumias?

On the app it says that the developer is Nokia international oy instead of Nokia corporation. Kind of strange.

They really need to rework the ESPN app totally, the UI is not good at all. Not real pleased with any if the sports apps out there.

The phone is in my face because I love tweeting to those friends who chose to work or sleep instead of coming to the game with us! :) rubbing it in is just part of the fun.