Nokia’s giving away a Lumia Icon and a trip to an iconic location (US only)

Lumia Icon

The Nokia Lumia Icon is coming to Verizon very soon. In fact it lands on Verizon in two days on the 20th of this month. There’s already a handful of you out there looking forward to getting the handset when it’s officially available. You could buy the smartphone yourself. Or you could enter to win one from Nokia US and a trip to an iconic location. Details below.

Lumia Icon Contest

Head to Nokia US’s Facebook page and you can enter to win the new Lumia Icon. Not only do you win the latest and greatest Windows Phone out there, but you’ll be able to go to an iconic location in the United States on Nokia’s dime. This is all part of the new “Take a Trip with Nokia Lumia Icon” contest that kicks off today and runs until March 2, 2014 at 11:59:59 PDT.

To enter, just visit the contest page and enter your contact information, which iconic US location you want to visit and why you want to visit that iconic location. It’s a pretty easy thing to do for the chance to win a trip to a U.S. location of your choice, a Lumia Icon handset and other accessories like the Purity Stereo Headset. There are four runner-up winners that will get a Lumia Icon and accessories to go with it.

What are you waiting for? Go enter!

In the comments below don’t forget to let us know what location you picked for the contest. Don’t forget to check out our review of the Lumia Icon


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Nokia’s giving away a Lumia Icon and a trip to an iconic location (US only)


I can respect now wanting or needing a Facebook account. But I'd still probably create a dummy account just to enter contests like this that are through FB. 

Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I have never had one, and never will, despised it since 2003. I was in college then, and lambasted for not joining. IMO it was so "material" and "shallow." Look at my great life kinda stuff. So fake. Felt privileged to have never been on. That is all, thank you.

I live like 20 miles away and can testify that its a fun trip, the black hills forest around it is also gorgeous :)

Well, it is.  It's unlocked but its destination market is Verizon.  Even the Chinese vendor who got its hands on early shipments have "Verizon" stamped all over them.

Yes.  Its intended market is the United States only.  It is a world phone, with GSM radios, so that the Verizon customer using it can use it when he travels out of the country, but the only legitimate target for this phone is Verizon customers.  Yes, I know that it is unlocked due to FCC regulation, and people will use it elsewhere, but that does not alter the fact that this phone is intended for Verizon customers.

I was waiting for this comment, just didn't expect it from someone in Verizon's coverage area.

Probably still working on the logistics of rolling out the Black update to the device. :D

S'ok, rather let someone who really wants it win it.  I'll stay on the sideline until a decent network capable file manager makes it to the OS.

Facebook only!?! Does Nokia realize a lot of people hate Facebook and don't use their crap software?

Question: when you get ready to submit the entry, you get a notice saying that Nokia is getting access to your public profile (no problem) and your friend list (maybe a problem). Does this mean that you're giving Nokia permission to spam everyone on your friend list?


Destination a bit unusual:  Cross country train.  Penn Station NYC to San Diego. Amtrak Lake Shore Limited from NYC to Chicago.  Southwest Chief Chicago to LA.  SurfLiner LA to San Diego.  Photo Ops to showcase the camera, downtime to enjoy video/music, and nationwide VZW.

US only whine whine... Are you guys ever going to realize that when it comes to technology, it's the only country that matters? OK, South Korea, Japan and China too... The rest are immaterial. Stop your whining.

Comments like this assist in causing people from other countries to have a lower opinion of Americans in general.

I went there and didn't see it :/ only a win a 1520 promo that when I enter it I'm told there are no live offers.

I tried....I know I wont win as I never win anything but, you never know.... A trip to Hawaii would be epic....Palm trees, blue water beaches, relaxing... I wish I could win this one...