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Nokia Lumia ICON case spotted at CES, Verizon readying test page

Here at CES we didn’t expect any big Windows Phone news. So far that prediction is holding true. No new devices, no new software, and not much to report on the Windows Phone front. However, among the thousands of cases on display at CES, one caught our eye. A case from Incipio for the Nokia Lumia 929 was on display (see all Lumia Icon Cases).

We shared with you the full specs (and some nice photos) of the Lumia 929 back in November. Since then, we’ve been waiting patiently for Verizon and Nokia to officially announce the device, which as we understand, will be called and marketed as the Lumia Icon. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s came and went and the device is nowhere near being available as far as we can tell.

Specs for the Lumia Icon include a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.2 GHz, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage (no microSD support), and a 2510 mAh battery. There is Qi wireless charging built-in the Lumia Icon and the camera features a 20 MP PureView camera with dual LED flash.

Lumia Icon Verizon Website

Speaking of the Nokia Lumia Icon, the webpage that will eventually allow you to get the phone from Verizon is being tested. Some eagle-eyed forum members spotted the page and shared it with the community. The page confirms the specs that we've already shared about the Lumia Icon. The price is listed as $777, but that's just a place holder on the test page and not the final price. Could the Lumia Icon finally be out soon? We'll see. 

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Nokia Lumia ICON case spotted at CES, Verizon readying test page


I live in Ireland and I can't wait for this... If its anything like the 928 with its roaming GSM bands it'll work here just fine... Friend has a 928, I had 920 (robbed, been consoled by the comunity, its all good) and he gets about 90% the speed I did, most places, black spots he still had signal... should be good for LTE/4G here too with a SD800, handles all frequencies standard...

Love the Incipio cases. Modeled like a glove you can't even tell there's a case attached to the phone. Purchased mine at a Microsoft Store.

Finally! I hope this means Verizon customers get the black update soon. I'm going to start saving up for my Lumia Icon. :D

Everything ive seen shows me a device that looks a lot like the surface, which wasn't a device for everyone either. Don't get me wrong i love my surface but it strikes me as more of a Down to business kind of designe unlike the lumia 2520 tablet. But that's just my opinion.

I used my upgrade to get another 8X since it was free (instead of using insurance) not sure that was such a good idea now... d'oh!

Too many devices, I want a new windows phone but lumia 1520 is too big (ICON is a good size but verizon), I like the thinkpad 8 for a tablet and I want a dev machine, maybe the lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon. Too much to decide on.

Wait until February. Nokia will likely unveil the international version of this 929 at MWC ;)

Just like the international version of the Lumia 928 that we all now enjoy? I wouldn't bet on it. Nokia will have a 5" full HD device in the future, but there is zero indication that there will be a "international variant of the Lumia 929" and we're certainly NOT expecting any news at MWC.

Except the L928 is a variant of the L920. So that's your international version.
As for MWC...well, no one was expecting Sony to present phones at CES and there you have it.

I AM expecting Nokia to present phones at MWC and if I were in NYC I would bet you a drink ;)

928 is a custom device thru and thru for Verizon. I wouldn't really call it a "variant", but rather the same class/range as the 920. Same goes for 929.

Aside from the xenon flash, it's exactly the same device as the 920. It even carries 92 in the name, it's definitely a variant. I think DJBCS's point is that there will be a 5 inch international phone as well. If the Lumia 1520 were the successor to the 92x range, that would be just ridiculous.

Exactly. The L1520 has the specs that are up to the industry standard at the moment (whether or not WP needs them, that's another discussion). But the imense size of the L1520 places it outside the mainstream customer. Nokia would be suicidal to place a phablet as their new flagship device. Not even Samsung is crazy enough to do that.
And no matter how awesome the L920 is (and it's still, I think, in general the best Lumia of the second generation being it the most complete) they can't keep it as their flagship for that much longer.

The "Immense size" does not put it outside of the "mainstream" customer. Ask ANY AT&T store what their #3 selling phones are right now... 1: 5S 2:GS4 3:1520

Yea, custom phone for Verizon but, WPcentral just pretty much called it another 920 model....Never even a review for the 928 but, every other model gets a review of some type....


Sorry Daniel, that just totaly goes against what you just said...

Yup. Whatever it looks like or is called, we will see a 5" international quad core, full hd devive from Nokia about the time Icon is finally launched. You dont need any business sense to figure it out. Leaving Europe (for example) only with 1520 for a long time would be like shooting in to your own leg.
I guess they dont want anyone to know its coming, because it would hurt sales with 1520.

Your gonna see the 5" quad core from Lumia but its not gonna be a icon variant it'll ship with a better design and wp8.1 even if it has the same snapdragon 800 in it.

With W8.1? No thats the point, its too late. This would mean late spring at the earliest. Youll see it arrives sooner.

And I see the 928 a variant of 925 and also 920.

I've already got money set aside to buy this in full at my local Microsoft store, including money set aside for insurance.  I've already bought got a kickstand case for it, and just ordered a belt clip that will hopefully fit it with the case!

I would love unlimited data but I cant leave verizon just yet, not till the competitors start getting LTE speeds out where i live. Verizon is the only way to go out here if you want 4g

Do you mean you're going to leave T-mobile after their CEO had such big data plan introduction news to announce that customers would be leaving ATT & Verizon for??? That dude is an air head.

T-mobile can say whatever they want but its very difficult for me to leave At&t, in Puerto Rico the only good company is At&t, so T-mobile can offer me a Lumia icon for my 5 lines and I still say no.

777 sounds like the kind of price they'll ask for its international version in Europe.
Still, I want Nokia to release Goldfinger (which I'm betting is the international version of this one) on MWC. And I want to buy it. Otherwise I'll get a friend to send me the 929 from the States.

I don't care about that. I just want the specs on this one. A 720P screen would be fine, though.

So what are the specs you are after then if the screen would be 720p? Quad core? I have to ask why, as WP runs as smooth with dual core. 20mp camera and battery are basically left... When the device is smaller 4.3", you can say bye to that battery size, so all you really have left is the 20mp camera.

Knowing Verizon and the way they have been in the past, don't expect this device until WP 8.1. They could roll the black update into it.

They announce on Thursdays, usually for availability the following week. I think we hear about it tomorrow or next week, for a quick rollout in January. They don't announce or really even put up test pages until its coming

Too late. I'm leaving Verizon, cellular service is not good enough to overcome never updating os or phones. Anyone want a trophy?

This was *SO* close to a perfect device. Why oh why did they get rid of the xenon flash from the 928? Especially since they upgraded the camera?
Actually, this has been the case for such a long time now -- every high-end device that gets released has one nagging flaw that could have made it a perfect. I'm starting to think it's a conspiracy to get people to keep upgrading to new devices. :(

I agree with you on the xenon flash front. I am spoiled by it on my Lumia 928... but that screen and the hardware specs may just make me overlook this one flaw.

I have a 1520 and love it to death. But I am really curious as to the specific width of the Icon. It looks kinda fat from the photos which is so 2013

I think somewhere there was a leak that the depth was 10.1mm. Same as 1020 and 0.6mm slimmer than 928. Still pretty thick though...

Surprizingly i don't mind the thickness of the 928 because it is uniform across the body. For me that makes it easier to swollow. IF the lumia icon is thinner then that is even better.

I have been waiting on this device for months, I'm glad that I bought my 8x off contract. Can anyone think of any reasons not to get it? Any major differences in the pipeline for the next batch of wp's?

If it has a global variant - even if has another name, e.g. 920/928 - it will definitely be the replacement for my 925 in the next couples months. I love the specs, but the 1520 is just too big!

For half a second, I thought one of the side shots was a stylus, and I got really excited. Then I realized what it actually is (a side shot) and it was just like, "Bummer."

by the time verizon gets around to release this, we'll be talking 8 core 4K flagships. it's like they intentionally try to delay anything that may promote competition for android.

neonspark - You are 100% correct with that statement.  VZW will do all they can do to protect thier precious Android phones.  Seeing those clowns hold back the best Windows Phone yet - especially during the holidays - simply adds creedence to the fact that the Windows Phones are starting to gain mind and market share.  And for VZW to try to spread the rumor that it was the Nokia/Microsoft merger that slowed things down is BS.

I hope not although an 8 core 4k flagship is a mouthwatering thought. I just don't think it would make economic sense for Verizon to delay the release too much. I think Verizon is more worried about timing then anything else. Supply and demand