Nokia Lumia Icon drops to $99.99 on-contract from Verizon

Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon

The Nokia Lumia Icon has dropped to $99.99 with a new contract on Verizon. That's a halving of its on-contract price from when it launched just two months ago. Off contract pricing remains at $549.99 for the Lumia Icon.

As a refresher, the Nokia Lumia Icon has a 5-inch 1080p display and is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. Around back you'll find a 20MP PureView camera. The whole thing is packed into a 9.8mm-thick body with an aluminum frame and Nokia's signature polycarbonate back.

We're fans of the phone, and it's certainly one of the two best Windows Phones on Verizon right now — right up there with the Samsung ATIV SE. On the fence about whether a $99.99 Lumia Icon is the phone for you? Then we suggest you give our Nokia Lumia Icon review a read.

Source: Verizon; Thanks to Peter for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia Icon drops to $99.99 on-contract from Verizon


And everyone wished the 1020 was available elsewhere other than ATT. I guess we can't all have what we want :P. I'm glad I stuck it out on Verizon now lol

Nokia really need to find a way to release their phones on all the carriers at around the same time like Android and IOS does.  This would greatly increase sales and marketshare.

I went to Verizon last week to look at the ATIV SE and the rep told me I don't wont that and kept trying to show me a Droid. How does this prick know what I want? I wanted the SE. Also I wish Tmo and Metro had high end WP's, they'd have a lot better sales.

Probably poor sales I reckon, high end WPs just don't go as well as they deserve. Must be incredibly frustrating for Nokia, pushing out brilliant handsets and just having them ignored in favour of some random Androids and even ageing iPhone models.

Exactly, where it holds a meagre 5%. Little demand so they drop the price accordingly after being out for very short periods.

I feel you man. The problem lies with Joe Public. Verizon are just selling them what they want, or what they think they want

I believe it's the "what they think they want option". When I got my Icon two weeks ago, the rep assumed I worked in computers because he thinks that since Windows phones are "so customizable" that they are too much for the average consumer to handle and immediately tries to sell every day people an Android or iPhone. Which just goes to show how little the salespeople actually know their stock. If I worked there, I would make it a point to know as much as I could about most every phone. But that's must just be me. :|

Even my family members who I try to get them switched from androids just find it too difficult with all these tile customization. They want access for the main functions from any screen.phone, contacts, emails. I work for cell phone company as well and avg person finds it very cluttered and screen too busy. It would also help if there is page break rather than continuos scroll so it doesn't seem overwhelming when scrolling. Just passing along input from consumers. Lastly sales rep won't bother investing time trying to show features on WP because they like an easy sale.

When I went last week to get my Icon, the rep didn't even know what I was talking about. I had to explain it to him, and he "found it". There was the display model with the little card telling you how much, and that was it. He went on to say that all reps have to use every phone for a couple of weeks to get familiar with it, and he hated Windows Phone right off the bat. He didn't bother to play around with it. Was I sure I wanted to by a Windows Phone? So yeah, they don't care about WP devices.

Wasn't the original argument that WP wasn't that customizable? WP8.1 has really addressed that though.

But you can make it as cluttered or uncluttered as you like. The beauty of WP. But we already know this..
I thought the deal with Android was it being highly customizable? In playing with the wife's S4 it is definitely not easy to use or customize. Don't know how the average Joe would find WP hard to use compared to Android.

I've yet to see an AT&T or Verizon store that shows WP phones at all. Your lucky to even find one on display.

When to Verizon Wireless to maybe get an Icon for my wife and found out everything is $99.99. Including the new Samsung Windows phone and Samsung S5. Wonder what is up? Mothers Day maybe.

Well, that's standard practice for tech these days. I AM surprised that it dropped so much, so fast. Either the drastic reduction was made because of poor sales, is a move to try and bring more people in, or an attempt to get peoples' $ NOW with current inventory before a perceived rush of WP devices from new OEMs (I'm thinking within 1-1/2 to 2 months there will be at least 6 new handsets from new players).

If you noticed, the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 are also priced at $99 now. It is for the Mother's Day sale VZW has going on.

I haven't seen a single Verizon commercial about the Icon, but can't seem to avoid any Galaxy ones. I guess poor sales due to a less than stellar effort from the sales team is not too-far fetched.

Yeah that doesn't seem to show up when I search pretty commercial on Youtube. 

It is a very funny ad though, including the other one at the recital for the 1020. 

You get what I mean by ugly.  Not really that it's pretty but sticky.  I think they had a good run when they ran that campaign.  When people see my 925 now, they immediately ask "is this the one with the 42MP camera?"

This commercial is just not.  I don't think Nokia has been able to differentiate themselves. Nor has MS marketing WP. Oh well.

I always wait about three months before I buy any new model phone. First price break after full retail and all of the "gotta have it now" peeps have got theirs.

Few days ago at Verizon store I was told that Ill have to order Icon because of poor sales and they don't hold them in store

Duh! They don't have the Icon out and don't promote WP so why would anyone buy it? Why does Verizon even bother?

I called to see if a store had one in stock, and the rep told me they had one of each color. I asked if they go fast or if I would be safe waiting till the following evening, she told me they sell them every few days, and then order another. So that seems pretty good.

But I do know of other stores who think the 928 is the Icon. You have to keep telling them "No, Icon!"

This whole second wave (or third?) of Windows Phones don't really look all that appealing. I might hold on to the L920/ATIV S until next year.

I've noticed that the WP devices reach the lower price points really quickly. I'm not sure web my but I'm leaning towards poor sales since the representatives don't even bother to find out about the OS.

Icon should be on all US carriers. Or the 930. This is why Windows Phone sales are slow. Because only att and Verizon have decent windows phones. But the 1020 is STILL only available for att.

I've noticed that the WP devices reach the lower price points really quickly. I'm not sure why but I'm leaning towards poor sales since the representatives don't even bother to find out about the OS.

I was at Verizon the other day. Things have changed. On display NL 928, NL 2520, the icon, and some HTC handsets. The Windows section was display nicely. And reps are more familiar with the OS. This is just probably to clear out old inventory to make room for the new handsets. I was real jealous of Verizon WP display. I almost made the switch from t-mobile. But I will wait.

Did they have one freakin poster of windows phone because I have been to few VZW stores and didn't see any. How can MS let that happen is beyond me.

Same. Nothing what so ever at my local stores here in MN. I literally have had to show the employees how the OS works in past visits.

Not MS I think. But rather not enough popularity like the other two. But It is getting better. Soon WP will fully be demonstrated throughout all carriers.

WOW - what store were you in?  Ive been to at least 10 verizon stores, and the Windows Phones are typically in the back of the store, with nothing around them, no placards, no posters, nothing.  ATT stores just as bad - and this is in NYC.  Its a really sad state of affairs - the OS isnt even getting the chance.

Most of the stores in my area usually had a pretty large poster for WP from time to time... It's pretty cool when I see one of the posters promoting a specific WP in a store!

I'm pissed everytime I go to Costco and don't see a Windows Phone in their collection.  I always ask the guy there, do you have any Windows Phone? knowing the answer in advance... Sucks.

Do like I did and call Costco corporate and tell them that you and other Costco members want Windows Phones and want to get them from Costco. If they hear this enough times they will get them.

I've literally been waiting for mine to come from newegg since they had it for $150. So two months now. Bullshit right? Cancelling that order right now and getting it straight from Verizon now.

Does the white Icon still have weird battery issues? I've been waiting for a price drop, but I don't really want a plain black phone.

You US guys r lucky to have such great devices at such low price. If I am not wrong this device will be around 600 dollars in India

The key is here they are signing away a two year contract, generally spending around $60 per months for an individual line contract. In India that is not so common as it is here.

Companies like Best Buy and Radio Shack, Amazon they sell these devices cheaper because they make the money off the renewal/new contract as opposed to the device itself. I remember selling phones for free and it blowing peoples mind...little did they know we made 350 per device for them signing the contract. Verizon just sells them for way more because people feel safer buying the devices from them, and Verizon feeds off of their insecurity.  It's funny because it cost them money to sell the iPhone, each three companies listed above make $0 from the handsets themselves. 

$600 is cheap in the long term for you in India as call costs are super cheap at $5-$10/month, So paying $100 for phone and then $2200 on contract over two years is much more expensive.

Im not wanting to switch from T-Mobile. But MS/Nokia and carriers unwillingess to tell us what's in the pipeline likely will make me switch carriers.

I recently upgraded to the Icon and they(VZW employees) kept interrogating me as to why I wanted a WP they even tried showing me the HTC One and Galaxy S5 to try and get me to change my mind. WTF RIGHT?

I literally yelled (not too loudly) at a Verizon employee because they were trying to talk me out of a WP.  I walked out and ordered it online.

They're told to sell those by their boss. Somewhere down the line the carrier is paid or have been persuaded to promote particular handsets above others in their stores by the staff. But then some staff are just uninformed or are themselves biased towards something.

My friend work's at a Verizon store and he can't get rid of these phones. He sold 10 and 8 of those people brought them back to swap for other phones.

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Wow. Did they know it doesn't run Android apps? I wonder what was seen as wrong with it by those customers..
That's so annoying for them, I can only imagine.

Your friend is pulling your chain. Buddy of my told me that they have not seen any returns (couple defects). He got one and loves it.

I just used a verizon promo code and have it for $99 dollars in my cart. Very tempted to follow through


I mean 49

I'm on Verizon and would do anything to have the 1520 work on Verizon. I found a unlocked 1520 that after talking to Verizon advance tech support said may. Key work may work on CDMA and LTE. I would drop the $650 for it in a heart beat if I knew for sure it would work.

I wushe every Lumua was available on all carriers, 520,521.630,635 ,820,920,930,10201520&1320.

You Americans have too expensive mobile plans. It is ridiculous to pay 90$ monthly for the Icon+plan of 2GB internet and unlimited calling. It costs more than 2200$ in the end!?

Its because the price of the phone is rolled in to the service. The phones aren't really discounted. Sure well pay $99 for the phone but the discount is made up in the service price.

In the UK, I have never paid for a phone upfront, and usually got a deal at less than £30pm on a 2yr contract. So the phone ends up costing £720. That includes line rentals and minutes. At the end of the contract I can drop to £16pm if I keep the same handset.

Do the conversation correctly. They get jungle juice for that price and we get shit fuel in the US. I found a gas station next to Fullerton airport in Southern California that has 100 octane and my Merc runs so much better with it.

Sounds like your car is a tool to get you from A to B. My car does the same but in a much different way. Car people will understand what I'm talking about. Enjoying the drive is my destination. Go find 100 octane fill up and find one of the marvelous back roads you have just outside of Seattle.

Actually the quality of gas is pretty similar. Though you guys in California only get 91 as premium at most stations versus 93 in other states.

That's what I'm referring to when I said the quality of gas is pretty similar. In Europe the highest you'll generally find is 94, and 93 is the usual you'll find for premium in many states, and some places in the states you can get 94 as well as 100 race fuel (obviously not very often).

May make the switch to Verizon if new handsets are not announced for 8.1 on other carriers. The Icon is an awesome device from what I have demoed of it.

I used the Edge program to upgrade from my 928 to the Icon. This reduced my bill by $10. Then I dropped my data down by two GB. Even with the monthly Edge payment my bill is ten bucks less. And I get to upgrade in 12 months.

This is my plan, due for renewal on the 15th of May, will get the Icon.  If something new comes along, I will have a choice in 1 year to upgrade.

I figured that, but I have to purchase it from bestbuy.com.  It's ... complicated, but awesome. 

And you ask why and how 30% down last quarter? Is it the carriers that want these exclusive or just plain dumb strategy? WP is 3 years old now. Lets not make any excuses please. Do something Elop. You can't be selling Lumia devices like this.

The exclusion of the xenon flash is almost a deal breaker, why just why do they keep shipping high end phones with the damn led flashes

I have owned a lot of phones and this is one of the top phones in terms of build quality and currently, is the best WP that Verizone carrriers. The ATIV has a few other options but it comes down to the build quality and this stands alone. They do need to get rid of the curved glass because that makes the glass more vulnerable at the corners which makes it crack very easily when dropped. The same problem with the 928. My old one cracked and  my wife's shattered! The sales problem is with Verizon. If you walk ino Verizon and act as if you're intested in a Windows Phone and don't know anything about them, they shout it down quickly! Everything from the apps to the ecosystem. Try it if you're curious. Just ask them what they think of the WP Icon and pull up a chair. 



Here's what I think.  I have a feeling that the proportion of WP users on T-Mobile is the largest. What I mean is something like: 2% of Verizon customers have WP, 4% of AT&T customers have WP and 7% of T-Mobile customers have WP (these are just hypothetical numbers of course). Due to the very aggressive marketing of T-Mobile with 521.  T-Mobile should be focused the most on T-Mobile.  I mean they grew by 20 Million subs without an option for a high-end WP.

Also, people like me, who owned the 521 were looking to upgrade, with not option but the older 925.  I didn't want to wait any longer and invested in a 925, but they lost me as a customer for the higher 930/1520. 

I would walk out of any store where an employee said "you don't want that". The best store would be one that asks questions and shows each OS and then specs.

Sigh....It taunts me. I have two upgrades but i would lose unlimited data if i upgraded to it. My Droid DNA is on its last legs....It's really awkward asking people to sell me their upgrade because they don't understand how it works. Please remind me it's not worth letting go of unlimited data :(