Nokia Lumia Icon reportedly going global later this year as Lumia 929

Lumia Icon

We love the Nokia Lumia Icon. It has everything that is great about the Lumia 1520, tucked away in a more agile body. The Icon is currently exclusive to Verizon Wireless in the United States, but a recent report from TechnoBuffalo claims that it will launch globally around the world later this year under the Lumia 929 brand.

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Running Windows Phone 8, the Nokia Lumia Icon features a 5-inch full HD 1080p display, 20 megapixel PureView camera with optical image stabilization, 32 GB internal storage, 2420 mAh internal battery with Qi, and more. Read our Lumia Icon full review for more details.

We’re unable to confirm the validity of this report, but we know many of you outside of Verizon are interested in this device. We wouldn’t get our hopes up, though. We never saw Verizon’s Lumia 928 go to any other carrier. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t see a new flagship Lumia for the Windows Phone 8.1 launch in mid-2014.

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Nokia Lumia Icon reportedly going global later this year as Lumia 929


Will probably have glance, Verizon just doesn't want its WP users to get too comfortable with this phone so they upgrade to something later... \tin foil hat/ :)

I agree. If it has MicroSDXC for a 128GB MicroSD cards and Glance, I'll have my wife and daughter join me on AT&T with the cheaper plans even though the coverage is not as good as Verizon's.

I wouldn't get it if they gave it away. No offense.
I'm Phucking waiting for the Lumia 1520 RM 938 for T-Mobile USA.
What's the hold up Mr Elop? Too busy making lame assed low level Android phones.!?

I was thinking the same think, but Verizon's apparent influence on the physical design really bothers me. If "boxing" the shape wasn't bad enough, surely the excessively sized branding screaming "I have LTE dummy" is obnoxious enough. Maybe I'm just too used to the general design of the Lumia line. Thank goodness this isn't likely to occur.

I'm sure a core i3 would be good enough for note taking and internet browsing. I don't need a super powerful device if I'm just using it for school and such. 

Truer words never spoken. No idea how I would explain why we couldn't go out to eat after church last Sunday because we had to watch our pennies, but $650.00 for a new cell phone??? Oh yeah, that can happen....
*covers head as wife beats snowmutt soundly*

Got mine on release day through Verizon Edge. Ended up only costing $3 a month extra after the "take $20 off your monthly bill" plan. I didn't think I would be able to get the Icon, I just wanted to see it. But I came out with a new phone haha. Its worth looking into...

I was just at Verizon and he was pushing me to do the edge program and my bill is already high enough. If he would have told me they discount your bill I would have gotten two have to keep the wife happy :) why did they discount your plan?

You needed to have at least a 10GB data plan. Its a special they were doing. Its a good deal if you qualify. In reality you would only pay around $60 for the phone. Way better than the upgrade price!

I eat up every bit of our 6GB plan and sometimes go over so I will go back and see if I up my plan if I can get it under the same promotion you got. Thanks for the info :)

If the Icon is the revised 928, I hope the worldwide version is closer to the 925 in styling.

Actually, what I really want to replace my 920 with, is the next 1020-er. A sharper 41MP camera w/ improvements but close to zero disadvantages compared to 1020 along w/ its camera grip. The same colors and design but w/ SD card slot, a 5-inch AMOLED screen and bigger battery. Now that's more "iconic" imo. :D

Yeah lets hope that this rumor is real. Although I have a 1520 but good for WP since a good 5" phone is missing.

my goodness, my Icon is lovely but I swear I would consider a replacement if they dont get Glance and ouble-Tap working. It's...... kind of a big deal when coming from the 928!

I don't think so. Like you said the 928 never saw the light of day in a country other than the US. I like the specs very much, but the design is not the best. I am very curious for the Lumia 930. A question: Does Windows 8/8.1 support 64bit CPUs? Just a question please don't write "nobody needs 64bit" ;) 

The same thing happened with the 920 on AT&T.  It was exclusive for a few months, then the 925 & 928 with very similar specs came out.  A similar 5" device with similar specs is inevitable, hopefully with microSD and using on screen navigation buttons to make the device smaller.

I know you asked about Windows 8, but just wanted to chime in and say that even if Windows Phone 8.1 supported 64 bit CPUs, Qualcomm and a lot of the other SoC manufacturers aren't ready. They are rushing some things out due to request from folks in China, but their flagship is going to remain 32 bit.

I want a variation of this, sure. But after Sony's presentation of the Z2 today, a 2420 mAh battery is insuficient. The Z2 already sports a 3200mAh and it's the same size yet thinner than the L929. So any variation of the L929 (which will be the L930 and not a copy of the L929) should come with at least a 3000mAh battery.

To be fair here, Android is alot more battery hungry on its own. Then the skin that Sony adds will take more battery power. WP is more optimized and doesn't need as big of a battery. That being said, I do wish they had a bigger battery.

True. I've seen some comparison reviews of the Icon vs S4. They sport the same screen size, resolution and technology (AMOLED), though it's 2420 mAh vs 2600 mAh and the Icon lasted the same, if not a bit more, so... But wtf, we all want bigger batteries!

The battery isn't a problem. My HTC One was rated for longer operation and my new Icon rips it a new a-hole in real world use.  It's a very efficient system.

+920 style with 5" screen.

The 920 is perfection with double tap, wireless charging and design. Can live without sd card but must be 1080, 20mp camera, etc. Just put it in an enlarged 920 and ker ching, sold.

not a fan of this square, thick type of design. Looking forward to something more along the lines of the 925 with similer to same specs, but a screen size of around 4.7 inch wold be perfect for me.

THAT'S what I'm talking about. I'd travel overseas for this beauty. Put a 801 SoC in it and be ready to witness the baddest WP ever!!

5XX - Extreme Budget
6XX - Mid-size Screen Budget
7XX - Small screen, more features budget
8XX - Mid-range
9XX - Overall Flagship
10XX - Niche Flagship
13XX - Phablet Mid-range
15XX - Phablet Flagship

There needs to be at least one flagship Lumia that can be on every carrier.  In that way, there could be that ONE phone everyone can wish for.  Just like all carriers have the GS4, why can't they all also have the Icon?

I think this rumor is true and not true. I think we will see a 5 inch Lumia that will be released globally, but it won't be the Icon. It will probably look like the 1520, but in 5 inches. Probably with no Qi, but with microSD. I'm fine with no Qi, but in this day of age, I can't live with only 32GB...

I don't believe it. That design was too Verizon.

Sure a NEW Windows Phone matching those specs may come with 8.1, sure. But that's 100% expected.

Do you reckon that phone will come sooner rather than later? I just want a 5" screened Lumia in the UK

It was stupid doing a Verizon exclusive, not popular enough in America to pull it off and rest of the world release is stupid as native 8.1 devices will be available soon

Sorry, not spending so much money for a phone without SD slot. Not even considering it if it was at a low price. That's an unforgivable mistake, Nokia...

This would be great if it came to Tmobile...... I doubt we are getting a variant of the 1520, so to have this on tmo means I could trade in my 925.... Good phone but a little limited with 16gb and no external SD card

I sort of see the icon as a testbed for revising the Lumia design language. As long as Verizon wanted a unique model they could experiment a bit. The similarities to the surface look have been brought up quite a bit so maybe they took the opportunity to see how they might ultimately merge the two in the future once the merger settles.

AWESOME! I think I might get this for my dad as a present, because his Galaxy Note isn't reading any SIM...

These damn carriers F everything up. This would be great if it had glance and micro SD just like the 1520 would be great if it had Qi. Somthing tells me Nokia didnt decide to leave out glance on the Icon and it was some stupid carrier move like Qi in the 1520. I know it wont happen but it would be great if Nokia were like Samsung and could release a phone on all carriers. I'd be on my 4th or 5th Nokia WP if that were true. Meh. Ill just wait till the first wave of 8.1 hardware is announced before I decide on my next handset.

Lack of glance is on Nokia. They said it had problems with glance on the Icon. I believe Daniel said Nokia is working on a fix.

Only difference here is that the 928 was just a small upgrade to a 920, being a variant. The Nokia Icon is not a variant of a current device. Only case would be a smaller 1520, but seeing as 5 inches is alot more mainstream than 6 inches, I wouldn't be shocked to see it go global, but probably with some changes.

The 929 is a variant of a variant.  It's an upgraded 928.  When you hold both the 928and Icon in your hands, there's no denying it.

I am very interested in this device for AT&T or at the least an unlocked GSM version. This phone has soo many hints of the rumored Surface Phone it makes me excited. Love the dark version especially.

Think I would have bought it, only at the time being I have no issues with the 920. We need something current and high-end, and not monstrous to recommend to newcomers, also outside the strange US phone market.

I think this would be great. My wife really likes the sharp edged designs, and isn't sure what can replace her 810.

Would love one, if it have glance... got really used to glance and dont think i can use a phone without it.

I got the black Icon Saturday. It's built very well and looks like a bigger iPhone 5. The surprise for me is that you can see the screen outside in the sunlight. I'm not sure about the battery life. I'm not thrilled but it may because I'm on WiFi all the time. I use my phones to take a lot of photos and video...my HTC 8X was lacking in this area.

instead of the 928 we got the 925 so we may get something a bit different maybe for the better this time, the 925 with no qi built in and half the memory was not really an upgrade

Doubt it, I'm sure by the time this is due to go global they will be looking at x30 series WP8.1 devices. I'd say there will be something similar on the horizon in WP8.1 form though

I got my Lumia Icon on launch day. It is a great phone, but I do have one kind of major complaint. The vibration is too weak. For work, I'm required to be able to be reached at all times while (especially during work hours) be discrete about incoming calls, txts, and emails. I have missed quite a few important calls in the past few days due to not feeling the phone vibrate in my pocket.

The 928's not the best comparison for this. Thoguh it didn't go global, that's probably because the older brouther, the 920, was laready a global device. Verizon had no 920, so getting the 928 made sense. However, the 928 would have been a redundant global device, when putting it with the 920 on shelves.

there is no reason for nokia to opt out microsd. it is a deal breaker to me. espcially from a developer standpoint sdcards are a must to sideload.

NO! Nokia you broke my heart. You never seem to make anything right these days.

i think if nokia is gonna launch any phone and have it carrier locked , soon after launch there should be global version that is available only online through microsoft store or nokia online, even if it takes little longer to process order that way many people can order device according to their liking and Nokia/Microsoft will be meeting people's needs

Verizon specific Nokia models have never been released globally. I don't believe this rumor. I'm still waiting for a 930 and possibly a 1030 this year

New to site. I have the Icon and its awesome. I still have my 920. But never liked the weight and how it was shaped (easy to lose grip.) Don't see why ppl keep saying Verizon made the call for the blocky design. What other Verizon phone have this except 928. Nokia/verizon never made this statement. If you held the icon I think you'd change your tune. Try it for awhile and you'll love it. Honestly what can you really do design wise that isn't much different than what's done before. I like that the icon is different from what att has. Just like I don't want a WP s4 that looks just like the android version. I'm not worried about glance. Knowing Nokia we will have it soon. I lived without it before, and can wait, its not integral like you all make it out to be

What are some of the rumours for a flagship lumia for late 2014? October is when i can get a new phone...

You can use it anywhere. It's unlocked. I used my 928 (verizon exlusive but also unlocked) in russia. worked just fine

then I'll wait bit more. Maybe it's true.  and I hope it will have LTE (band) that t-mobile has. 

I would prefer the 1520 variant, if they are to make a global icon, I hope they make a better design. I love my Lumia 925 from T-Mobile. If only they can put in that beast 41 MP camera but I doubt we'll see an upgrade to that. :/

Store mp3s, pictures, movies, apps, games, documents, isos, zip/rar/gzip archives, installers for drivers / applications and have the flexibility of increasing your phones storage...

I am veryyyyyy interested in this device for AT&T!! hurry up because my current phone is on life support, aka a charger every couple hours.

Seriously... Glance is a nice feature but not a life changer. Why did you buy your previous phones with out it. Either you want this phone or not. But saying no glance no buy. That's just sad. Now no Qi that would be more reasonable, Glance will appear soon. So there isn't a point in complaining. Also ppl keep saying you'll wait for 8.1 devices lol. You know that is an update not like the 7.5 to 8 update. Whether you buy now or then won't matter. Your phone won't be any better. How about I wait till wp9 oh no I'll wait till wp10 what a joke...

Well, if WP8.1 actually addresses my remaining frustrations, this will likely be my next phone. Otherwise, probably nexus 5

Hopefully the equivalent with an msd slot and L920 design or similar to the 925 with wireless charging. Not really digging the boxy design. But my L920 has never let me down, so I don't see myself upgrading anytime soon especially since I've paid full price for it - still don't regret it :).

I don't know about going global, but I just wish that when I walked into Verizon looking for the Lumia Icon, I didn't find it on a stand advertising the Moto X.  Why can't Windows Phones at Verizon at least be on a kiosk that has Windows Phone marketing collateral on it?

Same thing when we (wife and I) went to see one. The sales people seem to be a big reason that Windows phones don't sell. Even when we express interest in a windows phone we are invariably pushed towards something else, usually android. This happened to me at sprint with my first windows phone, T-mobil when I got a 521, AT&T when I bought a 920, and now at Verizon - step son got a 928, Now Verizon has this killer, exclusive Windows Phone, but it seems that no-one in the store is even aware of it, much less knowledgeable about it.

I liked the phone, a lot - might want to have a couple things different, but this size is perfect for me. I returned a 1520 even though I loved the phone - it was simply too big for me to use as a daily driver but the Icon is only slightly larger than my 920.  

Show some upcoming Nokia specs on icon distribution summary If ios can look more like lumias, colors, size weight, we can look more like them (icon).

Verizon should have taken the name 929 because they already have the 928, and leave the Lumia Icon name for the global version.

I so hope this is true. Although I officially dont get their naming convention. Does the 5,6,7,9,10,15 series all correlate to the size? Cant be

Does this mean i can buy an unlocked Global 929 and still use it on VZW and their CDMA/3G for voice/data? I absolutely hate that verizon has infiltrated the OS and I cannot remove their garbage backup assistant, they lock the programming, and would assume they are going to force load their pathetic VZW Cloud in the near future. I paid full retail for my 928, I should be able to get rid of this crap. 

If i could go to another reliable carrier in my area for unlimited 20MB LTE data I would. But just like I am locked to Cox's horrible data speeds at home with no alternative, where i work and live VZW is the only option. 

By the time it even gets close to arriving in Canada I'll be hearing news about newer 8.1 launch models or models with new chipsets in them. By then my trusty 920 might start feeling old. So far it's outpaced all my other phones, minus my 900 I had before as that's still soldiering on with my mom :)

Just saw icon at the store. The screen resolution looks amazing compared to 920/925/1020. Can't wait for a version that works on T-Mobile.